15 Best Parcel Forwarding Services for International Shoppers

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We all know about the shipping restrictions on Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Apple Store etc. They don’t just have shipping restrictions but also payment restrictions; some don’t want to accept our credit cards while others simply say we accept PayPal only! Then there is the inevitable delivery restriction that so many countries believe in enforcing…

We have already talked about how one can get a decent payment solution in our post of Virtual Debit Cards and we have also covered how to buy items from Google Play Store of your choice, but here we will focus on getting the packages forwarded to you from websites that don’t allow shipping outside USA, Canada, Australia or the country of your choice.

How Parcel Forwarding Services Really Work

These services simply give you an address when you sign up with them. Once you have signed up with them, you can use that shipping address at Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, stores etc to ship your purchases to your new address. Depending on the level of service they provide, the forwarding company will ship these purchases to you in your home country at your designated address.

And now for the list of parcel forwarding services in the USA, Canada, Australia and Asia Pacific regions. Read our other post for UK & EU shipping addresses.

USA Parcel Forwarding Services


parcel forwarding service

Stackry is a highly recommended parcel forwarding service. They’ve been in business for over five years and known to us for four. The free address Stackry provides is in Nashua, USA which is a tax-free zone. You also get 45 days of storage in their warehouse after which there is a small charge of $1/lb/day. For those who are unable to make purchases online, they offer package consolidation, repackaging, info request, pictures, personal shopper and hazmat processing (flammable liquids, batteries, etc).

Stackry accepts payments via Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and wire transfer ($25 extra/wire transfer). They ship pretty much everywhere in the world. However, you can easily find out at the time of signup. If your country is listed, then they ship there, if not then you need to choose another service. Their fees is standard when compared to other parcel forwarding services however DHL Express shipping is the cheapest amongst others tested so far. Their customer support is very prompt and available via live chat, phone, email, social media and their warehouse staff, efficient. Stackry‘s preferred carriers are FedEx, DHL, and USPS and they all provide tracking facility as well. If you wish to know what users have to say, then do check the reviews on SiteJabber.

Use this link to get started with $10 shipping credit at Stackry



MyUS is one of the oldest parcel forwarders in the US. They give a US address in Florida, which happens to be Tax Free (its a unique code issued to them). Their customer service is quick and reliable, their packaging, efficient and snazzy. Although their prices are on the higher side, if you have the budget for it then go for MyUS.

They have 3 types of accounts; no setup fee for Single Package and no monthly charges are involved here. Premium Plan which comes with a $7 monthly fee and Premium+Mail membership which calls for a $20 monthly charge. With the basic package, you get 5 days of free storage whereas you get 30 days storage with the other two memberships. They provide a number of services including free package consolidation, free repackaging, no charges for dimensional weight, and receiving mail etc. There is also a 20% discount off your first shipment for TechVise readers and all paid memberships come with a 30-day trial. They have implemented a revolutionary pricing model called TruePrice where they only charge for the weight of the consolidated shipment (a big plus, if you are using courier services).

MyUS ships globally via DHL, FedEx, and UPS and to pay for shipping, you can use your credit card, debit card, PayPal, check/money order and wire transfer. They have a chat system in place for consumers who wish to be answered promptly, but this only works during US business hours. Their email replies are very quick. Photos are of OK quality but if you need something more customised, you simply have to ask and they will get it done. The entire attitude of MyUS is ‘we are in business because of you’ not … ‘you need us so deal with what we’re offering’.

Other services they offer are: inspect packages, split package, return to sender, abandon package, advanced photos, and of course, normal photos. Their iOS app is as smooth as their website so I’m going to take a wild guess and say that their Android app is probably as good.

Vyking Ship


With Vyking Ship, you get a free account in Minnesota, the USA where your mail and parcels can relax for 180 days at no cost to you. You don’t pay a dime to sign up and nor is there a monthly or yearly fee to get your hopes down. Their assisted shopping service is charged at 5% fee of the total purchase price and you pay for this via PayPal only.

