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There are all kinds of cloud storage services these days. The adage “a dime a dozen” accurately sums up the market for cloud storage. Google has its own Google Drive, which syncs with nearly all Android and iOS devices and can be used to store and edit your files online. Microsoft has its look-alike with OneDrive, which offers virtually the same service as Drive while syncing best with Windows devices (though both can be used across all platforms). There is also iCloud, which is mostly useless without multiple Apple devices. Then there is SugarSync: a cloud service that is available across virtually all platforms.

What Makes SugarSync Stand Out

With SugarSync, one can upload all their files from one device (say, a PC) and see it on any device with SugarSync installed as well as their website. It sounds pretty great, but is it up to snuff?

Pretty much all cloud services come with subscription fees these days. SugarSync is appealing because you get a decent amount of storage for a low price. 100 GB of storage for $7.49 a month is pretty reasonable, and then you have 250 GB for just $9.99 a month, 500 GB, 1 TB and Custom plan. The pricing structure is best compared to Dropbox, which offers nearly identical packages for about the same price. Cost is only one factor, though. An affordable plan doesn’t mean anything if the service isn’t all that great.

Upon signup, you will download the installer and instantly be able to sync all of your files. Dropbox also does this, allowing you to save all your files into the Dropbox folder. However, SugarSync differs from Dropbox in one key way. Rather than downloading everything to the “magic folder” and needing to reorganise your folders, SugarSync allows you to sync your files and folders just the way they are saved on your computer. By just clicking “Sync Documents,” one can save everything to the SugarSync server in the exact way it is stored on your computer. This simple feature makes the whole syncing process straightforward and easy to use. The whole service, in fact, is very straight forward and geared towards simplicity. Even the most inane users will be able to follow the process without any troubles. It is also important to note that the mobile app (available on all major mobile platforms) is pretty versatile and functional as well. From the app, one can view all of their files, share with other users, sync your mobile device, and adjust security settings. This makes the mobile app feel like an essential part of the service, and not merely a tacked-on feature.


When it comes down to it, SugarSync is a great service. It is similar to Dropbox in many ways, but when it comes to simplicity and streamlined use, SugarSync is the sure winner. Probably the biggest benefit is the ability to use it over multiple operating systems. With services like iCloud you are strictly limited to use with Apple devices, whereas with SugarSync you could easily sync files between your PC and iPhone, or from your Mac to your Android device, and so on.


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