Techie Gifts for Your Valentine

Giving the gift of life, like flowers, is a great option for Valentine but what if your special someone is into technology and gizmos? Here is a nice list of what is out there to get for your precious someone.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for Everyone

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are a great music accessory that adds value to not just your smartphone but also any other tech device that you want to link it to. Here are a selection of Bluetooth earphones that are a must-see before purchasing a new pair.

Best Soundbars For Your TV & Gaming Devices

Is there anyone who is satisfied with only the sound produced by his or her TV speakers? No one I guess. Even the gamers usually find it difficult when playing their favorite games but listening to the awful sound produced by the PC or the TV. Do you ever wonder why people usually go to the cinemas while they can watch those movies at the comfort of their homes? First, the sound quality in the cinema is always good, not to talk about the video quality. In as much as the TV technology is improving on the video quality, the…