Great Tech Gift Ideas for Android Users

Do you have Android users in your family and social circle? And you have to get them something for holidays, right? So here are a few tech gift ideas.


1 JBL Flip 4

JBL Flip 4

This wireless Bluetooth speaker connects up to 2 devices and is IPx7 waterproof! Lets talk more about the how this streaming device can be an excellent gift idea for someone who has an Android device. Since its JBL, it means that you can build your own ecosystem by connecting JBL Flip connect speakers together and amplify the experience. Its waterproof so you can take it with you to the next pool party and not worry about an accidental drop in water.

It has a 3000mah battery giving 12 hours of playback time. It comes in 6 vibrant colours to cherry pick from.


2 SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

Its black, its for Android users and its SanDisk – you don’t need anymore convincing – ok you do. So you see smart devices are always running low on storage, so set up your Android friend with this useful gadget and see the smile on their face! This particular item is available in 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB storage so take your pick and choose a 3.0 USB transfer rate so your friend can enjoy a faster drive. The only drawback is that it features a MicroUSB port only and is not USB-C compatible.


3 Misfit Vapor 2

Misfit Vapor 2

This is a followup to the successful Misfit Vapor smartwatch. Before the name puts you off, this is one of the few smartwatches available that is available with different colour options, interchangeable bands (leather, sport and stainless steel bracelet) and watch case size. Yes, it is available for both men (46mm) and women (41mm). It has a standalone GPS for fitness and activity tracking, heart rate tracking, NFC (for Google Pay), wifi, bluetooth and 4 GB onboard memory for phone free music. It is compatible with both Android and iOS making is a great gift for people.


4 Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1

We have noticed that Android smartphones get outdated a little too quickly, so with that in mind, we’ve decided to include one from trusty Nokia. This revived brand has brought a slew of spectacular Android devices under the Android One umbrella by Google. For those who don’t know. Android One is Google’s answer to substandard devices running Android with extra software. Android One phones are guaranteed to receive timely updates from Google every month, remain fast, are protected from viruses (through Play protect) and receive OS updates for 2 years.  The Nokia 7.1 was released globally with much fanfare and is already a fan favourite.

This dual sim phone can run on any GSM/LTE network worldwide and is available in 64GB model. With Ziess camera lenses, it supports a 12 + 5 MP back camera and an 8 MP selfie camera with HDR, Dual sight and pro camera modes to capture stunning photos. The screen to body ratio is 80% and it has a 2220×1080 screen resolution. Powered by an all day battery, it supports USB Type-C fast charging, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and a rear fingerprint sensor.


5 Adjustable Stand

Adjustable Stand

All smartphone users love their phones, so why not gift them something which they can look at.

Adjustable stands for desk are ideal especially when you have a tablet as well. The multi-angle and foldable aluminum can be set for any viewing angle and are easy to carry. They make an excellent reading companion if you into eBooks. And, best part? They come cheap and in few basic colours to pick from. 



So these are the nifty tech gift ideas for the holidays. Have any more of these? Let us know in comments below.

Once again, if you want these items shipped anywhere across the globe, simply get a parcel forwarding address from a good service.

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