How to Install WhatsApp on Tablets and Laptop/PCs

We all know that WhatsApp has over 900 million users, but for the app to work, we need a mobile number. If you don’t own a smartphone, then there is good news for you. WhatsApp can now be installed on laptop/PCs and tablet devices (Android Only). You can follow the instructions below and be part of the free messaging app.

WhatsApp Installation Guide for Android Tablets

Here is what you need to do to download WhatsApp on an Android tablet without a SIM card:

  1. Enable your tablet to install unknown sources by going to Settings, and then securities followed by Unknown Sources
  2. Open any browser on your tablet and go to the download page of WhatsApp.
  3. Download the latest ‘WhatsApp.apk’ from the link provided above.
  4. Install WhatsApp.apk
  5. Use a working phone number to setup WhatsApp on tablet.
  6. The code will be sent to the phone number via SMS, if the phone is nearby, just see the code and punch it in the tablet when you get the chance to. If you don’t get the code, skip to point 8.
  7. Because your device is without a SIM card, the app isn’t able to receive the verification code automatically and if the app refuses to give you the area to punch in the code yourself, then in five minutes’ time, it will show you another option of call / voice verification. Choose this option, so the code can then come on your phone. Take the call from WhatsApp.
  8. This time you will be given the option to type in code.
  9. Enter the code in your tablet.
  10. Once done, you are ready to use the app.

If however, your tablet already has a SIM card slot, the procedure becomes pretty straightforward:

  1. Download the WhatsApp file in your web browser.
  2. Make sure your tablet has the setting to install apps from unknown sources.
  3. Install the app.
  4. Provide all the necessary details
  5. Verify your phone number
  6. Start using the app.

WhatsApp Usage Guide for Laptop/PCs

Installing WhatsApp on the PC is even easier, here are the steps to get it done:

  1. Go to WhatsApp website link: and download the PC setup file.
  2. Follow the on screen instructions which will guide you to use web WhatsApp.

Configuring WhatsApp on your PC is pretty simple and we recommend this over direct web version because one can accidentally close tabs.

WhatsApp Installation Guide for Laptop/PCs via BlueStacks

If you’re determined to keep the installation separate, then best to install for a new account. This essentially means you don’t need a phone or a tablet nearby for a synchronised usage.

  1. You need to download an Android Emulator for your PC; we suggest you use the BlueStacks Website and download.
  2. After installation concludes, set it up. You will be asked for a lot of info such as downloading game data, signing in with your Google Account and setting up other app features. Let it. That’s how the app works.
  3. Once the setup is successful, it should look similar to Google Play Store.
  4. Now all you need is WhatsApp APK file which you can get from the download page of WhatsApp.
  5. Open the APK file in BlueStacks (it will do this automatically anyway).
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions which will be a lot like those mentioned above for tablet.
  7. Once installed, a desktop shortcut for WhatsApp will be generated for your PC
  8. Now you can open WhatsApp by just clicking on the desktop icon!

Points to Ponder

WhatsApp installation and use are two different things.

You can use WhatsApp with only 1 number. If you want to keep WhatsApp Synced on more than 1 device, you will need to use the web version by authorising QR code. This means no new installation is required.

If however, you want to keep WhatsApp on phone and tablet, then each installation will require a different phone number.

So in effect you can have several WhatsApp accounts. Each account is determined by a phone number. You cannot use 1 phone number for WhatsApp Business and Personal. Otherwise the app will ask you to reauthorise when you go back to opening your older installation.

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Zahra Habib
Zahra Habib
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  1. Hello Zahra. My elderly Mum has Whatsapp on her Huawei tablet. Works great for messages, and calls connect perfectly but although she can hear others perfectly, her voice breaks up on my phone. I can hear the odd word here and there but nothing more. She has the same problem whoever she tries to phone. Is this just incompatibility between the tablet technology and phone? Thank you.

    • Hi !

      Is there a possiblity for you to check if her app is updated? Second, it sounds like a connection problem more than the app malfunction. Perhaps try and do the calls before sunset :/

  2. Hello Zahra. Can you please tell me how I receive whatsapp notification when i Don’t usw whatsapp . Because when I close whatsapp I didn’t not get notofication untill I opend it again?

  3. Followed your instructions to install on an android tablet today. Install went fine and I used Whatsapp on the tablet for an hour or so. However when I went back to the phone I got a Whatsapp message that I had transferred to another number and I had to get the initialisation code again.

    • Hi Paul, Let me break it down for you a little. You can use WhatsApp with only 1 number. If you want to keep WhatsApp Synced on more than 1 device, you will need to use the web version by authporising QR code. This means no new installation is required.

      If however, you want to keep WhatsApp on phone and tablet, each installation will require a different phone number. In your case, you have 2 devices and 2 installations but 1 number. You cannot have 1 number one two separate installations.

      You cannot even keep WhatsApp Business and Consumer on same number. Let me know if I was confusing or clear.

  4. Hi Zahra! I’m struggling to update my whats app on my android tablet. I downloaded the whats app app .apk from their website and I’m even getting a message “installed”. But when I open the app, I’m getting the updating message page that- This version of whats app became out of date……. Please advise. Thanks You Zahra!

    • Maybe… reinstall if its giving you a headache? And don’t forget to backup your data and restart before reinstalling.

      • Thanks ! It worked! I first forgot to restart and was still getting the same message. but after I restarted it, all went well. Thanks a million Zahra!

  5. just realized I can install whats’up on a tablet (not having phone number/sim…). Will video conferencing and audio call will still work (in the article it mentioned text messages will work…)?


    • You should have a working SIM to activate Whatsapp. After that you don’t really need the SIM to work. But its better that its a working one.

        • Nope. What you can do is install whatsapp normal on one device, and install whatsapp business on another to communicated between the two devices. You can use same number for both these separate apps.

