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Do you still use a phone book to find home contractors? If so, I don’t really blame you. Home improvement services aren’t exactly the easiest to find, even in the age of the Internet, and when you do find a contractor, you have no idea how good, cost effective and reliable they are. To help you out, we checked out some well known services that help you with your home fixes.

These services don’t just help you find the right handyman but some also give you interior design tips, inspiration for bedroom designs and do-it-yourself house fixes.

Amazon Home Services

Amazon Services

Amazon ventured into services and one such is Amazon Home Services. There are a lot of things I like about Amazon Home Services; for one, it offers a wide range of services to choose from. They offer, Home Improvement, House Cleaning, Assembly, and Handyman Services. Each service is neatly packaged with a $ value attached. And then there are some custom services as well. You essentially have to fill out a form to the best of your ability giving the details of your project which is then sent out to contractors in your area for a free estimate.

Amazon Home Services however takes your default mailing address’s postcode (that you can change on the go) into account to show you the services that can be delivered in your area. You still get to see other providers too, however you cannot see their quote (so if you’re thinking you’re going to tell your only available handyman that John Doe over in Missouri charges less, forget it). You can also read reviews from actual customers to get a sense of the home contractor and the quality of service they offer. The entire payment and delivery is handled by Amazon, except that in this instance they deliver a service.

Not everything is perfect with Amazon Home Services though. For one, it is more expensive than simply finding a contractor though a Google search. For instance, I found a home contractor willing to install a TV mount for $150 through Google, but the only one on Amazon Home Services costs $200. Granted, that’s probably because Amazon also makes a profit from the service but if you are willing to part with a convenience / peace of mind fee, they’re quite good.

The service is also quite limited at the moment; even in the US. When reviewing the service, I saw that they didn’t include a lot of the services in my area. For example, it shows that there are no stores that do iPhone screen repair (yes I know it isn’t home repair, but I had to look for something I knew for certain) in my area, yet I know of three right off the top of my hand. It’s clear that Amazon Home Services has partnerships with some providers and it doesn’t account for everything in each area.



houzz home improvement website

Houzz is a wonderful platform that specialises in home decor ideas, finding home professionals for home design and remodeling such as architects and building designers, kitchen and bathroom designers and re-modelers. For home improvement services they have hardwood flooring dealers, carpet dealers and window treatment to name a few. For out door services such as gardening services and installing hot tubs and saunas etc. For home services like plumbing, heating and air conditioning as well as cleaning services such as providing house cleaners, window and carpet cleaners etc. They also sell products (like IKEA). They also have exclusive deals if you sign up on their website. Houzz is also probably one of my favourites from this list, probably because I could actually find providers from my (and other) small areas. That’s certainly the biggest benefit of this site. It also has tonnes of great ‘How to’ articles on ways to spruce up your living space on your own (something my wife will absolutely love). Houzz is also widely available and specializes in 15 countries.

Really the only con of Houzz is the lack of pricing information. I know it’s not a big deal to talk to home design professionals and home contractors about prices, but I would just like to know what I’m getting into before I make a phone call. Here, Houzz caters to those in need of a redecoration or a home improvement project than an urgent need to find a handyman to fix your dishwasher.



MyBuilder is a unique site because it is one of the only sites on this list that strictly deals with finding contract workers to fix your home. In fact, one of the things I love about this site is the way it functions like popular freelance platforms like Elance and Upwork. On MyBuilder, you post a job you need getting done, MyBuilder then sends it to select tradesmen, they bid on your job, then you pick one and they do the job. It’s really that simple.

What sets MyBuilder apart from other bidding websites is that it only allows tradesmen on their platform after they have undergone a vetting process. This is to ensure the highest quality possible in their workers and increased job satisfaction with homeowners. MyBuilder also sends alerts to potential tradesmen who can agree or decline to work on the job for you. Once the job poster shortlists a trademen, the site charges a fee (depending on the job size) to the trademan and shares their contact information with the homeowner. On average there are 1 or 2 tradesmen shortlisted for each job posted but it can go upto 5 depending on the size of the project.

The only downside to this website is that it is only available for people in the UK. It would be great if they expanded to other geo locations each with its own local team to vet experts in various specialities.

Handyman Matters

Head Quarter in Colorado, Handyman Matters have been around for almost eighteen years. They specialise in multiple verticals such as, remodeling, landscaping, Interior and exterior carpentry, Electrical services and many more. You have to check out their entire page of services to get a feel of what I’m talking about here.

Handyman employs qualified craftsmen who are licensed and certified to work on home projects. All you need to do is call their toll free number and see for yourself how personalised their service is. You will not be received by a bot or an answering machine even if its 4am. Of course, their handyman will arrive at your doorstep when they can but you should know they do have decent reviews all round.

Handyman Matters offer a service guarantee which extends to not just the materials they purchase but also to the craftsman that is assigned to you. I find that oddly reassuring because the last thing you need is someone messing up your schedule and home! Do check out their guarantees before giving them a call.

With a straight forward pricing model, Handyman Matters disclose all charges before the work begins so you are never at a loss of words when the bill is handed over.

Quite easily a great service, if your home needs remodeling, maintenance or a complete renovation, Handyman Matters is now shortlisted for you.


As the name suggests, HomeAdvisor matches you with a contractor who is best suited for your required work. Simply select a category to get started and keep narrowing your field. You will be asked to insert your zip code, once done, you will be asked some more questions and that’s it. Once your information checks out, you will be shown the results.

HomeAdvisor also power an emergency app for those need someone instantly. If you are on a look out for someone who is licensed in your state and also on a standby, hop over to Home911.

HomeAdvisor has an online calculator that gives a good estimate for the type of work you require. Still not sure if HomeAdvisor is your best option? Perhaps check out their reviews.

The Verdict

So that’s the short list of places online to help you easily find people to fix your home. It just ultimately depends on where you live and what you are looking to pay. The sites above are obviously the best, and it just goes to show that the internet can help you find anything. Is there a service you use, or used before? Let us know.

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