Udemy – Perfect Virtual Education [Review]

Almost everything that you want to learn is on internet; whether it be cooking, video production, or web development. You can bet that someone somewhere has an online class on it. Udemy is one such platform however, its focus is more on business development.

So who is Udemy for?

Udemy – Accessible Online Classes

Probably the best thing about Udemy is its mix of online and mobile integration. Personally, I only work at my computer, but I am on the go most other times. That makes it difficult for me to learn things via online classrooms. That makes the Udemy app great for me and others like me. By taking your classes anywhere, you can truly learn on your own time and in any way you choose. You can get their app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Udemy offers courses in a wide range of topics; all courses vary in price and of course there are some courses which are completely free. There are courses on Programming, Development, Software Testing, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing, Business Skills, Web Design, Drawing, Digital Photography, Math, Science, Languages, Health and Fitness.

So while there is certainly a lot of content & courses to choose from, most of it seems to be centered around businesses. You will still find lifestyle courses that center on arts & crafts, cooking, and so on, you will notice that the choices are scant or not as in depth as the other business-oriented classes. Paid courses however are henceforth more in depth material than the ones available for free.

Udemy offers a Certificate of Completion when a course is successfully finished, and you can certainly add them to your list of courses in LinkedIn but do not come running here if an employer says ‘its not the same a proper diploma’.

So the ultimate question is who is Udemy really for?

Ultimately, In my opinion, Udemy is a great learning resource for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about online business management. That’s because there are tons of great courses that teach you how to manage your blog, optimize your website, get most out of a marketing project and so on. But, it is also great for people looking to get a basic knowledge in a variety of subjects. There are even some basic psychology courses taught by actual psychologists.

When it comes down to it, the experience of a student at Udemy varies from course to course. Why? Some instructors really work with their students; answering queries, joining discussions and giving them freebies to get started. On the other hand, some instructors don’t really seem to care about questions or problems being faced by their student and just keep suggesting additional courses to take. Udemy does take feedback during the course so hopefully this problem will go away with time.

Luckily, if you aren’t particularly thrilled with a course, you can get a full refund on it within 30 days.

Get 85% off on all the courses with the Cyber deal extended. Valid till 3rd December, 2021.

Udemy For Instructors

If you are interested in becoming an online instructor, Udemy also gives you that opportunity. It also doesn’t require you to have any teaching experience. If you are an expert in any given field, you can create a Udemy course about it and share it with millions of students. The best part about being a Udemy instructor is the pay. Naturally you set the cost of your course, and if you do all of the marketing yourself, you receive 100% of the revenue. If Udemy markets for you, you only receive 50%, so it’s ultimately a decent trade-off if you get more students.

Udemy For Business

Companies can benefit from Udemy. If you own a company and would like your employees to have a competitive edge over others then this is where you come.

In simple words, you can open a learning platform for your business and customize the whole skill development program with Udemy’s learning platform. The employees can access the business courses and you on the other ahnd can keep a tab on their progress and performance with analytics.

If you want to create a course for your company then you can use Udemy’s creation tool and let the instructors use Video, PowerPoint, PDFs and zip files etc to quickly build classes for the team.

The Verdict

Udemy is great for virtual education. It has everything; loads of content taught by experts from around the world, apps for Android and iOS devices, free and paid courses in 12 categories and, most of the courses are relatively short and organized very effectively. Udemy is also a great platform for anyone looking to start their own online business: either to learn, teach, or just promote great content. It still doesn’t have the right “credentials” to be a valuable college alternative, if they were to somehow add that last leg of accreditation, then it would really be perfect.

For now, though, it is the ideal place to casually learn and teach.

With Quratulain Habib

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