Great Tech Gift Ideas for Microsoft and Surface Users

Featuring Surface Go, Dial, Arc, Xbox One X and more


You have probably read our other tech gift guides, but now its time to shed some love on our Microsoft gift ideas! We have covered Android and Apple and now its time to focus on yet another key group of die hard fans.

Microsoft users are everywhere because let’s face it, every user in some context or another uses Microsoft tech. So here’s to everyone who uses Microsoft product in some form another and we are sure whatever you choose from our list, the user is bound to love it.

  1. Microsoft Surface Go
  2. Microsoft Surface Pen
  3. Microsoft Surface Dial
  4. Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse
  5. Microsoft Surface Dock
  6. Microsoft Office 365
  7. Xbox One X
  8. Universal Foldable Keyboard
  9. Signature Type Cover
  10. MicroSD Adapter

And now for the overviews on everything Microsoft!

1. Surface Go

Surface Go

Portable tech experience is lost without Microsoft’s Surface Go. If you want to gift someone a tech piece and they are into Ultraportable, super light, 10″ screen size lovers with long battery life like 9+ hours, then pair them with the new and amazing Surface Go. The device is designed for everyday work. You can get 64/128 GB SSD with either 4/8GB of RAM options.


2. Microsoft Surface Pentech gift idea

Surface Pen is a must if you own a Microsoft machine. So set up your friend with a Surface Pen. Its a great tool for writing and sketching especially if Surface Pro or Surface Book devices are involved. The Pen comes in 4-5 colours, so there is bound to be a match with colours. Additionally there is a Tip Kit that you should look at if you feel its something useful to gift someone who already owns a Surface Pen.


3. Microsoft Surface Dial

Microsoft Surface Dial

For that artist in your circle who owns Microsoft Studio, pair them up with this intuitive Surface Dial. Compatible with other devices such as Microsoft Surface Pros, Surface Books 2 and Surface Laptops, this device is mostly for those who work very closely with Adobe, Mental Canvas, Bluebeam, Sketchable, StaffPad, and more, so if anyone from your circle is a great fan, this Microsoft Surface Dial is a fantastic tech gift idea.


4. Surface Arc Mousetech gift idea

There are still people out there who prefer to use a mouse over laptop trackpad. They don’t want to let go of the trackpad but still want a great mouse with their computing device (myself included). So pair your friends with this amazing Arc Mouse which is slim, light, and ready to travel all the time. The mouse features a full scroll plane for both horizontal and vertical scrolling. It has a bendable tail which is essentially the on/off switch for this device. It connects to the laptop via Bluetooth and runs on 2 AAA alkaline batteries that work up to 6 months! If that doesn’t


5. Microsoft Surface Docktech gift idea

We know most laptops come with very few ports, right? Well Surface Laptop comes with exactly 1 USB port that a human can use… so here is a great gift idea if you know someone is suffering from such a predicament. Surface Dock is compatible with Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Pro, and Surface Laptops. This black essential beauty has 2x Mini Display Ports, 1x Gigabit Ethernet Port, 4 USB 3.0 ports and 1x Audio out port. The back beauty dock uses Microsoft’s special connect cable to transfer high seed data across its devices. Not exactly a best tech gift idea out of the lot available out there, but its certainly the most useful one.


6. Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft Office is possibly the most productive set of software applications ever to grace our PC or Mac. Ever since Microsoft started their subscription model under the name Office 365, it gives more bang for your buck. Regardless of your choice, both monthly and yearly subscriptions give you the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access and OneNote (which is already free) on your PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Microsoft has also bundled in 1TB of OneDrive storage will all Office 365 subscriptions. Furthermore, you can share a Office 365 Home subscription with upto 6 people. Depending on region & availability, you can also get 60 mins of Skype calls free. There is also a personal subscription option however that is limited to one user only.


7. Xbox One X tech gift idea

This tech gift is a no-brainer. It’s for those who are gamers! So help the gamer in your family play on the world’s most powerful console. Everyone knows that games play better on Xbox One X especially with its 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and the 4K Blu-ray player (included in this purchase) provides a much more immersive gaming and entertainment experience. Xbox One X is compatible with all your Xbox One games and accessories. So what do you think, good idea for a tech gift?


8. Universal Foldable Keyboard tech gift idea

Anyone who owns a tablet, will love this foldable keyboard by Microsoft. The Bluetooth device works across devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone even, so Microsoft’s’ devices are well covered with this keyboard. Its super thin and lightweight and the perk of folding adds to its charm because you can simply tuck it anywhere. One key benefit is its resistance to spills, I know! fabulous right?! The battery can last up to a couple of months on a single charge. The only down-side is the lack of colour options. Available only in black, the keyboard offers a full key-set.


9. Signature Type Covertech gift idea

When Microsoft launched its Surface Pro series, they didn’t think of us writers, what are we poor souls to do, anyway, they introduced keyboard – Surface Pro Signature Type Cover goes beyond traditional keyboards to add a touch of warmth and elegance to everyday task. Its got this soft, velvety fee (same as Surface Laptops) and comes in a few colours. The keyboard also incorporates the back lighting feature which very few keyboard consider it useful. So what are you waiting for? Match your Microsoft friend with this great tech gift and watch their face come alight with glee. 


10. MicroSD Adapter for Microsofttech gift idea

Like everyone else, Microsoft users demand more storage as well, especially when their Surface Books come with 12GB SSD only, so what are these users do is, get themselves this aluminum material jacket because it has a CNC precision machining. Add to this, the BaseQi jacket goes directly into the hidden SD card slot and fits snugly in the Surface Book machine. You can add as much storage as you like or up to 256GB of extra space and for this, we suggest getting the 200GB Micro SD by SanDisk for great performance and utility. So what do you think? Useful enough for your Microsoft enthusiast in the family? If yes, make sure you get them this useful tech gift. 


Remember, to get or send any of these wonderful tech gifts, all you need to do is buy and ship it anywhere in the world using a good parcel forwarding service.

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