Best Resume Builders for a Professional & Eye Catching Look

Professional resume and cover letter is the bane of every job seeker and recruiter. And let’s admit, resume writing is not fun either.

As usual technology and SaaS are here to save the day for both. Once you are done reading this article, your next hiring manager will be happy to go over your professional resume & cover letter, and you will be confident about your perfect resume.

Considering your cover letter and CV are the essentially and key component of your future career and with so much riding on a single document, it’s important to make sure you have it built to perfection. For that, we have collected some of the best resume building services out there that can help you.

For this, several SaaS are helping job seekers with free resume builders or resume templates. So let’s take a dive into the best resume builder services and see what they have to offer you.

What An Online Resume Builder Offers

An Online resume builder usually has a free signup and provides a minimum of 10 free resume templates for you to insert your skill set, past work experience, education, and even cover letter builder as well.

After signup, the resume building service gives a set of step-by-step guide to help you with formatting existing resumes and new resumes via different templates.

Every job application requires a different resume format. So sifting through the category of your job, pick a resume template or look at the resume samples that deems fit for the job market you are targeting and start adding your previous job description & credentials to that resume creator.

You should know beforehand that a resume maker can only help your CV stand out because of the fancy resume design template models and sometimes extra visual customisation too.

The writing, words, grammar, and spacing is all you and on you.

Online resume builder services don’t offer to provide verbiage for your CV, but instead focus on the eye-catching presentation that goes into building a great resume.

Generally all the resume builder services offer a 14-day trial period so make sure that you test a service before investing in it.

Best Resume Builders

Let’s explore the online resumer builders one by one so you can have a perfect resume in no time and land that dream job.

CV Maker

If you are looking to make resume building as simple as possible, then CV Maker is the perfect online resume tool for you.

In CV Maker, users just create a free account, choose from a variety of professional templates, and fill in their work experience information. Once all the sections are filled out and saved, you can download the CV in PDF or HTML format.

A great thing about CV Maker is that it supports over thirty languages, so you can almost certainly build a formidable resume in your mother tongue. For those looking for the quick and easy, this is the way to go.

Did I mention you can save and share your resume online via social media and web link as well?

CV Online

CV Online is a more complete solution.

This powerful online CV maker has some unique features that CV Maker didn’t.

To make your resume stand out in front of potential employer, just signup and start creating your PDF CV or your online CV (which is a browser version that you can share with a link), picking the template and the default content you want to start with.

You choose to start with an example or import your LinkedIn profile. After this you’ll be redirected to the builder, a very simple interface where you will edit your CV while seeing at all times the final result. You’ll be able to add more sections and subsections, change font type and sizes, change the template’s color and even the design without losing your content, that will be rearranged depending on the layout of the chosen template.

The free plan offers the possibility to create an online CV to share online via link and/or QR code as well as free PDF templates available for free download if you keep them under three sections. Their paid plans unlock unlimited CV creation as well as unlimited sections, fonts and colors and lots of cool designs.


SkillHub is a professional resume builder service designed to help professionals make a good impression on employers and HRs, and help them get the job they really deserve. Professional writers of this service will help you create a high-quality CV for employment in any field of activity.

SkillHub is a well-known company that helps in not just writing CVs, but cover letters and LinkedIn profiles as well. They have a fully featured writing and editing service which is fantastic because you pay after you’re satisfied. They have free revision, 60-day money back guarantee, same-day delivery, and ATS formatting.

To get started, sign up and pick a plan. Basic resume writing price starts from $89 and goes up as you choose your level of experience. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.


Resunate is certainly a good option because it comes with a lot of customisable features.

After you set up your account, you’ll have the option to either import a pre-written CV; import from LinkedIn profile or start a new resume from scratch. Connecting to LinkedIn profile is a great option since many professionals keep a record of their work experience on it anyway.

One of the best features of Resunate is that it rates your resume, and gives you recommendations on how to improve it further. When it comes to creating high quality, perfect resumes, Resunate will be well worth the cost to some.

For pricing plans, Resunate accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal and their online checkout is processed via PayPal.

Resume Coach

Resume Coach eliminates the difficulties associated with resume building. As a result, you can build a professional resume within a short period. Without the need of signup, we were able to formulate a CV within 5 minutes. In fact at the last step when we decided to play around with the font, colours and template, we realised we can easily switch without a problem in formatting. We couldnt download because we were then required to Signup! So this tells you how much they are willing to share with you before even signing up.

