Best Fitness and Health Trackers to Stay Healthy

Are you attracted to the health tracker functions of a smartwatch, but not the time piece itself? If so, then this post is for you.

Fitness & health tracker are those cool looking bands you can wear on your wrist. These devices help with counting your steps, calories, tracking your sleep patterns.

If your device is high-end, then your heart rate monitoring is embedded with a GPS tracker. In other words, it will keep an eye on you like a hawk.

Why Health Tracker Over a SmartWatch?

While talking about fitness tracking or health tracker, what comes into your mind?


Of those, Fitbit smartwatch, Samsung Gear, and Apple Watch right?

We need to understand this concept very clearly that these gadgets are not primary fitness trackers rather they assist us in monitoring few health indicators. They offer zero monitoring tech for a diabetic patient, liver, kidney or even heart patient.

A proper health tracker would be specific to that very condition; something Garmin and Apple watches are not equipped for. Many people are just ill and want a health monitoring device for the sake of managing their health.

Let’s introduce to you, some of the coolest health and fitness trackers equipped with exclusive features. These trackers have been built using the latest Internet of Things(IoT) concepts.

We have rounded up of some activity tracker, fitness tracker and health tracker that fit your needs and adds a healthy benefit to your life.

Fitness and Health Tracker

Spire Activity and Mindfulness Tracker

health tracker

The Spire is more for those who engage in Yoga and meditation to ensure wellness than those who hit the jogging tracks, pool or treadmill. It measures breathing and provides feedback via its patented respiration sensor.

Through its sensor and algorithms it detects, your respiratory rate and patterns, state of mind (calm, focus and tension tracking) and sends you notifications on your smartphone.

It also tracks steps and calories. It has a 7 day battery life and is charged wirelessly.

This mindfulness tracker is small enough to clip on your waist or bra and is water resistant which is beneficial if it goes for an accidental spin in your washer.

The Spire is backed by 7 year of research from Stanford’s calming Technologies lab to understand your state of mind.

KardiaMobile EKG/ECG Monitor

Health Tracker

A recent article published in the reported that around 31% of annual deaths occur due to cardiovascular diseases. That amounts to a staggering 17.9 million deaths each year.

The report also inferred that the fatality rate can be decreased to almost a half if there is a mechanism which is capable of recording periodic changes to a patient’s heart rate. Thanks to a Alive Technologies who took up this challenge and introduced KardiaMobile EKG/ECG Monitor .

This device is your ultimate solution which acts as a single-channel cardiac event monitor and recorder. The package comes with an attachable gadget which sticks at the back of your phone easily and is connected to KardiaMobile app.

All you need to do is open the app, place your fingers at the dotted sensors and it will immediately send the recordings to your app. By maintaining your history of recordings, the application will email the reports to your loved ones and also to your physician who will get in touch considering the situation of the ECG/EKG graph.

The best part is, KardiaMobile is an FDA-approved device which knows instantly if your heart condition starts to become abnormal or if it senses even the slightest atrial fibrillation.

The Muse

health tracker

A Muse “Digital Sleeping Pill” or DSP is a responsive device designed to put you to sleep and help you fall back into a peacful sleep again if you wake up.

It is a 21st-century headband which serves as your digital meditation assistant by aiding you in tracking your sleep progress.

It keeps you consistent and focused during meditation by broadcasting calming sounds of ocean waves or rain-forest which slowly keeps on getting louder. Not only does it makes the meditation practice faster, but even more enjoyable and convenient.

The mobile app that it comes with, tracks your activity during the session and plays the music which you really want to listen to while meditating.

I know, for many of you it’s a jaw-dropping moment but that’s okay! Who doesn’t need a calm mind after a hard day at work?

YHE BP Doctor Smart Watch

fitness tracker wearwiz YHE BP Doctor Pro smartwatch

YHE BP Doctor smartwatch aims to accurately measuring blood pressure. But because its also a smartwatch, it packs other fitness features along with the usual specs of a timepiece.

BP Doctor infuses the patented Oscillometric measurement method which is same as that of wrist blood pressure cuff or the inflating air cuffs.

The fitness tracker also monitors heart rate and blood oxygen level round the clock for data recording. All you have to do is wear the watch at 2 figures lower the wrist and hold the watch at the same height as the heart. This is also the general practice of a portable BP machine.

YHE also monitors sleep activity, fitness routines, and calorie count. The watch itself is quite neat. With 1.4 inch AMOLED touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity. It charges quickly and gives few days before the next charge is required. YHE app is available on both iOS and Android stores.

You can buy BP doctor directly from their website.


health tracker

Bid farewell to the bulky, erroneous and ugly looking sphygmomanometer of your grandparents. It’s about time, we give you something new, advanced and stylish.

The latest Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) is one of those amazing health tracker which not only keep you company anywhere you go but also keep your doctor informed about your health stats. What more can one ask for?

Synchronised with your phone via the Bluetooth technology, it never skips a pulse beat, like ever! Feel like recording your blood pressure? Simply unbutton your cuffs, roll up your shirt, wrap it around your arm and turn the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor ‘ON’. It will automatically launch the Health Mate application on your phone and ready, set go!

Wait, there’s a lot more to it!

Apart from blood pressure recordings, it will also record the level of hypertension using the past and the current records as well. Additionally, it will keep your physician in the loop by keeping him updated via email notifications.

Once you are done tracking your blood pressure, simply disintegrate it from your arm and it will turn off immediately. Guys, that’s how BPM serves as one of the best blood pressure monitors out there in the market!

The SteriPen Ultra

health tracking

With the ongoing water sanitation issues going on in almost every country. The SteriPen Ultra is the only portable water cleaning device which ensures the removal of 99.9% of bacteria from water.

Specifically designed for solo-use, it is an on-the-go gadget which easily fits into your pocket while you are traveling. It features an OLED display and guarantees a lifetime of purification if used properly.

It comes with a USB cable which is used to charge the SteriPen and a Neoprene pouch.

Certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA), the SteriPen guarantees that the water you are drinking is pure enough. On a single battery charge, it can work up to 50 treatments and over 300 charge/discharge cycles.

To use; dip the pin of SteriPen in a glass full of water and keep it immersed for a few seconds. The moment it’s OLED indicates a beep, you are sure the ultraviolet radiations emitting from SteriPen have eradicated the bacteria. The water is safe for drinking.

Fitbit Charge 5

health tracker and fitness device

Fitbit keeps adding innovations to their wearable tech and till now have cornered the wearable market; enough to make ‘Fitbit’ synonymous with activity / fitness trackers.

Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Sense are the smart watches build for reaching your fitness goals and maintaining efficient fitness activities.

Fitbit Inspire & Inspire HR, Fitbit Luxe, Fitbit Charge, and Fitbit Ace are all health trackers. Built for sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, keep a count of blood oxygen level, track step, and of course maintain general health data via it Fitbit Premium service.

Their Fitbit Charge 4 series doesn’t disappoint and comes with a heart rate tracker. Their new Charge 5 series is even more fabulous with its on-wrist ECG app for heart rate health, EDA Scan app for stress management and more.

With the built-in GPS, you can see your real-time pace & distance without your phone’s built-in GPS during outdoor activity.

Downside? We can’t really seem to find any…

As you can see, finding a fitness, health or mindfulness tracker that fits within your needs and budget is pretty simple. There is almost certainly a device out there that is perfect for you. What did you think of our list? Are there any fitness trackers that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments!

For those who wish to buy them but can’t due to geological restrictions of shipping policies, then please see our post on getting a reliable parcel forwarding address.


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