Best eSignature Services to Secure a Business Deal Quickly

Everyone needs to use their signature somewhere or the other and businesses require it all the time especially for onboarding new clients.

Over the past few years, almost all SMEs have embraced the use of eSignatures when sending PDF documents via email or other cloud services. And why not, we are moving into a paperless era, and signing process is still going to be a thing.

But first let’s look at what the signing experience should entail before you go and automate the business processes.

Things to Consider when Choosing an Electronic Signature Software

Before pandemic the signature request just meant a handwritten signature if a person couldn’t sign the PDF document. Not anymore. Covid-19 has made sure that everyone is fully ready to work remotely and hence the boom in every online service facility catering to businesses, freelancers and even big enterprises.

So how do you choose an electronic signature service because there are several… Here a short guide followed by the services you can sign up with.

  1. Secure & Legally Binding: The first thing is to make sure the service you pick is meeting all the security standards. It should be GDPR compliant along with eIDAS from European Union and must follow the UETA & eSign Act.
  2. Flexible Solution: Look for an solution integrating with the CRM systems and collaboration tools your organisation uses.
  3. Mobile Friendly: Pick a service that optimises your signing process on all mobile devices and platforms, making the customer experience user-friendly.
  4. Signing Capture Methods: Handwritten signature on mobile devices is one way to sign a document but there are other ways such as uploading, typing in different fonts and colours. Pick an electronic signature service wich supports different capturing methods.

So let’s take into account some of the best eSignature services available that we can all use no matter the size or niche of your business.

Best Electronic Signature Services

There are over 50 eSignature services available, but we think you should try these if you are looking into a reliable solution.


eSigning Solution

Ever heard of such a fantastic and responsive eSigning solution that also serves as a CRM? PandaDoc is that unique digital signature solution which doesn’t just support paperless business and various document forms such as Doc, and PDF; it also works well with quotes, contracts, and agreements.

With its ability to integrate itself with several productivity and project management platforms, PandaDoc keeps gathering updates for you and saves you the time to check every single app. The software is perfect for use in sales, finance, legal, marketing, and operations departments. One outstanding feature of this software is that it comes with free templates that allows you to quickly create quotes, plans, agreements, receipts, and invoices even because PandaDoc has integration with Stripe!

A user can choose a template from the comprehensive library and customise it using the coolest set of elements. As a web-based software, PandaDoc allows users to approve and sign documents anywhere and anytime using the built-in electronic signature functionality. Before you think of any other eSignature service, try the 14-day free period, and see if this service fits your needs.

Adobe Sign

eSignature Service

Adobe eSign is a cloud-based electronic signature solution that speeds up signing processes significantly. The software offers a lot of features and functionality, such as authentication to ensure that the eSignature applied in the document has mandatory legal compliance. With Adobe eSign, you can easily track, send, sign and manage your files using the web and mobile device. One unique feature of this eSignature is that it can easily integrate with various deployment methodologies and business systems. Since it’s a cloud-based document signing, it also comes with some free space allotted to you where you can store previously signed documents in any of your folders. Adobe Sign comes with API integration as well which allows you to plug it in on any of your sites and enjoy the privileges it comes with. After all, it’s Adobe which is itself the best and most trusted brand, and Adobe Sign is out there for you to check out with. If you plan to buy later, a trial period of 14-days is also there.


eSignature Solution

With over 200 million users, DocuSign is a dedicated eSignature solution provider that offers excellent software to help you capture digital signatures, send and approve your signed documents quickly from anywhere and at any time. With a 30-day free trial, you are open to test the service and then purchase a plan if you think they are worth it. DocuSign allows you to store documents in a secure and simple to reach library. These documents can be controlled by using passwords and permissions. The digital payment integration feature of DocuSign is a great plus and should be part of your purchase as it gets you the money as soon as deal is finalised with client. You can furthermore download their mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to sign on the go. Remember, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Secured Signing

eSigning service

A less expensive eSigning solution; Secured Signing. Their new video confirmation feature sets them apart from the rest, but on the downside, no smartphone app leaves us thinking ‘let’s skip them’. Before you decide, you should know their digital signature solution has a free account which doesn’t expire and offers limited but enough features to get a single user by easily. Since they haven’t mentioned the free trial duration on their site, we took the liberty of signing-up. After logging into the account, we got to know that the free trial only lasts for about 24-hours and you can just sign 3 documents. So make sure you confirm the exact features of free trial and free account, proclaiming and boasting is always part of marketing and companies do it without a second thought to ethics and morals.

