TechVise Disclaimer

Why & How TechVise came to be formed

We simply love technology and its ability to ease everyday life. However the problem with this is that most people are not technology savvy while some just need a nudge in the right direction. Being early technology adopters, we do have a first mover/user advantage over many and this is exactly what we hope to bring to our readers. From the widely read ‘How to Setup SMS on Nexus 7 & 9‘ to the ‘WhatsApp Scam message‘ posts, we take the time to tell people that there is an easy to follow solution to a small problem in their life. Posts such as Parcel Forwarding services and VPN services exist because we too needed such services at some point and it took us months figuring out which ones were really good in order to write about them.

Reason for Disclaimer

So why are we writing this disclaimer? The reason is two fold :

  1. We want to be transparent with our readers on the why and the how. Here’s a fun fact. Till May 2014 TechVise had been around for 4 years and hadn’t made a dime. Yet some of our biggest money making posts today were written in 2013. So yes, the affiliate links came later after we’d done the research and tried out the service(s).
  2. We want to adhere to the Federal Trade Commission’s requirement for disclosure when taking monetary benefit. Around 25% of our readers are from the US.

How we Earn

There are many websites out there solely focused on earning money instead of providing value to its readers; TechVise isn’t one of them. Having said that it doesn’t mean that we don’t earn or make money from this website, we do, but we keep a lose eye on what we promote. So without further ado, here’s how we earn money:

  1. Affiliate links: We don’t put any disclaimers next to affiliate links but currently they pay towards the upkeep of the site and ensure that its up to date with useful content. Any link that uses ‘/offer/’ in its url path is an affiliate link. Please be sure to check those out as in some cases we have been able to strike deals with the service providers for our readers. If for some reason, the service itself has stagnated or become poor, we remove our affiliate links and replace them with direct links.
  2. Sponsored posts: Yes in some instances, we take on a sponsored post. When we do, we take a hard look at the product, app or service that is being talked about to ensure that it is not being recommended just because its paid for. There is currently no mechanism to distinguish it however, we do very few of them in a year (about 1 per quarter).
  3. Ads: We sometimes run adsense as well as paid / sponsored advertising on our site. All these are extremely obvious and don’t mean that we are endorsing such products.