If you signup first, then, you can create a high-quality profile in three quick steps. The first step is to choose your preferred template from a wide range of available templates. Then, fill in your data. Finally, download the completed file as a PDF or text file.

We were able to add other sections like Projects, Publishing, Awards, Languages, Achievements and there were few more options as well. These customisable features and the specialised layouts that facilitates the creation of a pleasing profile are just one of the things Resume Coach can do.

In all, it’s a great platform you should consider when you need a resume that’ll make you stand out to recruiters.

Resume Giants

Resume Giants is a superb online CV tool you can use to get your resume ready for job applications.

We loved the idea of it being completely free. The tool is minimalist and your resume will be ready within minutes of you starting the process. So regardless of the feature or template you pick, the resmue builder is free!

Further, Resume Giants provide a ton of helpful resources that will guide you on how to write the perfect CV for your application. This is alongside the verified templates and examples that several people have used to build job-winning resumes.

If you desire a well written, excellently designed resume that will stand out and, consequently, place you in a position to clinch the job you are applying for, we recommend this tool.


The first thing I noticed about VisualCV is its range of online CV templates. While most of these websites offer few templates, VisualCV has tonnes of options to pick from, and they aren’t just mash-ups of the same format, each design template is crafted to appeal to a particular kind of career or job sector. With VisualCV , you will be able to create the perfect resume for your dream job, not to mention the fact that you can edit and manage multiple resumes. VisualCV also lets you track your resume performance and offers to give you an online CV as well for SEO and discovery purposes. You are of course allowed to export your awesome CVs in PDF format as well. If you want their paid plan, then you should know that they accept credit cards and PayPal.

CV Whizz

Another cool service is CV Whizz. The service allows you to pick a professional template, use the step by step instructions to fill in your data and download the Text or PDF format instantly. Because they deal with CV tools, so building a resume becomes a simpler task rather than a mundane or difficult chore. If you don’t like the template or finished look of your CV, simply switch your template. They have subscriptions, but since the site has no payment modes or plans available to see, can’t help you out more. But feel free to contact them, sign up with them and read their FAQ.


ResumUP is unique because it isn’t just an online resume builder, but it is also a planner for your career. By entering what your current job is and what you want to be in the future, ResumUP will create a road map guiding you to that career. It is a wonderfully ingenious idea, and it is a perfect way to keep people motivated and advancing their skills. Plus, your new resume will look simply gorgeous. I should warn you about their web interface, though, its extremely slow and with the free plan you only get minimal things like basic editing features and a simple text resume.


KickResume is a free resume builder to create an impressive online CV. You sign up and choose a free template, add your details manually or import them from your LinkedIn profile, double check your credentials and details and then save to download. Simple, easy and free. If for some reason you don’t like the way your new resume looks, simpley pick a different template with no added cost.


With LiveCareer , you sign up for free and get the chance to create unlimited different resumes, gain access to expert-written resume examples, download .txt version of your CVs and share your online CVs to social media pages as well. There is, however, a catch, the support is a bit dumb, and live support, in particular, is slow and repetitive about their answers. You can’t see the pricing plans till you signup and press the upgrade button. They do however charge in pound sterling.

And that’s our list of the best online CV creating services. As you can see, building a resume isn’t anything to sweat over. There are plenty of tools and services which are meant to help you build your resume and find a job from one of the best career pages, and often you won’t have to pay for it!

If there is an online CV service that you have used and are happy with, do let us know so we can add them to the list as well

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  1. CV maker is a scam. There is no free CV. You will spend time making your CV and than will be asked to pay a one time low fee. You decide to pay since you spent all this time to make the CV and than 8 days later they charge you a huge subscription fee which you never agreed to. Paypal will not refund your money. They dont seem to care. This is 100% a FRAUD. Beware do NOT USE THIS SITE. They have various websites (.uk, .nl, .de, .dk, etc. ) they all pull the same scam. This company should be shut down by the authorities.

  2. I am impressed at the amount of sites to assist with CV’s, Caleb. Thank you so much for sharing this. I always do a basic because I didn’t know these were available.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article. Great resources and links to help improve or build a great resume for an upcoming job interview or application.


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