Best Parcel Forwarding Services for Expats & Overseas Shoppers

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What if you could shop from any international online store and ship package to your home address? This is where mail, parcel and package forwarding services step in. 

Using these parcel forwarding services, online shoppers get access to the best shipping discounts, variety of goods and access to the best deals from retailer that people living in that country enjoy.

Package Shipping restrictions of Amazon, Best Buy, eBay and Nike etc. are not a problem anymore for customers!

Which parcel forwarder should customers use for delivery?

The Best Package Forwarding Services Around the World


parcel forwarding service

Stackry is a great US parcel forwarding service. They provide a tax-free US address in Nashua with free signup or no membership fee! You get 45 days of free storage in their warehouse.

Forwarding Service: Package consolidation, Repackaging, info request, pictures, personal shopper and hazmat processing (flammable liquids, batteries, etc), Insurance up to $100, mobile app, shopping app, rewards program and VIP program

Payment Methods: Stackry Credit, PayPal , Credit Card, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer: $25/transfer

International Shipping Option: DHL, FedEx, Aramex, USPS, Global Mail

Customer Support: Email, Phone, Contact Form

Stackry Testing Results:

Great for beginners testing waters of US international shipping and online shopping. Stackry offers a no-hassle, limited-option parcel forwarding service. They also have the ability to ship dangerous goods at a reasonable fee. They have special shipping discounts, great customer service, a bit pricey shipping rates, and a VIP Program.


USA parcel forwarding

Fishisfast offers 180 days free storage and a tax-free US address in Delaware . There is no sign-up, no monthly fee and no memberships. You can use Fishisfast for your all US shopping needs (unless it’s a Dangerous Goods item).

Parcel Forwarding Service: 24/7 warehouse operations, free package consolidation, free repackaging, express processing and insurance. Other service are return handling, testing products, bubble wrapping, plastic wrapping of box and double walled boxes, personal shopper etc.

Payment Methods: Credit Cards, PayPal , Cash Back

International Shipping Option: FedEx, USPS, Boxberry, Aramex

Customer Support: Live chat, Email

FishisFast Testing Results:

Fishisfast is a very reliable package forwarder for customers everywhere. If you are new to international shopping from the US, then FishisFast is a good choice for delivery. Their 24×7 warehouse operations are super useful and can be selected as an alternate to Stackry listed above.

Vyking Ship

VykingShip parcel forwarding

Vyking Ship is a great US parcel forwarder where your mail and parcels can relax for 180 days at no cost to you. No hidden fee, no memberships, nothing.

Forwarding Service: Free mail and package receiving, invoice & price tag removals, item photos, declare customs, repack, package consolidation, add security tape, expedited processing, custom requests, personal shopper etc.

Payment Methods PayPal , Credit Cards, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfers

International Shipping Option: USPS, DHL, FedEx

Customer Support: Live Chat, Email, Phone

Partnered with US Unlocked

Vyking Ship Testing Results:

Testing Vyking Ship multiple times shows their parcel forwarding service is consistent and amazing as always. Their warehouse location gives advantage of Minnesota’s no tax policy on clothing item (seller needs to be out of state though). Their shipping calculator very good! Also choose Vyking Ship if you require special requests during consolidation or need special edition / collectors’ items delivery abroad or mail forwarding.


forward2me UK package forwarding

Forward2Me is a UK parcel forwarding company but gives addresses in the Germany, Turkey & Japan with zero membership fee.

Forwarding Service: Tax Free UK Address, 30 days free storage, dangerous goods, personal shopper, eBay collection service.

Payment Methods Credit Cards, PayPal , Bank Transfer, Bitcoin

International Shipping Option: DHL, FedEx, DPD, TNT, Royal Mail, UPS, Parcel Force.

Customer Support: Phone, Email and Contact Form

Forward2Me Testing Results:

Our first tested UK parcel forwarding service, Forward2Me is ideal for one signup to get 4 free addresses. We think their packaging and forwarding services are good value for money. They also offer a tax free UK address in Guernsey


Ship7 logo

Ship7 is the only US parcel forwarding service in this list to give addresses in the USA, UK and Turkey for free! 60 days free storage.

Forwarding Service: 24/7 open warehouse, free consolidation, return handling, repackaging, item photos, special requests, personal shopper, DDP, etc.

Payment Methods Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal .

International Shipping Option: DHL, FedEx, Aramex, UPS, USPS

Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Email

Ship7 Testing Results

If you are interested in getting free addresses in the USA, UK & Turkey and want to deal with one parcel forwarder, Ship7 should be your pick for delivery! Their US shipping address is tax free which helps in saving money. Their additional service and shipping costs are reasonable. And they also offer DDP for select regions! Signup Today.

