Recommended Paper Shredders for Home & Offices

Paper shredders are very useful in discarding documents which have confidention information. The only way you can be sure the information remains a secret is if and when you decide to destroy the papers, they are shredded to bits.

You can use paper shredders to destroy personal documents at home and also shred material containing confidential information at work.

There are different types of shredders with differing qualities. While some of them can shred paper and cards, others cannot. Also, some are easier to use than others.

To save you the stress of having to determine the best document shredder for your home or office, we have collated this list of the best shredders around.

We recommend you choose the one that will serve your purpose best. So determine what you will be shredding: paper only or along with CDs, credit card, ID cards etc. Also, determine how frequently you will be shredding. Obviously, you will require a heavy duty paper shredder machine for frequent and bulky work. Meanwhile, that kind of machine will be overkill if you shred infrequently and at home.

By the way, if your job is high-security, you should invest in a micro cut shredder, if it is medium security, then a cross cut shredder is enough. Strip cut shredders, on the other hand, are for basic or low level shredding.

Paper Shredders for Home & Office Use

Below are our top recommendations for paper shredders for homes and businesses.

Aurora Cross Cut Paper Shredder

The Aurora shredder comes highly recommended. However, it has a low capacity and is best for home use. If your office is very small and does not shred much, you can make use of it, too. It is a cross cut shredder with a sheet capacity of four papers.

It can shred credit cards; but only one at a time. Finally, it has an auto-start functionality.

Think of Aurora shredder as your basic small office supply for the junk mail you want to dispose off.

Now that the basic is out of the way, lets talk about heavy duty shredders.

Bonsaii Shredder

The Bonsaii shredder is a heavy duty shredder, cross cut, level P-4 machine that is best for office use. It has a large shredding capacity as it can shred up to 14 sheets at the same time. The machine is thorough: it destroys papers and turns them into tiny particles that measure 4 x 35mm. As a result, you can rest assured that your confidential documents and materials cannot be reconstructed.

The Bonsaii shredder is at the top of the line when it comes to shredders. It has advanced features that are present in only a handful of shredders. For instance, it has an advanced cooling system with which it keeps its heat under control. It also has a patented cutting technology that ensures it is super efficient at shredding. Also, its engine is strong and can shred continuously for 120 minutes.

This machine is versatile; apart from papers, it can shred clips, CDs, staples, and credit cards. To accomplish this task, it utilises solid cutters and professional steel blades. It has a noise level of 58 dB, which is lower than the average shredder and human ear friendly.

You can start and stop its operation automatically. And to clear paper jams, there is an auto-reverse mechanism. Also, the Bonsaii shredder has a 6-gallon bin. While this is not very large, the fact that this office shredder cuts sensitive document into small pieces means it won’t fill up fast.

By the way, the bin has a transparent window you can use to check when it’s full so you can empty it.

Finally, it is fast: it can shred at a speed of 7.2 ft/min.

Amazon Basics 18-Sheet

This Amazon Basics paper shredder is another equipment that is perfect for office use. It is a micro cut shredder that cuts papers into tiny pieces that cannot be reconstructed. It is highly secure and meets the standards for a high security level P-4 rating.

Moreover, this equipment can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at a go. Also, it can shred other materials like CDs, credit cards, paper clips, and staples. It has a run time of 30 minutes before needing to rest, which it does for 50 minutes. When it is in danger of overheating, it will automatically shut off to protect its motor.

What’s more? The Amazon Basics 18-Sheet paper shredder has a 4-mode power switch to ease operations. It has an auto-start switch. It also has an anti-jam auto-reverse feature that keeps paper jams to a minimum. Furthermore, there are LED indicators that alert you to what action it is currently performing.

Finally, it has a 7-gallon bin that minimizes clearing out trips.

Fellowes Powershred 18-Sheet Capacity

The Fellowes Powershred paper shredder is another multipurpose paper shredder that can shred papers, staples, paper clips, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. It is a cross cut shredder with an 18-sheet capacity. Consequently, its security level is P-4.

It utilizes SafeSense Technology to ensure the user’s safety; it stops the shredder come across the paper opening. It has a 30 minutes run time and a 40 minutes rest period. Also, it has a 9-gallon bin; you can run through a ton of papers before there is a need to take the trash out. By the way, there is an LED indicator light that will alert you when the bin is full.

Finally, the machine is jam-proof and can easily power through paper jams.

Kobra Hybrid-S

The Kobra Hybrid-S utilises stored energy for saving power and with continuous duty of 24 hour the motor doesn’t overheat.

Its a strong and versatile shredder that is suitable for both office and home use. It has a large capacity and can accommodate 12 to 14 sheets. With its carbon harded steel cutting knives, this shredder accepts staples and metal clips. You can easily shred CDs and credit cards as well.

This paper shredder boasts a 30-litre wastebasket bin so you can shred several unwanted papers, CDs, and credit cards before it fills up and you need to empty it.

Further, there is an automatic start and stop function. A green light indicats when the machine is shredding, and it auto shuts-off when shredding is completed. All of these features render it super efficient for paper shredding.

Finally, there is a viewing window you can use to keep an eye on how far along the shredding has come. By the way, it is a cross cut shredder but a little wider cut. As a result, it is useful for shredding low to medium security level documents.

Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Cross

Like its name, Basic, this AmazonBasics shredder is best for basic shredding functions. Its 8 sheet capacity, while not large, is sufficient for this purpose. There is a viewing window you can use to determine shredding progress. And when the bin is full, this paper shredder has an integrated lifting handle that renders emptying them easy.

By the way, this equipment is tough. It has a jam-proof system and can handle tough jobs conveniently. There is an auto-start mode that enables easy operation. Also, it has a 30-minute cooldown cycle that protects it from overheating; there is an overheat LED indicator that will alert you of this. However, it can only work for a few minutes before it needs to cool down – about three minutes.

Perfect for home use and if you won’t be shredding many documents.

Powershred Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Powershred paper shredder is a fine piece of equipment. As the name suggests its cross-cut shredding is what its all about.

The device shreds 12 sheets per pass into 5/32 x 1-9/16” cross-cut particles, meaning the security level is P-4 which is for enhanced security on confidential documents.

The dimension of the shredder are on a bulkier side but it provides powerful deskside shredding and will not look out of place in home office environment.

Other than paper, it can also shred staples, paper clips and unopened junk mail easily. You can use the machine for continuously shredding for up to 20 minutes before a cool down period is needed.

BONSEN Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

This Bonsen equipment is a heavy-duty shredder capable of shredding up to 15 sheets at a time. Its equipped with nitrided steel knife which is very sharp and hard. Hence you can imagine that it can not just cut paper but staples, credit cards, and clips into tiny particles with a size of 5/32″ x 1-12/32″ to protect your information security. Its security level P-4, like the one we mentioned above.

You can sun the machine for continuous 30 minutes without stopping because its embedded with a patented cooling system.

Very ideal for home and office use both because of the large capacity of it pullout basket. Its wastebin can hold 5.3 gallons, that’s 420 sheets of A4 paper.

The transparent window makes it easy to see when the bin is full of paper scraps.

The shredder has a low noise level of 62 dB giving you a quiet and smooth shredding experience.

Its auto start and auto-reverse function protect the machine from the frustration of paper jams. Further it has an overheating and overload protection LED indicator lights which blip to notify you of a problem


And there you have it – 8 superb paper shredders for getting rid of your confidential documents, prevent identity theft, and ensure protection for both your customers and staff. No shredder’s perfect for every situation, so endeavour to find the one that’s best for yours before you buy. We have included something for everyone, so you can be sure at least one shredder on our list will suit your situation.

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