Great Tech Gift Ideas Under $100


The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s probably time to start thinking about all the gifts you need to get for your tech-loving friends and family. Fresh out of gift ideas, though? Well, you’re in luck because we have a few under $100 budget

We already covered gifts under $25 and ideas under $50, but today we will focus on the best ten gifts for tech-lovers that are under $100!


1 Polaroid Cube  under $100

To capture all great moments, set up your family with the Polaroid Cube. This tiny HD camera is weatherproof and can be mounted to nearly anything, making it the perfect gift. At $99, it can capture any moment from any spot. For camera buffs and video addicts.


DJ Pocket Mixer

2 DJ Pocket Mixer

For the music lover in your family, they will definitely enjoy the DJ Pocket Mixer.  Simply attach your iPhone or iPod, play a song, and let your inner DJ shine. This gift is great for aspiring producers or people who just love a sick beat. And at $99 even, the party will never stop.


Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

3 Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Syncing to 200+ devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, Fitbit Alta is a water-resistant tracker which take on sweat, rain, splashes and even showers. This fitness gadget can last up to 5 days on 1 charge. Like other fitness trackers out there, you can keep a tab on activities like steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. It has nifty feature to give you call and/or text alerts on display which you can customise by changing the clock face, all under $100


4 JBL Speaker/Charging DockGift Guide

Don’t let the term ‘discontinued by the manufacturer’ put you off, I own one and use it everyday t o listen to songs and charge my iPhone 5 and now iPhones SE without any problems.

If you want to give someone a gift that is a combo of work & play; I suggest you buy them this awesome speaker charging dock by JBL. The dock charges iPhone 5 and later models along with iPod touch and iPod nano. The lightening connector will charge your gizmo in less time and… if you want to groove during this time then make sure the AC power cable is connected because you need that to get the uber awesome speakers get their jam on. There is also a USB slot at the back which then makes this sadly discontinued device a universally loved speaker. Capable of connecting AUX wires, you can listen to music via any device. Did I mention, it’s portable? Why yes it is. Just insert 5 AAA batteries and you are set for 4 – 5 hours easily. Since the price is going up every month, I suggest you nab this hard-to-compete charging speaker dock because its still under $100


Portable Charger for iOS/Android

5 Portable Charger for iOS/Android

What is life without a smartphone? Here is a portable charger which comes with two built-in cables for all smartphones supporting lightening cable and micro-USB cable. The integrated power indicator button on the side tells you the charging status and current battery life. With 4,000 mAH portable charger you can take care of both; Apple and micro USB devices easily during travel. If you are looking for something useful and under $100, then consider getting this. I got this particular tech idea from a newsletter sent by MyUS.


UV Sanitizer & Phone Charger

6 UV Sanitizer & Phone Charger

For the hygiene freak, set them up with this UV sanitizer 2.0. Simply connect the Sanitising device to a power outlet, place your phone inside and shut the lid. When the cleaning process is finished, the indicating light on top will go out. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes to get the germs off of your phone. This equipment is big enough to accommodate phones and phablets under 6.8″ L | 3.74″ W | 0.78″ H. This unique sanitizer by PhoneSoap (yes, that’s the manufacturer’s name) also acts like a charger. Simply connect the USB charging port into the back of this device and pass the wire through the secret tunnel to connect the phone while it sits for its UV bath 🙂 This particular gift idea was also taken from the MyUS newsletter which I’m subscribed to!


7 JBL Flip 2 JBL Flip 2

For the music lovers in your family, set them up with the JBL Flip 2. This gift allows people to stream their music via Bluetooth to this loud but compact mini speaker. For $67, they could share their music with the world.


Crash Sensing Mount

8 Crash Sensing Mount

Do you know someone who is into cycling? Hook them up with this ICEdot Crash Sensor mount attaches to any helmet and detects critical impacts. When the sensor is triggered, the paired phone sounds an alarm and also alerts your emergency contact via text message with your current GPS location coordinates. It pairs easily with a companion app running on your smartphone via Bluetooth and for under $100 you get peace of mind and your very own hiking/cycling fetish satisfied as well.


Solio Bolt Solar Charger

9 Solio Bolt Solar Charger

The name says it all. Solio is a solar-powered charger. Simply take it outside, plug your phone in, and let the rays charge your phone. It’s great for techies who love the outdoors. Priced at $67, this charger might be the magic you need under $100  budget for this year.



10 SCOTTeVEST Chloe Glow

For the fashionable tech lover, hook them up with the Women’s or Men’s ScotteVest jackets. Elegant and fashionable, this zipper jacket offers pockets designed for carrying the latest and greatest devices that they have already received during the year, and at the range between $65 and $95, it’s a steal for something this great.


And that’s our list of tech ideas under $100. Check back soon for more gift guides!

What did you think of our current list? What are your recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

Remember, to get or send any of these wonderful tech gifts, all you need to do is buy and ship it anywhere in the world using a good parcel forwarding service.


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