Planet Express

Planet Express forwarding service

Planet Express gives a free US forwarding address. They also UK shipping address. If you pay $5 you can get their tax-free US address in Oregon. Planet Express offers two plans; Free & Paid. Free plan of planet express doesn’t include consolidation and hence can only hold 1 package. Paid plan on the other hand is for $50/Year or $10/M. Both plans offer free storage days but the number of days are limited to 10 for Free plan and 30 days for Paid plan.

Forwarding Service: Free repackaging, 2 free pictures on arrival of item. Free receiving of mail, magazines and packages! Super cheap shipping, personal shopper too!

Payment Methods PayPal , Amazon Pay, Wire Transfers, BitPay

International Shipping Option: USPS, DHL, FedEx, Aramex

Customer Support: Live Chat & Email

Planet Express is also Partnered with US Unlocked

Planet Express Testing Results:

Cheapest shipping cost for delivery ever! That’s Planet Express for you. No fuss, no muss and if you keep things simple with them, you’ll love them and come back to them. 

Very recently, OPAS became part of planet express 



MyUS is one of the oldest and most reliable mail and US parcel forwarding company. They give a Tax-Free US Address in Florida (it’s a unique code issued to them) and a UK address as well. They have free and paid plans both and free trials too!

Forwarding Service: Free Consolidation & Repackaging, personal shopper, True Price, customs declaration, mobile app, shopping app,

Payment Methods Credit Cards, PayPal , Check/Money Order, Wire Transfer

International Shipping Option: DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS

Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Email, Call back service

MyUS Testing Results:

Tested a few years ago, MyUS now gives a UK address as well. Choose, if you are looking for a seamless online shopping experience with parcel forwarding service in the USA and UK, and need special handling of goods. Also choose if you are looking for delivery of restricted items such as non-prescription medicines, Li-on batteries and some dangerous goods. If you are a business and ship in bulk, MyUS gives special discounts under a dedicated account for businesses. MyUS has a true-price feature which is like a shipping calculator but spot on.


Shipito package forwarding service

Shipito gives a tax-free US address in Oregon, Austria (EU), California. They have two plans, free and paid. With the free plan you get addresses in two warehouses: Austria and California along with shipping discounts. If you wish to consolidate packages or save on any US taxes then it’s a good idea to upgrade to the paid plan ($10/pm or $60/yr) for massive savings.

Forwarding Service: Up to 90 Days Free Storage, free repackaging, free pictures of incoming packages, personal shopper, mailing service, mobile apps, rewards program etc.

Payment Methods Credit Cards, PayPal , Wire Transfer, BitCoin.

International Shipping Option: DHL, FedEx, USPS, TNT, DPD, Boxberry, Austria Post, Airmail, Australia Post, Aramex, GLS

Customer Support: Live chat, Email, Phone and Contact Form

Partnered with US Unlocked

Shipito Testing Results:

If you frequently ship from both the US and Europe, then Shipito free account gives you access to both. Their online account management system is extremely good and gives a lot of options when it comes to package consolidation, online shopping and international shipping options.

UK PostBox

ukpostbox business address

UK PostBox offers a mail forwarding service. They give PO Box locations and some street addresses in Poole, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham and Belfast. They have paid plans only.

Mail Forwarding Service: Royal Mail redirection, online shopping and shipping, returns, fulfilment and drop shipping, Google Adsense, directors service address, sole trader address, business trading address, registered office address and personal address.

Payment Methods Debit and Credit Cards, PayPal , Bank Transfer.

International Shipping Option: USPS, Royal Mail, DHL, Parcel Force

Customer Support:



With a virtual address in Turkey, Yollando has two plans; free and paid. Free plan allows 15 days off free storage while paid membership 60 days.

Forwarding Service: Free Consolidation, free repackaging, HD images, return processing, buy for me service, Yollando Shop

Payment Methods Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, GiroPay, TransferWise, iDeal, eps-Überweisung.

International Shipping Option: DHL, UPS, TNT, Skynet, FedEx, CDEK and several agencies

Customer Support:

Shop & Ship

shop and ship

Shop & Ship is powered by Aramex. They have a sign-up fee of $45 but in return they give 30 international parcel forwarding addresses all over the world! Unfortunately, Shop & Ship do not send parcels everywhere; only 80 countries.

There is no free storage because there is NO consolidation service. They ship items as they arrive. They give international addresses in Australia, Canada, China, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, UK, and USA.

