Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Mac and PC Users

TechVise has taken the liberty to assemble this great list of holiday gifts for Mac and PC users so when the time comes… you can take some ideas from here and gift away!

We have already covered some techie ideas for gifts for Microsoft Surface users (aka us) and Apple user and Android users too! But now its time for desktop and Macbook users.te

Gifts for Mac and PC Users

The perfect gift for any Apple user is an itunes gift card or a subscription of apple. It doesn’t matter if the person has a Macbook Pro or Mabook Air, a Mac mini, if its an Apple lover, you are safe to gift them apple earbuds or itunes gift card. They will love you for this great gift idea.

Dacasso Leather Mouse Pad


Whether you are a Macbook Pro, laptop or desktop user, everyone wants a premium mouse pad, and it doesn’t get much more premium than Dacasso .

Yes we know Logitech makes some of the best mousepads (which are sometimes more smoother than your trackpad) but with the walnut construction and top of the line leather, this Dacasso mouse pad will bring luxury to your PC or Mac user fingertips.

It looks great, feels great, and is well worth the modest price tag for a holiday gift.

Oculus Rift

With our special link you get get 6 free titles, including: Robo Recall, Luckyʼs Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried, and Toybox.

And, with Riftʼs ultra low-latency tracking offers unparalleled immersion, the Oculus Touch controllers will bring your hands into VR, letting you interact naturally with the virtual world. Just make sure you have the required juice in your system to run this great tech holiday gift.

Bit pricey, but hey your gaming friend deserves the best!

Holiday Shopping Offers on Microsoft
Surface Laptop 5
Surface Go 3
Surface Laptop 4
Surface Pro 9
Surface Headphones 2
Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers Series 2

Huion Graphics Drawing Pad

tech gift

Is your PC/Mac user a lover of the arts? Do they need to express themselves through the wonderful world of art? If that is the case, set them up with this awesome Huion graphics drawing pad.

It’s intuitive and drawing feels natural, plus it is compatible with nearly any drawing program. For the creative genius in your house, look no further than this stellar tablet for their holiday gift.


Maybe your PC or Mac user isn’t an artist in the visual sense, but more in the musical sense. That’s why this USB guitar link from Behringer will be perfect for them.

Compatible with Mac and PC, the Behringer will allow users to connect their guitar to their computer and record play sessions. It’s great for artists who want to break into music production or even players who just want to hear how they sound.

Either way, it’s a present that will become priceless for the musicians in your family.

Creative Soundblaster


If you have a die-hard PC or Mac user in your family, their hard drives are probably packed with all kinds of music.

Set them up with a powerful pair of headphones so they can get the best experience from their favourite songs. With unique audio enhancement, these Soundblasters deliver the ultimate music experience, and they look great too.

You’ll also save some money buying these as a holiday gift as opposed to other premium headsets.

Back Cushion

Sure, it isn’t a fancy drawing tablet, or an awesome gaming headset, but comfy back cushion is still a great gift idea.

If you have a family member who spends hours on the computer every day, for play or work, this added cushion could save them from back trouble down the road. It’s definitely a good buy, and for a low price it’s a good deal too.

And that’s our list guide for now! We hope these have been helpful for everyone, and we have some more so do check out our other great gift idea.

Remember, to get or send any of these wonderful tech gifts, all you need to do is buy and ship it anywhere in the world using a good parcel forwarding service.

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