They have quite a few services to offer and they all come for a reasonable fee. You can get your invoice and price-tags removed, order more pictures , declare customs, repack, consolidate, add security tape, expedite your processing, custom requests etc. In my experience, Vyking Ship‘s service was great and very much reliable. Their staff stays in touch while they go through the request and is extremely efficient. You can see what other customers have to say about them here.

They accept payments via verified PayPal accounts, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfers and of course, all major credit cards. You can contact them via email, chat or phone number. They ship via DHL Express, FedEx, and USPS. Did I mention their reps are very fast in replying?

Use our referral code 2193 during registration and get $5 off of your first shipment. 


OPAS parcel forwarding

Opas is another good parcel forwarding company that offers their users a tax free address in Oregon, US. You have the option of choosing between 3 plans, one of them free that caters for most shipping needs. You get 30 days of free storage with their plans and you can check these plans for further details. They currently accept all cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. They also accept PayPal and ZipPay (Australia only). Their consolidation fee is based on membership level. The basic ‘Package Only’ account has a $10 flat fee, but their ‘Premium Package & Mail’ account offers free consolidation.

Also, note their service caters to the USunlocked card (currently offline) which we have discussed in our virtual debit card post. They are a decent parcel forwardng company and possibly the cheapest mail forwarding companies around. Use our special link to get 5% off on any shipment from OPAS


Shipito is a very popular service that gives a shipping/mailing address in Austria (EU) as well as addresses in California and Oregon (USA). They have two plans, free and paid. With the free plan you get addresses in two warehouses: Austria and Califronia along with shipping discounts. If you wish to consolidate packages or save on any US taxes then its a good idea to upgrade to the paid plan ($10/pm or $50/yr) for massive savings. Here I’d like to add that they charge a consolidation fee ($3) and a package processing fee ($2). They offer 3 free pictures of the outside of the parcel and if you want the content pictures then you have to pay $2-5 for them. Express processing is for $5 and assisted purchase starts at $8.50.

They accept payments via credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and wire transfer. They ship via DHL, FedEx, USPS, and a few more, making them the only parcel forwarding service that we know of that gives the most number & variety of shipping options.

Their support is relative to each country hence their support hours vary according to the warehouse location. Shipito’s pricing is uniform across both countries and is in US dollars. Shipping variation occurs with proximity to major airports and shipping options available for each destination country.

They have apps for iOS and Android devices which makes it easy to respond to messages or see notifications as requests are completed.

Planet Express

Planet Express forwarding service

Planet Express give an address in California, USA but you can’t view the address till you deposit $5 to verify your account/payment with them. is made. You can do this via PayPal, Amazon Pay or Bank Transfer. Planet Express offers two plans; Free & Paid. Free plan doesn’t include consolidation and hence can only hold 1 package. Paid plan on the other hand is for $50/Year or $10/M. Both plans offer free storage days but the number of days are limited to 10 for Free plan and 30 days for Paid plan.

They also offer their clients other services such as picture requests, special requests for $5 and ‘shop for me’ service. Apart from packages, Planet Express accepts mail and Magazines also. They have shipping methods like; DHL, Aramex, FedEx and USPS  (USPS also used for domestic shipping) but also have their own (and very cheap) shipping methods as well and interestingly have an entire page dedicated to explain it as well. In our experience, the service was quite smooth, the reps are responsive, shipping rates are very low in my opinion and you can download pictures (good quality stuff!) with just one click.

If you are one of those who have a ton of custom requests, then please be as clear as possible. We are very happy with the overall experience and are quite certain you will also be. Please check out their detailed pricing page and FAQ page before signing up.

Free Code: Use code TechVise at signup and get $5 😉


USA parcel forwarding

FishisFast offers six months free storage in Delaware, USA. There is no signup or monthly fee for memberships. You can use Fishisfast for your all USA shopping needs (unless it’s a Dangerous Goods item).