Parcel Forwarding Service: They only have paid plans, and we suggest you read up on the S&S Basic and S&S Flex plans.

Payment Methods Credit & Debit Cards

International Shipping Option is Aramex only

Customer Support:

Partnered with US Unlocked

There is a 25% discount for S&S Select service that essentially allows you to ship some restricted items such as perfumes, nail polishes, aerosols, hair growth products etc.


TipTrans offers parcel forwarding service addresses in China, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Germany and UK . They have three types of memberships; Standard, Premium & Business Premium. All allow you to get addresses in all five locations, but the main difference between these memberships is the price for consolidation, shipping, and assisted purchase.

Parcel Forwarding Service: Personal and business use, repackaging, pictures, parcel inspection, special requests and express checkout.

Payment Methods: PayPal , Credit Cards, Bitcoins, Western Union and bank wire

International Shipping Options: China Post, DHL, Hong Kong post, TNT, UPS, EMS, Aramex and many more.

Customer Support:

Honourable Mentions:

There are a plethora of freight forwarding companies which ship multiple packages to customer base all over the world. We’ll name drop some of them here: AUSFF, MyGermany, Parcel Bound , ForwardVia , ReShip. All these have excellent customer service, they are either give a US address, a UK address or Australia address. Their delivery of shipments is via courier and shipper. and many more.

Package Forwarding Service – How It Works

  1. Sign Up with a forwarding company and get your address.
  2. Shop online on your favourite retailer like Nike, Forever21 , Adidas, Rayban, Amazon, eBay, and several more.
  3. Deliver your merch to your new address at shipping company and forward everything to your local address anywhere in the world.
  4. Receive your shopping in a matter of days!

Are you’re wondering how to choose the right forwarding company ? ← Here is a great link that tells you, our international shoppers how to pick the perfect company for your online shopping needs!

How to Access Websites from Abroad?

Is there a website you cannot access? Choose a free or premium VPN service from our list here to access websites.

How to Pay Retailer that don’t accept your cards?

Let me guess, you cannot pay to these online shopping retailers via your card? Payments can be tricky, but if you read these guides on how to get a Virtual Card , pay via digital cards or use alternate payment methods , we’ve got you covered.

Have you used any other parcel forwarding service that you are happy with? Mention the name below in comments & your experience with them, and after vetting them myself, I’ll add it to this list [in the next update].

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  1. Would like to add about a company, which i have tried for parcel forwarding from Singapore , which makes international shipping from Singapore much easier. They are . Best and economical parcel forwarders from Singapore. They also provide parcel forwarding services from India, USA and Canada.

    Checkout their shipping charges from Singapore

  2. Thank you ZAHRA HABIB,
    You have explained everything about package forwarding services, How it works? and all other details need to be know before choosing any parcel forwarding services. Now its easy for everyone to shop from any international online shopping website and get services of these companies if they don’t provide shipment to your address. Anyway thanks for the explanation and the list you provide for best parcel forwarding services. I have also done deal with a company Splice Packages and found it best company for these services. If anyone facing issue regarding international shopping they can use this company and get the products at their doorstep.

  3. MYUS doesn’t offer shipping by USPS except to APO or Russian addresses.
    That means if they forward your package to another country they will use a courier and you will incur all the costs and delays associated with it. I’m still waiting for a package to be delivered in Thailand, it’s already in the country but Fedex want’s approximately three times the value of the contents of the box and they are estimating that it will take another 20-23 days before I see it. I called MYUS and they have zero interest in offering USPS international priority as an option.

  4. Planet Express:

    There seems to be 2 errors in the description:

    1. Under “Payment Methods” should be added “You can pay with your credit card”

    2. “Tax Free USA Address in Oregon” is only for the paid plan.

  5. ShipMoe is the best for shipping to KSA, Kuwait,UAE,Qatar,Bahrain and some other countries, and I’ve use most of the companys on your list

    • Hi Sebastian. Maybe there is. We have noticed that companies update their polies so its best to inquire through their support channel and find out if they’re offering Hazmat Processing service.

  6. Sorry but I cannot confirm myUS as a fast, effcient or reliable. Adding a package to the incoming queue was easy, but it disappeared from display on delivery. Entering the tracking number in the inquiry form did locate it. Then it sat “in review” for a week and has now silently dropped off the list. The inquriy form does not show it and none of the emails I was supposed to get ever happened.

    • I’ started using them in 2014 but I’m cancelling my account because they refuse to forward my packages by USPS and insist on using couriers that are triple the expense. I’m currently waiting delivery of a package that is already in the country but won’t be delivered for another 3 weeks because it went by courier instead of USPS international priority.

