Techie Gifts for Your Valentine


Feeling the pressure from your better half around this time of the month is slightly common because you want to impress and not depress them and also do something that will leave a lasting impression. This obviously means that you have to get something classy, valuable and ideally something useful too.

Giving the gift of life, like flowers, is a great option for Valentine and we have covered several flower delivery services that offer worldwide shipping and same day delivery as well! But what if your special someone is into technology and gizmos?

Since we are into tech, we decided to pen a few ideas that are worth the investment. Read below some of the good tech gifts for your valentine.

Tech Valentine Gifts


Saving Memories & Creating Moments

1 Saving Memories & Creating Moments

Canon Camera

Snapping memories have become very common but most smartphones don’t get the clarity worthy enough for a hard copy development. So get your special someone an actual camera. We recommend the Canon Digital Camera which is WiFi and NFC enabled and comes with a 16 GB memory card. Its red in colour, which is quite sporty looking and ideal for a Valentine Gift. Of course, you can pick the Black or Blue color as well but its a great option to save memories properly! It has a 10x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer and captures 4K Ultra HD video.


HP Photo Printer

Getting pictures developed is not really a problem especially when you have an HP Sprocket Plus Instant Photo Printer. This portable photo printer is not very high-end, but gets your job done, the right way! It comes with 20 sticky-backed sheets to get you started off on the printing instantly. You can carry it along anywhere you wish to ebcause its lightweight. Just download the HP Sprocket app and connect your device via Bluetooth to this photo printer and start printing instantly.


FujiFilm InstanxTech Valentine gift

Another great option for saving memories is Fujifilm Instax Mini 26. Why? Because its a camera and a photo printer, 2 in 1 combo kind of thing. So snap your pictures and get your hard copy instantly. Of course the photo is very small (think credit card size), but its instant. This camera is compact, has a selfie mirror in case you are into selfies. There are two shutter buttons for vertical and horizontal framing of images.  You can even control the print finish with colour control buttons. This particular link we have for you gives you 10 sheet rainbow bundle for instant hard copy images. You can pick the colour your valentine loves more.

If camera is not what you are looking for… perhaps something in gaming then…


Gaming Equipment

2 Gaming Equipment

We are going to assume that your valentine already has a console and a controller, but since you are there in the picture as well, so why not give them something is an add-on that benefits both?


Sennheiser GAME ONE

Let’s give you an idea about gaming headsets; have you heard of the Sennheiser GAME ONE? Well you can’t go wrong by choosing the German quality, and Sennheiser GAME ONE only proves it. This is a superbly built headset- beautiful looking, functional and made to last. High-quality plastic combined with velvet-like earpads and open-back design (prevents sweating) make this headset both durable and comfortable to wear. Sennheiser GAME ONE weighs 300g meaning it will stay comfortable even after multiple hours of non-stop gaming. Sennheiser original transducer technology ensures GAME ONE produces amazingly accurate sound with superb quality. Noise cancelling microphone will make sure your teammates will understand you without yelling or repeating. GAME ONE has interchangeable cables, making it a solid choice for all devices that support industry’s standard 3.5 mm jack.

We have an entire post on gaming headsets so you can always hop there and get more ideas.


Xbox One Elitebest gaming controller

This is the steroid, hardcore version of the regular Xbox controller, which is already a great device. Xbox One Elite will give you an unmatched level of customisation.

Every detail of Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is player-oriented, Microsoft did their homework. The device is entirely flawless, but it costs plenty, three times as much as a regular Xbox Wireless controller. Still, if you have the money, go for it, you will not regret it.

There is always Virtual Reality where gaming is concerned, perhaps invest in this if your better half values this category.


For the Love of Sound & Music

3 For the Love of Sound & Music

JBL Flip 4

It doesn’t really matter if your sweetheart likes good music or not, whats important is that you have quality sound system. We will not be sharing any expensive items to enhance home audio but stick to personals, we recommend the JBL Flip 4 – Meet our favourite quality sound speaker system! Its available in 5-6 colours (with the option of Red also, wink wink), connects via Bluetooth, USB micro cable and 3.5mm audio cable and is … water proof. Go diving!

But wait, what if you want wireless earphones?


