Top Geeky & Useful Car Gadgets to Make Vehicles Look Modern

I don’t know about you guys, but having a cool car is one of the joys of life. I mean… well it’s debatable I guess, but if you’re like me, you probably want your car to have all of the latest bells and whistles to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Plenty of newer car models already come with great tech pre-installed, but what if you don’t have a new car? Well, don’t fret because these 11 futuristic car gadgets will definitely bring you and your car up to modern times.

Universal Car HUD

car gadget - HUD

We’ve all seen them in sci-fi movies for years, but very few of us ever dreamed of having a real virtual HUD in our vehicles. But, now more and more cars are coming out with HUDs built directly into them. That still leaves all of us with older cars out of the trend, though.

Not anymore! Timprove T600 HUD is a great model that is compatible with all kinds of brands and models of cars because it works on an internal GPS module.

It provides you with information such as driving speed, voltage, time, mileage measurement, accumulated total mileage, driving time calculation, altitude, driving direction, an alarm for low voltage and over speeding.

It can also do a vehicle speed-up test and break performance test.

Dash Camera

car gadget- Dash Camera

If you’re looking for a way to record your road trips, so that you can later review them to check who actually bumped into your car when you were away? Or while driving, did the accident happen because of you or the other party?

Innosinpo and Aukey dashcams both have a 1080p resolution with a 170° wide angle lens to reduce blind spots and record in detail. They can record emergency scenes with the G sensors which automatically locks the footage on a sudden shake or collision and also prevents the video from being over-written to make sure accident scenes don’t get deleted in loop recording.

The cams record well in lowlight and even in the night time so that you never miss the no plate that did you wrong!

Rear Camera

car gadget- Rear Camera

Do you need parking assistance and feel like you need a pair of eyes at the back of your car, so you know where it’s going?

Well then you need a rare camera such as the VanTop or Chortau. The parking guide lines turn on as soon as the car is put in reverse to help the car angling backwards safely.

It also records what’s going on behind the car. So in case of an accident, it will save the details in its memory such as the vehicle’s no plate etc.. and protect it from being over written.

Multimedia Car Stereo

car gadget- Car Stereo

What’s a car ride without music right? This Bose Audio System (single din) can play music via bluetooth device, CD, USB port and an auxiliary port.

Apps like Spotify and Pandora can be played wirelessly. You can also tune into the AM/FM radio stations to listen to music, news, sports etc. Taking and making calls is easier with the built in microphone and speakers that let you do all this hands-free.

If you’re looking for a double din audio system, and you’re alright with not having a CD compartment and an A/V instead of an auxiliary port, then Boss Audio BVCP9685A does all of the above and it also works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

You can turn on navigation, ask Siri or Google Assistant to read out your messages and reply back and also back your car safely as this device will lower the volume when the car is in reverse gear while showing you the rear surroundings on its screen!

Diagnostic Tool

Car Diagnostic Tool

So even though you may have a car, you may actually know very little (if anything) about it. That’s where this device would come in handy.

The Ancel AD310, is a great device to check for the cause of engine light and test I/M readiness. Its advantage lies in the fact that it doesn’t require a connection with a smartphone and has an LCD screen that directly displays the problem.

It can show live data stream as well as freeze frame data. It doesn’t need to be charged either like other OBD II scanners and takes its power directly from the vehicle when it is connected.

It has a built in OBD II error library with meanings to look up the error codes and their meanings. The best part is that it can work with most US cars after 1996, for European after 2000 and Asian cars as well and supports multiple languages like: English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese.

Another great diagnostic tool that does all this is Panlong. It shows the error codes on your android cellphone or tablet app such as Torque or Car Scanner using Bluetooth.

If it doesn’t work properly, no problem! Because they have a 100% money back guarantee, 1 year replacement and professional customer service.

Car Jump Starter and Power Bank

Car Jumper

What are you supposed to do if your car battery dies in the middle of nowhere and you want to get home safely and as quickly as possible on your own?

The answer is a reliable and portable car jump starter that can neatly sit in the glove compartment of your car which you can retrieve easily in the time of an emergency.

We recommend all vehicle owners to own this vital piece of car gadget!

The Beatit jumper can jump start the batteries of a vehicle with gasoline engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters such as a car, van, boat, SUV, truck and more.

In a few seconds, it can bring back dead batteries up to 30 times on a single charge. If this wasn’t pretty cool on its own, it also has 2 USB ports so you can also charge your smart phones, iPads, tablets etc with 16500mAh capacity. It also has a built-in bright flashlight that has a setting for SOS modes and emergency strobes.