      • Hi Curtis, we’re aware of this and its one of the reasons why they are on no. 2 position. When carriers refuse to allow us DDP to such countries is when we run into problems. We’ll add this point in the next update so its better communicated. But there’s only so much we can include in the article!

  7. Quick question/update:

    Fishisfast seems to not have Aramex as a shipping option and every other company on this list seems to be relatively exorbitantly priced.

    If you had to pick the cheapest one off the 15 to ship from the US to India, which one would it be?

    • Yes they do.

      Yes all companies mentioned here price their services as per their requirements. This is not a list of cheap forwarders, nor do we in any way claim that anyone is cheapest. They have all their varying shipping rates for different regions.

      If we had to pick, our priority would not be cheapest, so we can’t really answer that question.

  8. Hi Zahra,

    I would like to suggest another parcel forwarding service called Colis Expat. They’re based out of France and have addresses in the US, UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany. They’re a great service and they are reasonably priced. Their customer service is also excellent!

  9. hello Zhara ,thank you for the best infos about forwarding services companies, it is very helpful .
    I would like to send a parcel about 3 KG from Vietnam to Canada but DHL,UPS FED EX in Vietnam charges around $US200.00 to ship. Do you know any shipper with less cost ??. Thank you.

  10. I have used, MY US and Stackery. But now I’m not using any of them. I have switched to another Packages Forwarding Company Splice Packages LLC. I have found their services are more cheap and better. Plus they are providing all services any can look for shopping or Shipping from the USA. Including Assited Purcahse so if my card is not accepted at store, I can use their Assisted Purchase and they can help me in buying the same item from the store. I think you should have add Splice Packages in this list as well. I have mentioned their Website link in this comment as well, you can do your research.

  11. Hi, which are the forwarding service are considering actual weight with or with out limitation just like same MyUS TruePrice? Thanks

  12. Thanks for the list. It’s informative. I am dropping myus at end of the month (when subscription expires) because they have tried to gaslight me on a package that costs less than 6.00. First it was in the queue, then they pulled it out. They sent me two emails on the same day, one was that it had been sent and the other said I had cancelled it (neither of which are true)
    Thanks again for the list.

    • Hello Richard, You can check Shipma they are also providing the package forwarding service, Assisted puchase and consolidation service.

  13. As of July 30th the Stackry discount is not applied when signing up from this page. May be better signing up from another link.

    • We checked, the coupon works. However, just to be sure; always check on signup that the code 77104 is present in the ‘Referral Code’ line item at the bottom of the signup form. Otherwise you can reach out to stackry support and have them apply this code to your account and remove any other (if its present)

  14. Please advise if you know any re-shipper or package forwarding company with the warehouse location in Florida? Thank you.

    • I have just recently registered with, but I am freaking out with the number of negative reviews from users both out and on this site. What is happening with the forwarder in reality?

      • MyUS is a fairly good service. Their security within warehouse is topnotch, the service itself is very personalised and we liked them. This doesn’t mean the reviews are 100% wrong, there may be some truth in those too but to be on the safe side, why don’t you call them and speak to them first, or use the live chat feature? Feel your way through and this should always be the first thing you do when investing your money anywhere.

    • We tested them out and they were good. There are mis-steps ofcourse with any forwarder however, if the support staff is good, then you can amicably resolve concerns. If you have specific queries, then you should reach out to their support and get answers directly.

  15. Sometimes you also need a USA credit card for an order to go through. This is my case for a subscription.
    US Unlocked seems a popular virtual credit card provider, but they are not well setup for electronic funding from Canada.
    Would you have other alternatives?
    Thank you

  16. I have been using Stackry for years now based on your advice. They are really good! However, do you know if any other companies have cheaper services? to KSA?

    • We suggest using other services listed in our article and using their shipping calculator to understand differences in shipping price to KSA. Do remember, some companies will charge less shipping fees but add a lot of service fees so the sum total would be around the same.

    • Your best bet would be – considering shopandship are beginning to go down a bit in their processes… perhaps look at or Parcl

  17. Hi, Zahra
    I have recently moved to USA and i have my some small parcel in other country can you suggest me some lowest ammount charges for my small parcel forwarding.

  18. Hi, i would like to confirm if Planet Express provides Tax free USA address in Oregon? i am their user before but their address is in Gardena and not tax free.

    • Hi, yes it does now, for paid users. We have a running offer for the time being on Planet Express till end of Nov 2019.


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