Remote Study Tools you Gotta Have for Groups

Remote study is distracting but group studies are worse!

I personally try to avoid them at all costs, but sometimes they are just inevitable. The worst part of study groups, or any kind of collaborative process really, is scheduling. It just never seems like there is an ideal time for everyone to meet. Yet, the work still has to be done. So what’s a study group to do?

Luckily the digital age has given us a whole new platform to coordinate on, and there are some great online collaborating services to help you do just that. And while group studying is all about collaboration, let’s face it, there is only 1 person doing all the heavy lifting, yea? So for this one hero, we have compiled a list.

Remote Study Tools

A list for the benefit of the unsung hero of remote study who has to do everything.

Basecamp – $20/month, 60-day trial

The first thing you’ll see on Basecamp‘s website is “Chaos, Organized,” and that pretty much sums up the goal of this service. Basecamp gets a group together and helps them organize all of their information and communicate in a fast and effective way. One could really think of it as your “base camp” of operations. What makes Basecamp unique is its simple interface and its integration of mobile applications to the service. It’s only $20 a month, which may or may not benefit some. However it is worth trying out the 60-day free trial.


Otter records conversations that can be transcribed, very ideal for remote study or even online meetings!

You can take Otter with you to your discussion group or lecture room and let it generate rich notes from discussions in real-time for you. You can record live conversations from your phone or browser, get real-time streaming transcripts and searchable notes you can share with others.

Otter is on web and mobile devices and is available for free with all its basic features.


This one is straight up about remote studying, and nothing else. If you are struggling in a certain project but lack the social skills to effectively learn from a study group, than this is the service for you.

Brainly allows users to get on and join a study group based on a certain topic. The user than asks a question and a fellow student will help them out. It’s that simple. Best of all, it’s totally free.


StudyBlue says it can help you to “Conquer Your Course” by providing you access to over 400 million flashcards, notes, study guides, and class-specific materials provided by other students. The digital tools on the platform will also make it possible for you to create and share your study materials and join other students around the globe to interact and study together. There are materials for virtually anything you are looking for on StudyBlue and amazingly, the service is free.


While learning from other students can be fun and interesting, learning from experts is much more impactful.

Brightstorm is a platform where students meet expert teachers to learn anything in Maths, Science, English, & Test Prep in a fun and interactive way that comes under the category of remote study!

These expert teachers prerecorded videos on diverse topics and post on the platform. All you have to do is search for a topic and then you’ll find multiple videos pop up. The monthly subscription fee for Brightstorm is $14 and it comes with up to 40% discount for a yearly subscription. You can use a free 7-day trial to test how the platform works.


Socratic is an app that uses Google AI to give you visual explanations of important concepts in Science, Maths, Literature, History and other subjects. It uses text and speech recognition to provide the most relevant online resources for you to learn and understand any problem. It is useful for both students in high school and university level, and it is also free to use.


WolframAlpha is an online learning platform which uses AI to compute expert-level answers on diverse subjects from maths to entertainment.

All you have to do is enter what you want to calculate or find, or simply upload your queries on the platform and you’ll get your answers.

It is both available as a web app and mobile app. It has a free basic service as well as a premium package of $4.75 monthly for students.


The first thing you will find on Mendeley‘s site is “I m knowledge”.

Truly, a platform that gives you access to over 30 million references and 6 million researchers is a knowledge base. This site is for you if you are carrying out research. You can use the platform to organise your research by adding papers directly from your browser or desktop. Another great feature is being able to annotate a document and cite references as you write. Mendeley has both free and premium plans.


FxSolver is a virtual assistant that helps students solve engineering and scientific equations. To use this remote study platform, all you need to do is add a formula to the solver and input any variable and press solve. You can also find several formulas for different problems on the platform. The platform is free to use.

And these are just some of the essential tools for group study. Do you use any other app or platform for personal or group study apart from the ones mentioned above?

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  1. Best free project management is Bitrix24 in my opinion. It has all the features of Asana, Basecamp and Trello, but comes with native time tracking, Gantt charts, billable hours and client management.

    • Thanks Bob! Since we are talking about group study, it seems a little too much to add Bitrix24 don’t you think? If we were talking about businesses or startups, I would have added it in 🙂


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