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We all know that WhatsApp has over 900 million users, but for the existing app to work, we need a mobile number. If you are looking to become part of this huge community but don’t own a smartphone, then there is good news for you.

WhatsApp can be installed on PCs and tablet devices (including iPads). You can follow the instructions below and be part of the free messaging app. We will, however, cover Android tablets and PCs only.

Installation Guide for Android Tablets

Here is what you need to do to download WhatsApp on an Android tablet without a SIM card:

  1. Enable your tablet to install unknown sources by going to Settings, and then securities followed by Unknown Sources
  2. Open any browser on your tablet and go to the download page of WhatsApp.
  3. Download the ‘WhatsApp.apk’ from the link provided above.
  4. Install WhatsApp.apk
  5. When the app prompts you for your phone number, punch it in and wait for the verification code to arrive.
  6. The code will be sent to the phone number via SMS, if the phone is nearby, just see the code and punch it in when you get the chance to. If not… proceed to point 7.
  7. Because your device is without a SIM card, the app isn’t able to receive the verification code automatically and if the app refuses to give you the area to punch in the code yourself, then in five minutes’ time, it will show you another option of voice verification. Choose this option, so the code can then come on your phone.
  8. This time you will be given the option to type in code.
  9. Enter the code in your tablet.
  10. Once done, you are ready to use the app.

If however, your tablet already has a SIM card slot, the procedure becomes pretty straightforward:

  1. Download the WhatsApp file in your browser.
  2. Make sure your tablet has the setting to install apps from unknown sources.
  3. Install the app.
  4. Provide all the necessary details
  5. Verify your phone number
  6. Start using the app.

Installation Guide for PCs

Installing WhatsApp on the PC can be a bit trickier, but here are the steps to get it done:

  1. You need to download an Android Emulator for your PC; we suggest you use the BlueStacks App
  2. Once you download the emulator, set it up on your PC. This includes downloading game data, signing in with your Google Account and setting up other app features. Let it. That’s how the app works.
  3. Once the app is running, it will look like your Google App store.
  4. Now all you need is WhatsApp APK file which you can get from the download page of WhatsApp.
  5. Open the APK file in BlueStacks (it will do this automatically)
  6. Follow the on screen instructions which will be a lot like those mentioned above for tablet.
  7. Once installed, a desktop shortcut for WhatsApp will be generated for your PC
  8. Now you can start using WhatsApp by just clicking on the desktop icon!

Configuring WhatsApp on your PC is pretty simple

Do note that if you simply open Chrome/Firefox/Opera browser and go to and log in via the QR code of your phone/tablet, you can technically use WhatsApp on PCs without any installation

But…. here is how you configure it:

  1. Enter your country name, mobile number and select ‘OK’
  2. Your phone will receive a verification message with a three-digit code
  3. Type in code on your PC
  4. WhatsApp is now configured and ready to use!

Installing WhatsApp on other devices is not very straight forward as compared to installing it on smartphones, but you will need to go an extra mile to get the most sought-after app in the market.

If you have any questions, let us know, and we will help you out in any possible way we can. Do note that Google Nexus 7 4G LTE devices that have been updated with KitKat 4.4.2 or later version cannot receive text messages but we have a fix for that, so do check it out.

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Gopal Khatri
After downloading Bluestacks when installing every time i get the message bluestacks needs at least 2GB physical memory I have 16 GB internal memory from which 4.5 GB is free and 32 GB card which is totally free but still it does not install in my tablet my tab is… Read more »

I install whatsapp on my tablet witch has no sim card slot. But I don’t know how add my contact to the apps. I can’t use the call app to do this.

shera moin

I install whatsapp on my tablet witch has no sim card slot. But I don’t know how add my contact to the apps. I can’t use the call app to do thi

John Crook

I installed whatsapp successfully, but its asking verification code/pin again and again. I already did 2 times. Once in phone and once on PC, with diff pin. For PC I got pin via SMS, but for Mobile I called customer care.
What to do now?

Karah Mcdeen
I downloaded whatsapp on my table using the instructions outlined above. I was successful with all the steps until i reach the stage that it is suppose to be initialize. Everytime that page starts to load, i keep getting a pop-up saying :Unable to connect to network. Please check connection… Read more »
Mohammed Basheer

I was able to install Bluestacks however I currently don’t have a working phone, so I’m not able to get the validating number. If I try using someone else’s to receive the message it links to their account, switching the accounts again prompts that a text be sent, any suggestions?

I used to have whatsapp in my old phone but I couldn’t install it again in my new phone. it was working fine in my old phone yesterday, but now it shows that I need to install a new version which I couldn’t fined. please help. I alway use whatsapp… Read more »