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Technology has come a long, long way in recent years and it’s only ever getting more and more advanced. This is alongside the fact that the need for special needs programs has risen by as much as 30% over the last decade. Apps & tools for dyslexia and those with learning problems help bridge this gap.

Technology is playing such an important role when it comes to learning and education, especially assistive learning when trying to help students with disabilities who now have an equal chance at maximising their opportunities.

However, specialist tools are still needed to accompany these students. For example, the spell checkers, such as the ones found in Microsoft Word, are not able to assist with learning phonetic spellings, it’s just not what they are designed to do. But, this is what disabled learners need in order to learn.

Which is why we turn to specialised learning tools and apps which can be readily found online. Here is a list of apps & tools to improve your overall learning experience.

Writing Apps for Learning

Writing is also another task that many students with learning disabilities will find trouble completing. However, just like reading apps, there are many solutions which can help.

State of Writing

This is an online blog with a tonne of resources you can read and download about all things writing-related. This includes information on how to spell properly, how to use grammar and a tonne of resources, such as links to dictionary apps, that can help you give a complete style of learning.

Easy Word Count

This is a simple and free tool that you can use for tracking the word count of students. This is great for setting goals, such as writing 200 words a lesson, so your students have something to aim for.

Via Writing

Grammar is such an important part of writing yet one of the most complex to teach. Using this free online blog, you’ll be able to teach grammar in the easiest way possible, enjoying other benefits such as worksheets and tasks to help better the learning style.


This is a leading tool for iOS that can help you to teach your students how to spell comprehensively using word prediction software that can help students to spell after they start typing the beginning of a word.

Reading Apps

Reading is one of the most difficult challenges that students suffer from dyslexia, or other learning disabilities will come across. Fortunately, there is a wealth of tools out there which can help.


Typically, PDFs cannot be read by text-to-speech software because they’re recognised as one whole image. This may be a problem when you’re trying to read content with your student that comes in a PDF format.

However, ClaroPDF is able to identify text and images within a PDF document, helping you to convert into speech with is much easier to recognise.

Natural Reader

This is a leading text-to-speech function app that allows you import text from almost any source of content. The app also implements an automatic scroll feature and web browser integration so you can teach your students to read easily, no matter where the content they’re reading from is.

Ox Essays

Sometimes, you may be trying to teach a rather complex subject in which you’ll need a simplified version of the content to start a foundation for your student.

Ox Essays is a writing service home to a wealth of professional writers which can reword and rewrite any content or worksheets you have is to easier and much more understandable format.

Study Apps

One of the best ways to learn is for your students to take notes in class in terms that they’ll understand the best. Here are some apps and tools that can help.


This is a great tool for taking notes that your students have made and turning them into something that the students can look back on remember.

Flash Cards Deluxe

Using electronic and customisable flash cards like the ones above are great because you can continuously change and adapt them to suit the style of learning that your students need. With this app, you’ll also be able to enjoy text-to-speech functions and full-app integration.

Custom Content Tools

There is a tonne of content out there for all kinds of students to pick up and start learning with. However, some of this content can be far too advanced for students with learning disabilities, which is why customised content is so necessary.


Similar to the tool above, you’ll find a range of professional writers who will be able to create and send you customised worksheets and learning tasks for your students to use.

Elite Assignment Help

An online writing agency, you’ll be able to find a range of professional writers who take any content you can find and rewrite it into an easy to understand format that your students will be able to digest much easier.

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