5 Tracking Devices To Find Your Kids

In our increasingly connected world, it seems like we hear more and more crazy stories on the news. A lot of the most tragic stories involve lost or abducted children, and these stories get many parents in a panic. Luckily, this new age has also given us several devices to help us keep track of our little ones.

Just a few weeks ago we covered one such cute tracking device by the name of AmbyGear and it occurred to us that we should delve deeper into this whole tracking kids thing and figure out how many more devices are out there that can get a good GPS lock and let the family know that their kids are safe.

So although this is a small list,  we have managed to accumulate some of the best tracking devices to keep a tab on your kids and family.

Tracking Devices for Kids

TBS 3202 – $199.99

The TBS 3202 is a stylish smartwatch designed for children. It has an SOS mode in case your child has an emergency, and it even offers a one-way calling service. There is also GPS tracking, so you will be able to keep track of your kids via Google Maps. The battery life on the 3202 is decent at 120 hours. If you are looking for a lovely device that has a lot of communication options, the 3202 is an excellent choice.

Spy Tec Portable GPS Tracker – $139.95

For a device that is easier to hide away, the Spy Tec portable GPS tracker is a good option. It is subtle, and it has a long battery life at nearly two weeks. The device also has geo-fencing capability, and you can access it from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It also has access to Google Maps. The worst thing about this handy device is the $24.95 monthly fee to keep it operating.

Trax – $249

Trax is yet another subtle and inconspicuous GPS tracker. There are no buttons, and it is remarkably small. Trax also has clips that can be attached to just about anything. Trax also has a nifty feature called Augmented Reality. Basically, the Trax app will access your camera, and you can scan the surrounding area for the Trax locator. When you point the camera in the right direction, the Trax icon appears on screen pointing you to the correct spot. The only thing to keep in mind with Trax is the low battery life. It sits just over a day at 31 hours, so you’ll need to charge it every night. The nice thing about Trax though is that it is supported in over 30 countries and there are no monthly fees for the first two years (the first two years are included in the initial cost).

Trackimo – $209.95

The Trackimo is a GPS tracker that has positive reviews from both tech sites and average users. It is a little ugly to look at, but it is incredibly simple to set up. The app is simple to use, and it includes a panic button as well as geo fencing capability. Users will also get the first year of use for free, and it is only $5 a month after that.

Caref GPS – $129

If you are looking for another kids’ smartwatch option, the Caref is a great choice. It has voice to voice functions, and it can load up to three emergency contacts. The watch also has a panic button that will immediately text those contacts. The Caref also has a battery life of roughly 57 hours, which is pretty good for smart watches. The only thing to keep in mind is the monthly data plan starting at $9.95 a month.

And that concludes our list of tracking devices for your kids. The devices listed above are considered some of the best by tech sites, but they have varying reviews on Amazon. Really, it is important to make sure you purchase a tracker that perfectly fits your demands and lifestyle.

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