Another great car jump starter and power bank is Tacklife. It has similar functions to Beatit and works on 7 liter gasoline engines and 5.5 liter diesel engines. In addition it has a 12V/10A DC port to power your auto products like the car’s tire inflater. It is also super-safe and spark proof and comes with a 2 year warranty.

GPS Car Tracker and Alarm

car gadget - GPS Tracker

Do you ever wish to know where your car is going when you’re not in it? The Americaloc GL300W is a mini portable real time GPS tracker that shows speeding, movement and parking of the vehicle.

In real-time, you can be updated about the location which you can track in your phone, tablet or PC. It also has a button which can be pushed in case of emergency, this will automatically send a text or email to the person who has configured it.

It comes with an international sim-card, as it can be used in USA, Canada, Europe and in most parts of the world. Other than the price for the product, one has to subscribe to a plan fee and that is $25 a month.

In case you’re looking for a cheaper version of an ideal GPS mini Tracker, Primetracking personal GPS tracker is the one we’d recommend. It has the same features as the above, but can only do tracking in the North America (U.S., Mexico or Canada).

With just $25 a month or $20 a month for 6 months, you can start using this car gadget and get updated on your smartphone app or desktop interface.

Funky Lights

Funky Lights

Now this one is just for fun, but really adds the “mood” to your car journey if you’re into driving through rainbows that is. In that case, this product is for you!

The Groove interior car lights are flexible LED light strips/wires, safe for children and can be stuck inside the interior of the vehicle with the adhesive they come with. Over 16 million colors along with the brightness can be selected from a small controller or the app.

The lights can be selected to change with the music as well, since they have a built in music sensor. So then what are you waiting for?

Another similar but cheaper version of the Groove interior lights comes with 48 color syncs to which you can adjust the brightness as well.

It doesn’t come with an app, so the color adjustments are made with the controller the wires are attached with, and a remote which is provided. Other than that most of the features are the same.

Car Vacuum

car gadget - Vacuum

Are you sick of your dirty car, in which hair, debris and dirt just like to stay stuck! Well then you need a Cherylon car vacuum!

For the clean freaks out there, this is a must-have car gadget!

This professional and portable cleaner can suck not only dry but wet dirt as well. From cleaning your seats and mats with its brush to all the nooks and corners with its different extension pipes, its got your interior fully covered. It comes with a 14.7 power cord to reach all the ends of your car.

Another great vacuum cleaner is the Varsk VAR-1000. Why? Because it’s also a tire inflator so other than saving your life on the road, it will also clean your car when it’s dirty.

Just make sure your car is a normal sized car because it won’t inflate vehicles with high pressure tires such as RV, ATV and truck etc.

Car Air Purifier

car gadget - Air Purifier

Let’s be honest, part of hygiene is a fresh and clean smell and the best way to create it, is using a car air purifier. Two great devices for this are: Enoch Car Air Purifier and TwinkleBirds Air Purifier.

By releasing millions of negative ions per cm³ the air purifier not only eliminates stuffy odors from the car, but also attaches themselves to pollutants such as pet dander, dust particles, cigarette smoke and other allergens that are harmful for your lungs.

The only draw back is the light scent of ozone (similar to summer rain shower), takes about 5-6 days of driving for at least 30 minutes before it kicks in to remove the stuffy car smell.

Theses car gadgets are quite neat and simply plugs into the cars’ cigarette lighter socket. They also come with a dual USB port for charging your phone and their LED light makes it easy to locate them at night.

Laptop Charging Unit

Laptop Charging Unit

Here’s an important car gadget. We’re calling it a laptop charging unit, but really it’s a car power inverter that inverts 12V DC to 110V AC to charge your laptop and other electronic devices.

The Foval 150W comes with 2 USB ports, an AC outlet, 18 months warranty and customer service! While the BMK 200W comes with 4 USB ports, 2 AC outlets and a smart LED screen to monitor real time current.

Both products are safe against over heating, over/low load, short circuit, over voltage and over charge. Happy Charging!

And that’s our list of futuristic car gadgets. As you can see, you won’t have to buy a new car to turn your vehicle into your dream sci-fi cruise machine. Are there any we missed that you would recommend? What awesome car tech do you use? Let us know in the comments.

And as always, for more great lists of cool gadgets and tech advice, stay tuned to TechVise.

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