No Tax in Delaware means you get away with pesky tax fee. They offer free consolidation including removal of shoe boxes and extra packaging, 1 free photo as the package comes in, and you can always get more pictures taken for a small fee. You can get your invoices removed for free too.

Other things like return handling, testing products, bubble wrapping, plastic wrapping of box and double walled boxes etc come with a cost. They even have a nifty comparison chart showing how much cheaper they are than the rest.

Finally, if you want FishisFast them to shop on your behalf, it’s 7% plus $5 for total items. If you are thinking about using them for forwarding mail, then no, they don’t do mails, just packages. Take a look at the countries they don’t ship to before signing up.

Also, you will have just 7 days after your consolidation is done or else you get charged per day.

They ship packages via Aramex, FedEx, USPS, FastBox and some more. Their payment methods are Cash Back and PayPal only. Yes, we were sad to know that cards are not acceptable 🙁


parcel forwarding service

Ship7 is a parcel forwarding service giving free addresses in New Jersey, USA and West Drayton, UK. Simply signup for a free membership and get your packages shipped to them.

The dashboard is easy-to-use and has a very useful “store directory” pointing you to famous online stores. Your free storage will be 60-days flat, but can be extended to 90 days at some extra cost of 10 cents/lbs a day.

You will find all relevant and useful information on their pricing page indicating their free and paid services. They don’t charge anything for consolidation, repackaging, handling/processing, 2 external photos of every parcel and trashing something out 🙂

Their personal shopper charge is greater of $7.00 or 10% of the total order amount and that the payment modes they accept are PayPal and credit cards. You can also ask them to process your packages quickly, make special requests, careful handling, even scanning mail. These are just some paid perks they offer and hint towards the services they have in place (e.g. they handle snail mail!). If you want Ship7 to return an item, they charge $2.

You can ship out your packages from Ship7 via USPS, DHL, FedEx, Aramex, and UPS.


USgoBuy is another US based parcel forwarding service that gives a tax-free US address in Portland, Oregon. They give 60 days of free storage and give consolidation and repackaging for free. However, they do charge $5 for 5 photos per package and their Buy For Me service costs a reasonable 10% of the item’s value.

Currently USgoBuy ships via USPS, DHL, Aramex and FedEx. They accep payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Webmoney and My E-wallet to pay for fees online. When using Credit Card, you are given the estimate in USD however, the card itself is charged in CNY (Chinese Yuan), giving you a higher rate in FX fees. Interestingly, USGoBuy gives a high-level estimate of your shipment costs before consolidating & repackaging your goods. Once you’ve paid, they process your package and ship it, refunding any extra credit back to your payment method or e-Wallet account.

Packaging done by their warehouse staff is one of the best we’ve seen and they carried out personalised instructions well. Their customer service is a little weak, though, and it can take a while to get your point across. You can apply the code SHARE5 with your first shipment over $10 when you signup with USGoBuy via TechVise.

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i live in Canada and im looking for a company who would forward a package from mexico or south america to me (or USA I have a shipping address as well). Im interrested in buying something on mercado libre, but they dont ship in north america.

any ideas


What do you need mr?. I could forward you. You could check latinovariedades.org and contact through facebook or contact form in website


I have been using shipsterusa.com since 2012 and for me the address is perfect. Very fast service and nice customer care. Try this.

Clas Andersson
Clas Andersson

Who is best from USA to sweden for a package 80x50x10cm, weight approxly 15 kilos.


For a Canadian address, I recommend shipbymail.com. I’ve used them and their prices were good along with excellent customer service. The address they give is in British Columbia, Vancouver.


I live in India and want to purchase some pc components but the prices in India are skyrockeds o i wanna buy from us and ship to India which will include cpu,mobo,ram,gpu and psu could ya’ll advise me which service to use and which will cover all the customs and… Read more »

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