Great Gift Ideas Under $30 for Friends & Family This Year

Getting someone a gift is easy, yet deciding what to buy is difficult. But what if we gave you the gift ideas, wouldn’t it then just be a matter of adding the item to cart and checking out? We thought so! So here is a list of gift ideas under $30 because for some reason we always want to start low.

Do note that prices change every few hours

SoundPEATS Earphone with Mic

Want to gift a cheap yet enhanced piece of earphones that delivers deep rich sound? Get SoundPeats because apart from having crystal clear audio performance with driving bass, they also have an advanced noise isolation technology with inline microphone, volume control that allows you a complete hands-free experience. Compatible with any set of mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, this snazzy piece of music accessory comes with a tangle free cable and 7 colour options with matching earbuds, cord and controller, so be sure to pick your SoundPeats for the holidays because it’s just under $30

RavPower Charging Plate

tech gift idea under $30

For those cable haters, this wireless Qi-enabled charging plate by RavPower is an excellent gift idea. Compatible with Lumia, Google, Samsung and all other smartphones and tablets that sport Qi-Enabled charging. The RavPower comes with a simple design and anti-slip layering so the device doesn’t get knocked away. If your phone doesn’t come with Qi-enabled charging functionality then purchase a case which supports it and RavPower will take care of the wireless charging for you. This feature is especially useful for all new iPhones, iPads and Samsung devices.

JAM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

One more music accessory that is an absolute must have! This classic JAM Bluetooth wireless speaker offers incredible sound quality in its small stature. Available in 10 colours, this portable cutie-pie can easily work in anywhere within the range of 30-feet of your music device. Measuring 2-1/2 inches in diameter and height, you can use JAM for up to four hours on wireless frequency and if you use the line-in port then you get 12 hours of fantastic play time! For something so powerful under $30, this speaker is your must-have-JAM

3-in-1 Laptop Accessories


Have a Macbook user in the family? Gift this 3-in-1 laptop accessory bundle under $30 which includes a screen protector, keyboard cover and a cool case. The very neat thing about this Mac accessory is the variety of colours its available in. Just make sure you pick the right size otherwise it won’t fit. iBenzer offers 15 colour combinations for 6 models of Apple Mac.

Lego Batman Alarm Clock

Kids love batman, if not spiderman – my personal favourite is Flash, but imagine waking up to the face of your superhero (should be your mom or dad, but anyway) – set up a family or friend with this Lego Batman figure Alarm clock. The clock features a digital LCD to display time, has alarm and snooze. The figure moves its arms and legs but not when alarm is going off, no! the kid just gotto move ’em themselves. Under $30 budget, this alarm clock should be a great tech gift for any kid; boy or girl.

Boogie Board Writing Tablet

For the tech lover who has a taste for quirky gifts, set them up with the Boogie Board Writing Tablet. Measured just under 9″ x 11″, this fun tablet comes with a Stylus, Stylus Clip, Attachable Magnets and User Guide so you can start scribbling right away. To erase the writing, simply press the circular button on top. The tablet screen is a pressure-sensitive LCD surface and writes in the classic thick white lines of chalk, so really you don’t need the Stylus to write, simply use your fingers or any other instrument. It’s ideal for hanging in the kitchen or the living room, and it’s at an ideal price of $17 these days. Convinced, now? Because this is an excellent (read useful) gift idea.

Tipsy LED

tipsy led

I think I own all the colours 🙂

Want to gift something presentable yet useful to your parents? Or grandparents perhaps? Grab this Tipsy LED by Brookstone from Amazon and in a variety of colors too. This perfect light not only stands on its own but doesn’t fall off easily either; making it a perfect gift for your elderly relatives whom you don’t want to take a fumble at night. Just tap it to turn on the light and tap again to turn it off. The Aqua coloured Tipsy (aka Light Blue on Amazon) comes with an auto-shut functionality which essentially means that after 5-6 minutes, it turns off automatically.

TP-Link Router

Want to gift something to a traveller in the family? This impressive wireless router from TP Link costing under $30 will surely give fast video streaming, online gaming and internet calling. It is also very easy to setup and can be used to create a virtual hotspot for sharing internet connection with the built in SoftAP feature.

Smartphone Gloves

No, they’re not smartphones shaped like gloves (as awesome as that would be), but they’re the next best thing. With winter fast approaching, we all wanting to bundle up and stay warm, but surely we don’t want to sacrifice using our cell phones now do we? Smartphone gloves are designed to be used with smartphones, so you don’t have to worry about messing up text messages or missing out on playing your mobile games. It’s comfort for both body and soul; all at the comfortable price of $15.

4-In-1 Adapter flight001-4-in-1adapter

For the frequent travelers in your family; they will love this 4-in-1 adapter as a gift. With several different inputs, it will have all of their devices covered. It’s great for people who don’t want to carry a bunch of adapters around, oh and look it’s under $30! (for now anyway)

So that was our list for the day. What did you think of our gifts ideas? Got some of your own? Let us know in the comments!

Remember, to get or send any of these wonderful tech gifts, all you need to do is buy and ship it anywhere in the world using a good parcel forwarding service.

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gift ideas under $30
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gift ideas under $30
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