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Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are a great music accessory that adds value to not just your smartphone but also any other tech device that you want to link it to. Here are a selection of Bluetooth earphones that are a must-see before purchasing a new pair.

Keep Everyone Happy at Your Party with this Playlist App

You can try putting together a party playlist with the help of your friends, or better still, try Find What You Like’s Listen Together App to build a fantastic party playlist! The app allows users to vote for and add songs as per their choice, with the songs that has the most votes being played next. Pretty awesome, yah?

Xero – Cloud Accounting Software for Everyone

With the advent of contract work and freelancing; raising invoices, collecting payments and managing expenses have given rise to many invoicing and bookkeeping software. However, what happens when you start getting more than a few clients every month and need a bigger team? Suddenly, you need to manage payroll, track project budgets, claim expenses, integrate a payment system and start monthly reporting. Xero is a cloud accounting software (amongst many) that makes bookkeeping and accounting easy. Features such as…

ASUS Zenfone 3; Flagship, Ultra and Deluxe [Review]

The new ASUS Zenfone 3 line up includes a solution for everyone; those who want a mid-range phone, those who seek a fancier model and of course those who wish to have the latest iPhone but can't afford the device. Read our review to see what new innovation Zenfone 3 Flagship, Ultra and Deluxe devices have to offer.

Easily Convert PDF Documents to Word with OCR Online

Investintech’s PDF OCR converter is one of the best online tools for converting both scanned and native PDF documents into fully editable MS Word files. Its simplicity means that it only takes three clicks to go from PDF to .docx and an added bonus is that there are no file size limitations.