Free Online Translation Tools We Recommend You Use

There are several online translation tools that we come across and use but when we really need them, we forget which ones to use.

The biggest issue we generally face when translating languages is the accuracy and grammar. Which is why it is in your best interest to identify highly accurate translators, as these tools will ensure you communicate and learn better – whatever your goal is.

Some people are are in a line of work where they have to converse with foreign language speakers whose languages they don’t know or they’re simply learning a new language and need a resource for support.

We’ve curated a list of services, some are free, some are paid, but with these tools you can translate words, phrases, sentences, documents, and even entire websites from one language to the other!

So, how do you do this?

Free Online Translation Tools

Read on to learn more about them the great online trasnlators!

Apple devices come with their own online translation tool by default so you can use that if you’re not a picky person.

But we still feel you should know about other online translation tools.

Microsoft Bing Translator

Bing Translator is a Microsoft product. And it continues the company’s fine form of products that are helpful to users.

On the website, you will find two columns. The first is where you will input the term you want to translate and the second is where you will see the translation. The platform can translate words in over 60 languages and 5,000 characters. While you can select the language of the word you want to translate, the tool can also automatically recognise it. This is useful for people who do not know what language a word is written in and yet, want to translate it.

What’s more? The online translation tool supports audio; instead of typing a word, phrase, or sentence, you can simply speak it into your microphone. In return, Bing will pronounce the translation.

If Edge is your default browser, Bing Translator will automatically wake up when it assesses you’re in a foreign situation. If you enable it, you’re set for life!

The best thing about this translation tool is that its free and doesn’t require any downloads or installations.


Deepl is a great fee online translation tool you can use to translate an unknown word. It supports a lesser number of languages than Bing with 26.

Along with translation, Deepl will also define the word you searched. Further, it will automatically complete sentences that are incomplete.

While every online translator uses machine learning to carry out their functions, Deepl’s own is more advanced. This factor is responsible for its automatic sentence completion, definitions, and provision of use cases. Also, it is why the tool can provide fast, accurate, and reliable translations.

It has a desktop version you can download on your system. Also, there is a glossary through which you can change some words. Finally, instead of typing a word into the dialog box, you can upload a Word or PowerPoint document and it will translate it for you.


Reverso is especially popular among language learners. The reason for this is simple: it provides native-level pronunciations for translated texts.

The online translation tool supports just 14 languages and to carry out its function, it uses the Neural Machine Translation (NMT). Because of the NMT, it can translate words accurately, fluently, and contextually. Also because of this technology, it can conjugate verbs in all of the modes and tenses of 10 of its supported languages.

What’s more? Reverso features a spell checker ensuring the accuracy of your text which results in you getting a high-fidelity translation.

Finally, you can download it onto your laptop as well as your Android and iOS devices.

Reverso has a dictionary for finetuning translations. This dictionary also enables it to provide synonyms of the translated word as well as examples that match the context.

PROMT Translator

PROMT.One is a powerful, free online translation tool. It has 22 languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian. To carry out this task, it employs state-of-the-art neural, analytical, and statistical technologies.

Similar to Bing, PROMT can automatically detect languages. So, if you are unsure what language a word, phrase, or sentence that you want to translate is, this tool is perfect for you.

PROMT also provides verb tenses for words in five languages: English, Russian, French, German, and Spanish. The embedded online dictionary allows you to search for the definition of words. Even better, the dictionary provides idioms in the language you are translating to. It offers context for you to better understand how to use the words, phrases, and sentences you are translating.

Finally, its pronunciation option is exactly like that of native speakers, which is useful if you are looking to build verbal skills in languages that are foreign to you.

By the way, there is a premium plan that lets you to download the application on your Windows computer and use it anytime and anywhere you wish. There are also solutions for large organisations and businesses: these can be useful in communicating better with clients and partners who speak a different language to theirs.

Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate is one of the largest online translation tool in the world today. The free tool translates words into 100 different languages and 10,000 characters, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean, and Arabic.

Yandex Translate has a feature that sets it apart from many other online translators. This unique feature is its ability to translate not just words, but images, sites, and documents as well. The service is simple and intuitive with an easily understood interface. What’s more? You can use it to learn new languages.

If you are looking to translate a word or sentence, you can input in two ways: text or audio format. Also, you can use to get your result via either of the two methods, too.

Yandex Translate has several features which make it even better. For example, it has a dictionary for transcription purposes. More than this, the dictionary provides accurate pronunciations and usage examples for users to better understand the translated word. Finally, the tool has predictive typing for autocompleting sentences.

If you want to use it for your business, you can pay for the premium version. It offers even more features that will provide more functionalities.


Translate is another of the world’s leading online translation tool and the final entry on this list. This tool is multifunctional: you can use it to translate technical and medical documents, whether they are for personal or business use.

Translate supports over 90 language pairs which makes it one of the largest translation services in the world. Also, there are two types of translations you can use: machine and professional translation. The machine translation is free, while the professional translation comes at a price and will be done by a human translator.

If you want a more accurate and natural translation that is perfectly contextual, the professional translation is your best option. And the great thing about it is that it is affordable.

Disclaimer: We feel learning languages are an entirely different option.

What’s more? There is an API that you can use for automatic translation of product descriptions, client, blog posts, and more.

And those are the best online translation tools in the world which are free today. We cannot ignore the presence of Google Translate in our lives, but we honestly feel the ones mentioned above are more reliable than it.

Besides, different people prefer different translators, based on different factors, such as the interface, speed, languages offered, and so on. So, determine that and then see which of these translation tools best fulfil your needs, use it, and watch your communication – in foreign languages – improve exponentially.

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