There are options to upgrade to a standard account. The roles-portal is an interesting feature which enables the admin to create roles for several other users, and you can also create one for your virtual assistant.


eSignature Service

Another fantastic solution if you are looking for to sign documents easily. EverSign offers four plans, and one of these plans is absolutely free. With integrations for Dropbox, Box, Chrome, Evernote and more, you will be hard-pressed to find a more suitable option. EverSign also offers templates for surveys, registration forms and contracts. With over 33 templates from the fields of law, human resources, sales, and finance, you no longer feel the need to create or upload your custom-built templates. The workflow becomes very smooth.

EverSign has its own developer portal which offers its API to tech-oriented start-ups and organisations so that the functionality of e-signing can be easily integrated on their own websites. You can get the best out of the free account and can start e-signing the documents with ease and style. They don’t offer a trial but the free account is 5 document signing per month. Nifty enough?

PDC Flow

eSigning Solution

If there is any e-sign solution best suited for financial institutions, the PDC Flow is second to none.

PDC Flow eSignature solution allow users to receive digital signatures from other clients. This software is perfect for all business sizes including law firms, insurance, and hospitals, the platform can be used by different users within an organisation to request for an eSignatures. You are allowed to create multiple templates with authorisation language for separate payment.

The PDC Flow is very different than most of the electornic signature solutions in this article. The reason why we have termed it to be the best one for finance-based organisations is the fact that it comes with dozens of such add-ons which provide assistance in maintaining track of the documents and involves monetary transactions. It comes with a massive list of APIs related to every single feature.

They don’t have preset prices because every individual/business is unique and so they offer a “request a demo” button which gets a member in touch with you to give you a tailored plan.


eSigning Service

SignEasy is a cloud-based eSignature service with a significant focus on simplicity. They offer pretty much everything which above signing solutions provide. You can use SignEasy via any app on web interface. You can annotate signature boxes so that it’s crystal clear who needs to sign and where. You can keep a track of progress and remind the signatories to expedite the process if they haven’t signed the document or proposal etc. You can even get notifications as to who has signed and who still needs to.

While maintaining secure encryption and digital tracks, SignEasy integrates easily with all the best cloud storage solutions and other apps like Zoho and Evernote. If you have a huge business and want to embed the service within your website, you can purchase the API otherwise they have 3 basic plans with a 14-day free trial.

KeepSolid Sign

eSignature Service

KeepSolid Sign is a web-based eSignature solution that offers security and encryption. It provides rapid, legally-binding signatures on any device and also provides offline access to signed contracts. One unique feature of KeepSolid Sign is the auxiliary messaging; you can basically add comments within documents so other participants can see further clarifications of a statement. Apart from this feature, it too is cross platform compatible, tracks changes, notifies, reminds and assign roles to participants/signatories.

Major selling point of KeepSolid is its security credentials which fit perfectly well into company portfolios of safety and privacy tools. They offer 3 pricing plans with 7 day money back guarantee, 14-day free trial and you don’t have to give your credit card information while signing up for the free trial.


eSigning service

eSignGenie software allows organisations and individuals to upload the documents and send to the signers. It provides APIs that help businesses integrate the solution to their company’s website. One outstanding feature of eSignGenie is that it allows multiple team members to work on a single document at the same time.

Another distinguishing feature is the integration of the productivity apps including Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce and several others. It’s a highly secure architecture, and the latest encryption certificates make it impregnable thus keeping your documents safe. For those who’d like to check it out, can sign up for the free 14-day trial with no hidden charges. They even have a nifty compare page where you can see how their service compares to Adobe, DocuSign and others


eSignature service

Legalesign is a unique cloud-based e-signing platform that helps users manage their documents and contracts online. The UK based service is perfect for recruiters, insurances firms, marketers, sales professionals, and even accountants who feel compliance is of utmost important.

