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One of my personal favorite things to do on my smartphone is read. The digital revolution has put millions of books at our fingertips, and we can access them at any time. But, just as there are many ebooks out there to choose from, there are also dozens of ebook readers. The Windows OS has a particularly large amount of different e-readers. Which ones are the best? Well, TechVise has compiled this list of six of the best reading apps for Windows. Keep in mind that we did strictly text ebooks. This list does not include apps designed for reading manga or comics.



Users who use Freda will immediately notice how customizable the interface is. Advanced settings offer 45 custom options to adjust the font and style of any ebook into exactly what you want it to. Freda can also handle several formats for ebooks including ePub, FB2, HTML and TXT files. Couple these with the fact that Freda can access ebook stores like Smashwords and Project Gutenburg, and you have a crazy powerful app that will work for anyone and their reading needs.



What separates Legimi from other ebook readers is that it has its own unique ebook store, much like Amazon Kindle or Kobo Books (seen later on this list). Legimi can also access OneDrive and pull ebooks from there, allowing you to read your own personal files at any time. Legimi also has a highly customizable interface, allowing you to tailor your experience to your exact wants. Legimi is also cross-platform, so you will be able to see and read books you have on other Android or iOS devices under the Legimi app.


Amazon Kindle

No ebook reader list is complete without the mention of Amazon Kindle. Thankfully, Amazon saw the wisdom of bringing a great app to every platform available to avid readers would purchase and read directly from the Kindle Store. There are some drawbacks to the Windows Mobile app though; we’re unable to add our own ebooks in PDF and Mobi formats. However, if you’re a reading aficionado and have a kindle unlimited subscription or purchase books frequently from Kindle store then this is a must-have app.


Tucan Reader

Tucan Reader is a great app for anyone who is looking to get apps from multiple sources. Not only does Tucan Reader support several formats including pdf, mobi, and ePub files, but it can also get ebooks from virtually anywhere via its in-app browser. Couple that with its compatibility with OneDrive and Dropbox, and you have an ace off all trades ebook reader.


Bookviser Reader

The Bookviser Reader isn’t the most impressive app on this list, but it is still a powerhouse nonetheless. Much like Freda and Tucan, you can download free books from several sources on this app as well as support files you save directly to it. You can also greatly customize the reading interface, and it even has a snazzy pseud-realistic page turning animation.


Kobo Books

Last, but certainly not least on this list, is Kobo Books. Kobo is great for people who are looking to have a social experience with their books. Kobo links up to Facebook and you can share what you are reading as well as book recommendations for friends. It has its own marketplace similar to Amazon Kindle and it has a huge list of indie authors just waiting for you to support them. Kobo doesn’t support files not purchased through its store, and its customization options are limited compared to other apps on this list. But for those who want to share their love of reading, Kobo is the perfect app.


What reading apps do you use on Windows? Are there some you would recommend over these? Let us know in the comments!

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