Create the Best with these Sitemap Builder Tools

Sitemap builders are a great help in generating sitemaps because they enable search engines to properly sort and understand the content of your website

How to Start Collecting Data With Web Scraping Tools

Having access to more data can help you make better business decisions, identify opportunities or even build a new business selling data. Many businesses have already benefited from having more information at their disposal. You may have heard about web scraping before. Perhaps you even wondered how web scraping works? In this article, we’ll briefly introduce web scraping. We’ll also cover how to get started with web scraping and the different tools such as scraping software and a residential proxy from a provider like Smartproxy to get you started on the right foot. Continue reading to discover just how easy it is to begin collecting data. What Is Web Scraping? Web scraping can be described as collecting...

The Best Productivity Apps & Tools to be Effective

Have a lot on your plate to get things done? Use these productivity apps and tools to get more done in your work week round the year.


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Use Technology in Classrooms Effectively

When we talk about technology, we don’t just mean PowerPoint, we are talking about podcasts, video streaming, and screen mirroring! You can use all these tools and more to convert a boring class into an interesting session for all students.

Best Formative Feedback Tools to Attain Ultimate Student Learning Potential

Pandemic or not, remote learning is fairly effective. And, we think teachers should use formative feedback assessment tool to attain the ultimate student learning potential