Legalesign provides status updates of users when the recipient receives and opens the emails. It also offers two-factor authentication login which is ISO 27001 certified. Despite providing the feature of getting your documents e-signed swiftly, its API integration has made it even more appealing.

Legalesign offers a wide range of cool upgrades, and all the updates can be availed by paying just a one-time payment. Some unique features like a complete audit trail of the documents, multi-user functionality, a wide range of essential input formats, email notifications and version control capability, the Legalesign seems to be music to ears for those who are looking out for an eSignature solution.


eSigning solution

OneSpan is another eSignature service. With a 30-day free trial, OneSpan gives you a very robust cloud-based eSigning solution for both small and large businesses. At present, it is the most widely used eSignature service in various parts of the world. Highly secure, OneSpan offer only two pricing plans but is available on both mobile and web platforms.


eSigning Solution

Another cloud-based eSignature solution that allows you to sign documents using signatures that are legally binding is SignRequest.

The EU based solution offers businesses a user-friendly digital signature application at an affordable price. It is quite suitable for both small and large-scale enterprises.

One unique feature of this software is that it accelerates business workflows that requires signatures from essential personnel, clients, and top management team without compromising on security. Though the features list is quite lengthy; one of the innovations which quickly grabs the attention is, it enables the user to create, save and reuse multiple signing templates for every type of document, deal or contract. Its swift API can be integrated on any website even if it is your personal website or your online store.

SignRequest offers a free account as well as paid ones. But if you are looking to get started on a paid account, there is a 14-day trial available on all plans. By far, this can turn out to be the best deal for students and emerging freelancers.


eSigning Solutions

PactSafe is a web-based electronic signature platform that enables users to sign, send and receive documents electronically. Some of the unique features of PactSafe includes built-in templates, template editors, version control, real-time contract collaboration, and document management. The software also allows users to generate custom URLs that can be sent directly to customers.

Enough with the usual features? Let’s unravel some of the more unique ones like a web application providing tech edgy tools and features like dynamic and data-driven charts, in-app contracts, on-the-go templates, the coolest built-in editor equipped with the drag-drop functionality and a bit more!


eSigning Solution

Imagine you have forwarded a document for approval and time is of the essence. With many other eSigning solutions, it’d notify the client only once, but with SignNow application, you can add several reminders to a single document which will keep the signatory in the loop and will keep pinging him until the document is signed and sent your way.

SignNow is a cloud-based eSignature service platform for small and large scale businesses. The software has lots of built-in templates that can be used to set up a document, and email notifications. It also has an audit log that shows the entire details of each report from creation, to sign and verify processes involved. You can add CC recipients and can also set an expiration date to the document. It doesn’t come with a built-in editor, because it’s template directory is filled with dozens of cool forms for every single type of contract. Another outstanding feature is, all the templates are legally binding and are certified designs from legal agencies. You can explore the rest of the highlights of SignNow by signing up for a 30-day free trial.


eSigning Service

eSigning wouldn’t have been easier and economically convenient if it weren’t for Signable!

A UK based signature platform that allows users to affix their signatures on various documents and files. One beautiful thing about this eSignature solution is that the system makes it possible for the material to be sent electronically to the signers without delay. The software is straightforward to use and does not require serious training. With Signable, you can send a document to clients in different parts of the world online.

Most of its features are too mainstream, and on several fronts, it lacks that specific set of features which its competitors are well-endowed with, but the strongest suit of Signable is its simplicity and the price which is affordable.

For the startups or organisations who are still in their formative period can make the best use of Signable as their eSigning Solution app! The 14-days trial period is also there to help you check out its features.

Finally, all eSignature services listed above are perfect for firms that want to reduce tedious and time-consuming tasks. However, the choice a business owner makes will largely depend on the area of specialisation and the services rendered.

Did we miss a cool eSigning Service? We are positive that we have, but if you have used one which is fantastic and is a must mention, let us know in the comments below and we’ll check it out and add to our list.

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