Best Essentials For Going Back To School & College

The new school or college year is right around the corner, and that means it is time for some back to school / college shopping.

What will you get this year? What will you need?

Well, TechVise has prepared for you a list of must haves for going back to school & college. Beware, you gotta stop have a list of best esstentials before you head to the store otherwise you’ll end up going back to school with an empty pocket and antsy set of parents.

Back to School Devices

Anker Powerbank

The world of education is evolving. No longer so we depend on pencils and textbooks for our learning, but rather we rely on tablets and smartphones.

With so many devices to juggle and keep up with, do yourself a favor and get a multi-port charger by Anker.

This Anker powerbank is a particularly promising device because it supports fast charging 2.4, a feature commonly seen in newer devices. Charging multiple school necessities at once? What’s not to love? It only has three ports, though, so choose your devices wisely.

Apple AirTag

With all of this nifty gear you’re getting for the new school year, it makes sense to get something to help you keep track of it.

Apple AirTag does it best. Setting up the AirTags is a breeze, thanks to Apple’s user-friendly interface. Just a few taps on your iPhone, and you’re ready to start tracking. The precision of the location tracking is impressive; it’s like having a radar for your belongings.

One of the standout features is the Find My app integration. It’s seamless and intuitive, providing real-time location updates with impressive accuracy. The ability to play a sound when locating a nearby item is incredibly handy, especially when your keys decide to play hide-and-seek.

And the convenience of the ecosystem—being able to connect multiple AirTags to a single Apple ID—is a huge plus.

However, it’s important to note that while the AirTags work seamlessly within the Apple ecosystem only.

Kindle Fire Tablet

Tablets are great alternatives to laptops. You get all the browsing ability of a standard browser in an easy to carry, lightweight body.

The Kindle Fire is especially nice because it is a great textbook alternative thanks to the Kindle Store. It’s also a fourth of the price of top-tier tablets, which is a huge benefit.

Back to School Apps

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is great for people looking for a little extra to boost your curriculum. Khan Academy gives you tons of exercises in a variety of subjects including math, science, history, art history and finance.

If you are looking to learn something on the side or just need some extra help, Khan Academy is for you. Oh they also have a section on Test Preparation and applying to colleges. So if you’re just starting high school be sure to check out their page on making high school count.


Everyone is in agreement that bibliographies are the worst part of any essay assignment. A misplaced author name or period can get you a serious mark down on what is ultimately a trivial task. Luckily, EasyBib does all the bibliography work for you. Need I say more?


Grammarly is a fantastic app + service though it is a tad expensive. What this does is, checks for grammar, contextual spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and plagiarism while you type. There are nifty browser add-ons available for Firefox, Safari & Chrome that does the basics (150 grammar & spelling checks) very well. If you subscribe to their premium plan, it checks content against another 100 advanced grammar rules, plagiarism, vocabulary enhancement suggestions and writing styles. The premium plan includes add-ons for Office that integrates with Outlook and Microsoft Word. You can also download a standalone application for Windows and MacOsX through which you can quickly upload documents in bulk and check.

Grammarly Premium is available on a monthly, quarterly and annual subscription only.

Back to School Essential Gear

The Bag of Holding

Of course, where would any student be without a trusty bag? The bag to hold all your valuables is something you have to love and cherish.

We suggest a cool bag and it lives up to the name with loads of roomy pockets to store things. The main compartment can hold a laptop up to 17″.

Smartphone Kit of Perpetual Cleaning

You’ll be doing a lot on your smartphone when you take it back to school, so that’s all the more reason to keep it clean. After all, if dust gets into any of your ports, it can seriously damage the device. Luckily this cleaning kit covers pretty much all the bases in cellphone maintenance. To keep your smartphone running longer, this is a must.

LiveScribe 3

The ultimate note-taking tool, the LiveScribe 3 is a must have for back to school items. The LiveScribe 3 comes with a moleskin journal that automatically digitized your notes and saves it on the LiveScribe+ app. For those who want old school note taking with modern convenience, it doesn’t get better than this. Read our full review of LiveScribe 3.

Last but not the least, be sure to check out Amazon’s very interesting and drool worthy page on Back to School Essentials. You will find everything from dorm (household) items to books, storage, furnishing and personal care. They also have a lot of promotions running on that page.

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