7 Tracking Device for Kids: Ensuring Safety Using GPS Tracking

As a parent, ensuring their safety and well-being of your children is always a top priority. In today’s fast-paced world, where little ones are full of energy and curiosity, it’s only natural to have concerns about their whereabouts and safety. 

Now, we live in a time where advanced technology can lend a helping hand. So why not make the full use of vehicle tracking devices and also cater them to help us with kids? These invaluable tools, offer parents peace of mind by keeping tabs on their little adventurers.

To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best GPS tracking devices for kids. With these cutting-edge location data tracking devices, you can keep a watchful eye on your children’s whereabouts, no matter where they are. 

What to Look for in a Good GPS Tracking Device for Kids:

When it comes to choosing the right GPS tracking device for your child, there are several key factors to consider:

Real time Location Tracking: Opt for a device with reliable GPS technology that provides real-time location updates. Accuracy is crucial to ensure you can pinpoint your child’s whereabouts with precision.

Geofencing Capabilities: Look for devices that offer geofencing, allowing you to set virtual boundaries. You’ll receive alerts when your child enters or exits these predefined safe zones, adding an extra layer of security.

Long Battery Life: Children can be on the move for hours, so selecting a device with a long-lasting battery is essential. Look for options that offer extended battery life to avoid interruptions in tracking.

Durability and Water Resistance: Kids can be rough on their belongings, so choose a tracking device that can withstand their active lifestyle. Opt for devices that are durable and water-resistant to ensure longevity.

User-Friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface makes it easier for you to navigate and control the device. Look for devices with intuitive apps and cross platform compatibility.

SOS Button and Two-Way Communication: In case of emergencies, an SOS button allows your child to send distress signals instantly. Additionally, two-way communication enables you to communicate with your child when needed.

Tracking Devices for Kids 

Let’s dive into our handpicked selection of top-notch tracking devices easily available.

Waterproof Mini Tag Tracker

Introducing the GPS Tracker in the form of a mini tag – a caring companion that ensures the safety of your loved ones and valuable belongings. With a one-time purchase for lifetime use, this waterproof device by Daioloes offers peace of mind without any monthly fees.

Setting up the GPS tracker is as simple as a one-tap connection to your phone using the Find My app. No matter where you are in the world, this global tracking device utilises Apple devices nearby to provide accurate location updates.

Measuring a compact 1.6×1.6 inches, this mini and durable tracker is equipped with a replaceable CR2032 battery that boasts long standby time. Lost Mode automatically alerts you when the device is near any Apple device, widening the coverage and increasing the chances of retrieval.

With the easy-to-use app, you can quickly locate your belongings by playing a sound from the tracker. Rest assured, your privacy is prioritised as all data is encrypted and anonymous, with no storage of location or history.

Invest in the GPS Tracker because A, they are colourful, B, reliable and C, Kids will love it.

Tracki GPS Tracker

Introducing the Tracki GPS Tracker for kids, vehicles, and pets. With unlimited distance real time tracking, this 4G LTE GPS device by Tracki ensures you’re always connected to your loved ones, wherever they may be.

Measuring a compact 1.75×1.5×0.55in and weighing only 1.26oz, this tracker is the smallest and lightest in its class. It combines 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G technology, providing unparalleled coverage across networks worldwide. 

Tracki goes beyond other trackers by offering embedded built-in SIM card functionality, eliminating the hassle of additional setup.

With a rechargeable battery life of up to 5 days, this device offers real time tracking every 1-5 minutes. If real time tracking isn’t necessary, the battery can last up to 30-75 days with 1-3 tracking sessions per day. For extended battery life, an optional accessory is a 3,500mAh battery and a magnetic waterproof box.

Tracki utilises GPS satellites outdoors and Wi-Fi indoors for accurate location tracking. You can view the tracker’s live location on a map, including compatibility with Google Street view. Set up custom Geo-fence zones and receive real time alerts for SOS, low battery, speeding, and start moving events through the intuitive app, SMS, or email notifications.

Tracki is backed by a lifetime warranty, including coverage for lost or damaged devices. The tracker works seamlessly with Android, iOS, and all major internet browsers.

Spy Tec Portable GPS Tracker 

Unleash the Power of Stealth with the Spy Tec Portable GPS Tracker. This sleek and discreet device offers long battery life for up to two weeks. Equipped with geo-fencing capabilities and seamless integration with your computer, tablet, or smartphone, it provides real-time location updates at your fingertips. Plus, with access to Google Maps, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your tracker’s whereabouts.

But here’s the catch: maintaining its cutting-edge functionality comes with a $24.95/Month fee. However, the Spy Tec tracker compensates with impressive features. Enjoy a lifetime warranty, iOS/Android app compatibility, custom boundary alerts, an SOS button, time machine functionality, speed alerts, and reporting modes. 

SpaceTalk Adventure

Experience the perfect blend of technology, safety, and fun with the SPACETALK Adventurer 4G Kids Smart Watch Phone and GPS Tracker. 

Designed for children aged 5-12, this modern and stylish smartwatch offers a world of possibilities. Stay connected with your child through the Spacetalk app, effortlessly managing their activities and contacts while ensuring their safety.

