Wearable Technology To Help You Cope with the Cold


If the wintry weather and the freezing cold has you curled up inside a blanket wearing tons of layers, then you need some high tech winter gadget to warm you up.

The long, cold winter can be a depressing prospect for many. The threat of cabin fever looms large as we battle through the snow to get from one warm place to another. Sledging adventures and snowball fights offer a brief respite from the numbing, bitter cold. Braving the elements for the daily commute can be torture without the right gear. A warm coat, scarf, and hat is a given, but what can technology do to help? Let’s take a look at some high tech winter gear to keep you cozy until the spring thaw.


Bluetooth Earmuffs

1 Bluetooth Earmuffs

Everything is better with music and the right choice of tunes can transform barren environment into a winter wonderland. Landport’s Bluetooth earmuffs are designed with built-in headphones so you can keep your ears warm and enjoy good music at the same time. With build-in mic, you can take calls directly from this fluffy headpiece. Priced under $50, these are well worth your money.


Bluetooth Beanie

2 Bluetooth Beanie

If earmuffs aren’t enough, go for a beanie hat with built-in stereo earphones. You’ll find various styles of hat available from Soundbot and these earphones pair very easily with iPhones and Androids using Bluetooth 4.1 frequency. The nice thing about these is that you can easily remove the speakers from the beanie and machine wash the hat when you need to. The beanie comes a micro USB charging cable that fits into the hidden charging port and within few hours, you are all set to rock your wintry evenings.


Scottevest’s Revolution Plus Jacket

3 Scottevest’s Revolution Plus Jacket

Here’s a warm winter jacket that is all about keeping your favorite electronics close and hidden. It has 26 pockets to hold everything from your glasses and your smartphone up to an iPad. The hood and sleeves are removable for temperature control. It also features wire management for headphones. With this jacket you can effectively load up all of your electronics and keep them safely and with a balanced look! The internal clear touch pockets even allow you to operate touchscreens without removing the device.

Women can look at the Penny Coat that has 19 pockets, a removable hood and is stain and waterproof. Made of soft shell poly fabric, it falls mid thigh and is perfect for cool weather. For a warmer jacket, look no further than the OTG Women’s nylon quilted jacket with 29 pockets. Its heavyweight fleece will keep you warm during winter.


USB Heating Gloves

4 USB Heating Gloves

It’s official. You can literally get anything as a USB accessory now. We’ve all experienced cold hands as we type in a chilly room. Why suffer? Grab a pair of these heating gloves, slip them on, plug them into your computer and warmth will regenerate those fingers. You may even find your typing speed improves as a result, but if you’re in the office expect some funny looks from co-workers.


Hand Warmer

5 Hand Warmer

This pebble-shaped hand warmer slips easily into your pocket and can be turned on for a blast of heat when you need it. It has two heat settings offering between 3 and 6 hours of warmth. You can charge it from the wall outlet, but this one also comes with a USB cord so you can plug into a PC at work to recharge. The underside of the device heats up quickly and it’s perfect for warming your hands as you wait for a bus or train. Take a look at Parcel Forwarding Services for worldwide delivery if you are interested in having any of these shipped overseas to you.


Heated Socks

6 Heated Socks

Not everyone will want to spend $400 on a pair of electric boots (yes, they exist), so for a fourth of the price you can enjoy toasty feet thanks to these heated socks. These rechargeable socks are built-in with heating panels made of special fabric. The charger it comes with is a 5 volt USB so feel free to charge them with any phone charger. Machine washable, the pair is unisex design; ideal for both men and women, just make sure you pick the right size. You get 10+ hours of toasty feet with adjustable heat settings. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Touch Screen Gloves

7 Touch Screen Gloves

These gloves work very well on touch screens and cost less than $15. They are comfortable, thick, fairly warm, and the touch screen parts are on the index fingers of both gloves and also the thumbs. They have a satin inset on the thumb and first finger to allow for use with a cell phone or touch screen device.There are many options to choose from where color is concerned, and yes, make sure you pick the right size.


All these ideas are great for a Valentine too, no?

Anyway, this list of tech winter gear should be enough to see you through to spring. If there is any other great winter tech device or clothing that you like and have used, let us know in the comments below and we’ll check it out as well (and maybe even add it to this list).

Also don’t forget to use one the parcel forwarding services if you live outside UK or USA and want to buy these things. The parcel forwarding services will deliver the goods where many store don’t.


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