Urbanears – Jakan

bluetooth earphonesNew people in the market, Urbanears’ Jakan is a steal for the price.

You get 7 colours to pick from, global shipping, 12 hours of playtime on a single charge, and get magnetic earbuds to hang round your neck.

Jakan features an intuitive control knob but some claim it to be useless. The wire is tangle-free and sound is crisp and clear.

Not into earphone? Prefer On-Ear Headphones?


Beats Solo3Tech Valentine gift

Consider getting Beats Solo3. This particular headphone is wireless, not very extremely pricey and has several colours to choose from (including pink and red). You get 30+ hours of battery life for your fine-tuned acoustics and you can easily take calls and navigate your life through virtual assistants like Siri. As an added bonus you also get a 3.5mm remote talk cable.


Cordoba GuitarTech Valentine gift

In case your better half is all about creating music, we think a the Cordoba Guitar is an excellent place to start… meet Protege by Cordoba. Its lightweight, cab be used by both left and right-handed people, has a nice mahogany back and sides with premium nylon strings.


Wearable Tech

4 Wearable Tech

Leaf Health Tracker

This one is for the ladies. The Leaf is a smart jewellery with an activity, sleep and reproductive health tracker embedded within. It measures the usual activity such as steps, calories burned, distance, etc. It measures sleep quality as well and includes a wakeup alarm. Meditation, stress and reproductive health tracking is what it does best though. It has guided meditation and tracks how you are doing in each session along with time spent. This directly ties into stress and reproductive health informing you how your meditation is impacting your stress, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, sleep and activity. Under the reproductive health umbrella, it tracks periods, fertility, ovulation, pregnancy, and includes a pill reminder. It has its own dedicated app for Android and iOS phones. It also connects wirelessly with Apple Health and Google Fit to sync all your data.


Samsung Gear S3Tech Valentine gift

Now for your gentlemen; we think the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch has a beautiful screen, a gorgeous design, great fitness, and it is very durable. The smartwatch device is a bold and big watch; it features a rugged all-metal design, an elevated bezel, accentuated buttons and a black case which makes it a mean looking watch. The S3 has a lot of sensors; it has a barometer, an altimeter that measures your elevation and the weather, a heart rate monitor, a GPS  too. One excellent feature of the S3 device is the always-on option. Its surface is protected using a Gorilla Glass, and the MIL-SPEC-810G can withstand when submerged in water of about 5 feet for more than 30 minutes.


Fun Stuff

5 Fun Stuff

Drone It

Valentine is not much of an event if you can’t enjoy the moment. So maybe you can invest in something you can both do together? Get a drone by Holy Stone. It may look like a Kids item, but isn’t really. The device features an HD camera, 6-Axis gyro RC Quadcopter for Kids with Headless Mode, one key return and an alarm for low voltage. It even includes a bonus Battery.


Portable Charger for iOS/AndroidTech Valentine gift

What is life without a smartphone? Here is a portable charger by Mophie which comes with two built-in cables for all smartphones supporting lightening cable and micro-USB cable. The integrated power indicator button on the side tells you the charging status and current battery life. With 4,000 mAH portable charger you can take care of both; Apple and micro USB devices easily during travel. If you are looking for something useful and under $100, then consider getting this.


Surface DialTech Valentine gift

For that artist in your circle who owns Microsoft Studio, pair them up with this intuitive Surface Dial. Compatible with other devices such as Microsoft Surface Pros, Surface Books 2 and Surface Laptops, this device is mostly for those who work very closely with Adobe, Mental Canvas, Bluebeam, Sketchable, StaffPad, and more, so if anyone from your circle is a great fan, this Microsoft Surface Dial is a fantastic tech gift idea.


Bluetooth MouseTech Valentine gift

There are still people out there who prefer to use a mouse over laptop trackpad. They don’t want to let go of the trackpad but still want a great mouse with their computing device (myself included). So pair your friends with this amazing Surface Arc which is slim, light, and ready to travel all the time. The mouse features a full scroll plane for both horizontal and vertical scrolling. It has a bendable tail which is essentially the on/off switch for this device. It connects to the laptop via Bluetooth and runs on 2 AAA alkaline batteries that work up to 6 months!

What’s your idea of a Valentine Gift, something snazzy or something worthy? Let us know your ideas too.


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