Xero – Cloud Accounting Software for Everyone

With the advent of contract work and freelancing; raising invoices, collecting payments and managing expenses have given rise to many invoicing and bookkeeping software. However, what happens when you start getting more than a few clients every month and need a bigger team? Suddenly, you need to manage payroll, track project budgets, claim expenses, integrate a payment system and start monthly reporting. Xero is a cloud accounting software (amongst many) that makes bookkeeping and accounting easy. Features such as budgeting,…

Where To Buy Refurbished Electronics Online

Not everyone can afford to buy brand new electronics esp when the latest phone or tablet is readily available for a 3rd of the price as a refurbished device. Should you buy these though? And if you do what do you watch out for and where do you get reliable refurbished electronics from? TechVise has the answers