  6. WhatsApp works perfectly on smartphones but only calls and video calls on Android Samsung tablets. Is there anyway we can chat too. Previous chats from friends before I installed app on tablet are shown, but we can’t chat tablet to tablet.
    Is there anyway it can be completely VOIP like Skype?
    Thank you.

    • WhatsApp works easily on all phones and tablets which are not on WP or iOS. Just make sure you read their FAQ and if you are experiencing issues with conversation, then see if you can ask whatsapp for help. I dont think Whatsapp can be voip like Skype. Perhaps move to another messenger which is fully supportive of tablets and phones…

  7. Hello! I followed the instructions but it still didn’t allow the text be sent and said it couldn’t call my number. I have the ellipsis 8 tablet without sim.

    • Is should have allowed both text and call. Your SIM is working, correct? And the SIM number you punched into the tablet’s whatsapp was accurate i hope? Can you attach few screenshots via our contact form: And select: I want to report a problem/bug on website. If the form doesnt allow attachments then add just 1 for now and then we can take it from there.

  8. Hi there! It would be so great if it were allowed to be installed on two devices (phone + tablet). Due to poor service where I live, I have to turn my phone into a mobile hotspot and place it in a spot inaccessible for use. This is when I wish I could use my tablet which is connected to the internet through my phone.

  9. You are the real God for me !!! I was unable to download whatsapp messenger from the day I bought this app….I was so disappointed, but then found your article….A little late , but too early. Thank you very very much !

  10. Hi Zahra,
    Thank you for this how-to. Just installed it on my tablet w/o any problems. However, I’m not sure I understand your instructions for downloading on a PC. Do you mean to do so on the PC/Laptop, or on the tablet?
    Thanks again,

    • On Tablet you open the app, can go into “WhatsApp Web” – your tablet will then scan for a QR code. Meanwhile, you keep that link above open and scan that QR code from the camera lens of tablet. When they both syncronise you can use whatsapp on PC/laptop… but just make sure your tablet is connected to internet and whatsapp is still working on the backend of your device. Otherwise the browser version on laptop/pc will disconnect.

  11. I’ve installed WhatsApp on my Samsung tablet via the APK but what happens if I have to update thr APK to a newer version. Will my contacts, messages etc. be preserved?

  12. Can you have it on two devices at once? When I install on tablet it asks to verify on phone. When I verify on phone, it soon asks me to verify on tablet. Like, I can’t have two verified at the same time.

    • No you cannot have whatsapp on two devices – The only device sharing it allows is Tablet + PC or Phone + PC. Please keep in mind verification is for security purpose which is why the QR code allowing for a sync between PC and verified device is valid only for a little while.

  13. Hey Zahra, After the upgrade of 2.16.95 version my samsung tab 4 T231 stopped supporting whatsapp.
    I tried installing from different sources but after installation its not working, saying device is not compatible but till 2.16.95 version it was working very well.
    Any suggestion.

    • The one which they are currently rolling out is 2.16.330 and the one I am being asked to upgrade from is 2.16.309 – It looks like you are on a much older version. Which OS are you on currently? And see if you can find a forum that can help out.

  14. Thank you, it worked for me.
    From last couple of weeks, whenever I got to google app store, got a message that my device isn’t supported. Today I just made a little research and your article for installing this application on my device helped me.

    Thank you!

  15. After downloading Bluestacks when installing every time i get the message bluestacks needs at least 2GB physical memory I have 16 GB internal memory from which 4.5 GB is free and 32 GB card which is totally free but still it does not install in my tablet my tab is windows based i ball tab what should i do

  16. I install whatsapp on my tablet witch has no sim card slot. But I don’t know how add my contact to the apps. I can’t use the call app to do this.

    • I install whatsapp on my tablet witch has no sim card slot. But I don’t know how add my contact to the apps. I can’t use the call app to do thi

  17. I installed whatsapp successfully, but its asking verification code/pin again and again. I already did 2 times. Once in phone and once on PC, with diff pin. For PC I got pin via SMS, but for Mobile I called customer care.
    What to do now?

  18. I downloaded whatsapp on my table using the instructions outlined above. I was successful with all the steps until i reach the stage that it is suppose to be initialize. Everytime that page starts to load, i keep getting a pop-up saying :Unable to connect to network. Please check connection and try again… and my wifi is quite fine

      • Hello Zahra,
        Thank You very much for the concise explanation, it really has made everything ever so clear!

        I am purchasing a Nexus 7 3G (1st gen 2012) for a relative abroad.
        The tablet is 3G enabled and I will be purchasing a Data Plan so that she may use the internet when WiFi is out of range.

        My question is, on the Nexus 7 you can’t initiate phone calls (except through 3rd party application or Google Hangouts)

        During the initial setup when I’m prompted to add my Phone Number, I would normally enter the Phone number associated with the Sim Card installed in my device. It would then send the code to verify the account.

        Due to the Nexus 7 not having an official Call or SMS application. Will the text be successfully received or will I have to enter an actual Mobile Phone number to complete the verification process?


        • You will get an SMS notification in Google Hangouts or… the default notifier. Either way, you will receive the text.

  19. I was able to install Bluestacks however I currently don’t have a working phone, so I’m not able to get the validating number. If I try using someone else’s to receive the message it links to their account, switching the accounts again prompts that a text be sent, any suggestions?

    • You need a working phone to install Whatsapp, even a simple Nokia bar phone will do the trick. I suggest, you insert your SIM card into someone else’s phone and then try again.

  20. I used to have whatsapp in my old phone but I couldn’t install it again in my new phone. it was working fine in my old phone yesterday, but now it shows that I need to install a new version which I couldn’t fined. please help. I alway use whatsapp as my primary chat app.


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