With GPS tracking powered by Google Maps, you’ll always know their whereabouts, and geofencing alerts notify you if they venture beyond predefined safe zones. The 4G technology allows for secure video calls, voice calls, text messaging, and chat, all limited to approved contacts set by you.

Built to withstand the adventures of childhood, this watch features Gorilla Glass touchscreen, IP67 water resistance, and a durable wristband. Capture precious moments with the 5MP camera and share them with trusted individuals on the safe list.

The SPACETALK Adventurer also offers exciting rewards and reminders, promoting positive behavior and providing gentle guidance. Monitor your child’s well-being with the new wellness feature, ensuring their physical and emotional health.

Please note that a SIM card, phone, and data plan are required for operation, and they are not provided by SPACETALK. 

JrTrack 2

JrTrack 2 SE Smart Watch for Kids by Cosmo is another the ultimate all-in-one GPS smartwatch designed to keep kids safe and connected. 

This modern and stylish smartwatch is packed with features that parents and kids will love. With calling, text messaging, voice messaging, GPS tracking, a camera, pedometer, and more, it’s the perfect smartphone alternative for kids aged 5-12.

The JrTrack 2 SE ensures a safe and secure network with its pre-installed SIM card and easy setup process. Simply choose a flexible and affordable COSMO Family Safe service plan starting at just $11.99 per month to enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data, along with powerful safety features. COSMO’s dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you.

Rest easy knowing that your child is connected and protected. With two-way 4G calling, text messaging, 3-point verification GPS tracking, SOS alerts, and other advanced features, you can always stay in touch and know your child’s whereabouts. 

The JrTrack is designed to filter out internet browsing, social media, and unknown contacts, allowing only approved contacts for added security. It complies with the highest-grade data security standards and is 100% COPPA compliant.

Not only does the JrTrack prioritise safety, but it also offers an array of fun and practical features. Your kids can capture memories with the front-facing camera, record videos, and even personalise their watch with custom wallpaper backgrounds. Alarms, reminders, and a voice recorder add further to the excitement and functionality of this gadget.

4G Kids Smart Watch

4G Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker by tykjszgs is a Chinese brand. But this modern and stylish smartwatch is packed with features designed to keep your kids safe and connected. With GPS positioning, SOS emergency call, two-way calling, voice chat, pedometer, school mode, and more, it’s the perfect companion for your kids.

Stay connected with video calling and two-way calling capabilities. The watch can receive texts and voice messages and reply with texts and voice messages. With the “SeTracker 2” app, family members can stay in touch through family chat, voice calls, or video calls.

You can ensure peace of mind with the GPS tracker, which combines GPS, and WIFI for accurate positioning. You can set up safety zones to receive alerts when your child enters or exits designated areas. The SOS button allows children to quickly call for help in emergency situations.

The smartwatch features class mode and stranger rejection settings, allowing children to focus on their studies without interruptions. It also includes a pedometer, alarm clock, and love reward feature. Please note that you require a compatible Nano-SIM card for this smartwatch.

Brickhouse Tracker

Introducing our last item on the list, Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker for Vehicle – a powerful and reliable solution for comprehensive vehicle tracking. But, it can be used for tracking kids.

See with an impressive battery life of 15 days on standby, this tracker comes with an added extended battery that provides an additional 140 days of uninterrupted tracking.

Covering all of North America, this GPS vehicle equipment ensures seamless tracking even when crossing state and international borders. An idea device if your kids are going camping, hiking, school tour … I mean, we all remember Spiderman: Far From Home, right?

So this device operates on super-fast 4G networks across Canada, Mexico, and the United States, guaranteeing reliable and real-time information.

Designed with a convenient ‘slap-and-track’ mechanism, installation is a breeze. Simply place the tracker in any travel handbag, and it will instantly begin reporting.

Please note that you require a subscription to activate and use this device.

To Conclude

Tracking Device for Kids are a game-changer concept when it comes to ensuring the safety of your children. With cutting-edge GPS tracking technology, you can have peace of mind knowing their whereabouts at all times. Whether it’s for everyday activities, school trips, or family outings, this device provides real-time location updates and alerts. It’s a must-have tool for parents who want to prioritise their children’s safety and want to stay connected.

Which devices have you used other than a smartphone to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your kids? Let us know and we’ll add those here too.

Co Founder of QZ Global & Editor at TechVise, Zahra has over 18 years of content development & editorial experience. She is a novelist & writes for businesses & digital platforms.

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  1. The GPS gadgets are made of such highlights those will keep your vehicle from crash or burglary and so forth you can have a mixed included of vehicle GPS gadgets over the versatile and the vehicle gadgets.

  2. Have you heard of angelsense? We are looking into it and would love some feedback. I’ve heard its better for kids with autism and sensory issues.

    • Hadn’t, but that has changed now. Thank you for mentioning them. They look legit, have been around for 4 years now and before then they were building the technology behind it. Since they are coming from a place where it hurts the most, i’m assessing that they’ll be around for a while. So yes, go ahead and invest in them – their app looks fantastic!!

  3. As far as i know and base on what i have Trackimo is a user friendly device and very affordable with no hidden charges.

  4. Do any of these GPS trackers work worldwide? Being able to track my kid when we travel internationally would give me a lot of peace of mind.

  5. The availability of these tracking devices is so useful to parents of kids who have special needs like me. The means to check on my kid anytime anywhere is just so precious.


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