Create Online Course Easily on these Reliable Platforms

Have you heard about platforms helping you to create online course? We are here to tell you about them…

Making a course is a very inspiring way of earning. It is a special feeling when you know that someone else is learning your methods, and acquiring skills which can benefit them in different ways throughout their whole life or career.

However, it is one thing to create a modern-looking course; it is something entirely different to actually reach the targeted audience to make a profit in teaching your course and generating a passive income. To do that, you will need a reliable platform that will let people buy, enroll and pass the course you made.

In other words, a well-established platform that will allow learners to trade money for the knowledge they obtain through your course.

Create Online Course Easily

In this article we will give you some options – you have already heard for many of the coursing platforms we present, but it is always good to refresh your memory; others will be entirely new for you. Stay tuned to find out more.


Udemy is one of the biggest and the oldest courses platforms out there. Currently, Udemy has over 20 000 instructors and 12 million students! The best thing about it is that it is entirely free to use, but you give 50% of the earnings to Udemy for all students the platform brought to you. Udemy is simple to you, and you will have no problems uploading videos, PDF files or PowerPoint presentations. Unfortunately, customisation options are scarce, at least when compared to some other popular coursing solutions. But, what it lacks in features, Udemy makes up with student numbers – if your course has quality, it will get the audience on Udemy and will start generating income, no doubt about that.


Teachable is one of the giants in the world of courses.

Currently, it has over 10,000 instructors who teach through this platform. It is liked because of its ease of use, high customizability and advanced statistics it shares. In other words you can create online course easily.

Teachable also has terrific marketing tools, through which you can promote your courses. You can do that via email campaigns, coupons, landing pages, and you can also boost your SEO by running a blog. Teachable has a free account (takes 10% of your course price) and premium options (earns 8% and 5%). If you opt for subscriptions, Teachable will send you a free eBook which explains how to create courses and prepare content for your students. Since the pricing is quite affordable, we recommend you to get a premium plan.


If you are not much of a geek and aren’t quite into technology, but you still think you can create online course, Ruzuku is a perfect platform for you.

It is above all user-friendly, and designing courses using it is remarkably simple. You can upload video and audio, PowerPoint presentations, create webinars or chat with your students. This platform also encourages students to interact with others, and Ruzuku also offers marketing tools such as MailChimp and has integrations with popular payments solutions like PayPal and Stripe. 

However, to use Ruzuku, you will have to pay, there are no free plans. There is a free, two-week trial, which is a great way to try the platform yourself, before deciding if it is the best option to host your course.


Skillshare is becoming increasingly popular; if you follow YouTubers or like listening to podcasts, you have probably heard people recommending this platform.

Skillshare focuses on real, quality learning. Most of the courses found on this platform are the real deal, offering practical skills that can benefit the everyday living. Skillshare classes are short, up to 20 minutes, and are further broken down into shorter videos to make it easier for the students to follow them in their own time.

It is perfect for people who are excellent at creating engaging videos that go straight to the point. Skillshare is also a good way of earning money, but first, you need 25 people to start your course. After that, you get $10 for each person that signed up for a premium account through your referral link; you also get money from premium members that enrolled in your course. Unfortunately, there are some flaws – you cannot test your students, there are no marketing options, and of course, you start making money only after 25 people join your class. However, if you create quality materials, and stay patient, Skillshare will pay off.


Coursecraft is another easy to use solution for those of you who are not into coding and complicated customisation but instead want to set up a course quickly.

The dashboard is really intuitive and self-explanatory, and you will an create online course easily in no time at all. While you do it, you will be able to see examples of other classes similar to yours designed by other teachers. Coursecraft allows you to create courses that are free for your students to enrol. On the other hand, if you are looking to earn, there are two ways: with a free plan, Coursecraft will take a % of your profit; if you get a paid plan, you only pay the monthly subscription, and you keep all of your earnings.

Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is a complete coursing solution that lets you create a whole website to promote your courses. You will build it using a drag-and-drop site creator, which makes AOM a good option for people who are not into coding.

This platform will give you the tools to create online course that consist of different chapters and units. You can add timed quizzes for your students, or give them assignments. Also, to keep them motivated, you can create badges or similar rewards. You can also interact with your students through forums, where they can also meet each other.

Note: Academy of Mine is best for people who really want to dedicate themselves creating courses that are unique, engaging and offer knowledge to students at a corporate level and want to do all this using a true Learning Management System. However, this functionality comes at a price, and the Academy of Mine is quite expensive, especially when compared to other platforms we presented. However, if you really mean business, and are confident your course will sell, go for it.

These are just a few of the many platforms to create online course easily, we are in the process of adding more and want your help. So let us know in the comments below about the platforms you have used and your feedback about them.

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