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After using a smartphone for an extended amount of time, it’s hard to picture any other gadget that’s as handy. After all, smartphones do seem like they can do just about anything, don’t they? As handy as they are, however, smartphones can’t do everything on their own. Yes, they can tell you how tall Steve Martin is or let you play a classic Final Fantasy game for hours on end while sitting on a bus. However, when combined with other fancy gizmos out there, these devices become even more helpful. Here are a number of fancy little gadgets you may be using before you know it. Some work with your phone, some work on their own. Either way, they’re all designed to make your life easier.

Never Lose Your Keys Again

Combining the smartphone’s internal processing power with its GPS capability; it’s possible to find just about anything, from the closest Laundromat to, well, your phone itself. But what about all those tiny little objects you always forget about? Things that are used every day that people constantly lose easily. Items like car keys, remote controls, glasses, anything that can be easily lost and when they are, that loss throws your whole day into chaos just because of one little thing. Thankfully, NFC enabled stickers make it a thing of the past.

NFC Tags should never be expensive… if they are, try to get more in one purchase. Amazon has a plethora of NFC stickers. We recommend simple ones like the link before but if you are into more design and less bland, look at Crystal Cube tags.

It involves small, adhesive discs that users can attach to anything they lose on a regular basis. Misplace your TV remote? Finding it is as easy as opening a smartphone app. With the app open, an on-screen radar will lead you to the missing object, provided it’s within 100 feet that is.

Much like a metal detector, the app will signal you as you get closer until you’ve found it. Is your lost item further than 100 feet away? The app will inform you once you have passed beyond that 100 foot boundary.

Take Your Business Anywhere

Running any sort of retail business these days has gotten significantly easier now. Until recently, if you were looking to take your business outside of your usual office or store, you had to be ready to either take cash or tolerate the long process of taking credit card sales over the phone.

Thankfully, even that has gotten easier, with mobile, tablet-based POS systems offered by a variety of eCommerce vendors. How do they work? There are many different mobile POS services available to choose from.

Its easy, simply attach the card reader to your smartphone or tablet via headphone jack, sign up for the service, and start swiping cards and selling your stuff.

Of course, you also need to print out receipts and portable receipt printers are a great solution. With the right equipment, you can worry more about selling your product and less about how you’re going to accept payment for it.

A Personal Trainer on Your Wrist

Now that smartphones have given people access to the whole world from a handheld device, the next step is obviously to put that instant access on your wrist. But, while most smartwatches are mainly just watches with some features of a smartphone jammed into them, some aim for a greater purpose, specifically by keeping you fit and healthy. Someone has to, right?

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch, Fitbit Charge 3, and the Garmin vivoactive are designed to make use of all the capabilities of a smartphone to help in your daily fitness routine. Taking a glance at your watch can tell you your current heart rate, how far you’ve walked or run based on your GPS position or how many calories your current activity is burning. Oh, and rumor has it that it can also tell you what time it is (just as well).

At the moment, these smart watches and fitness devices work in conjunction with smartphones, requiring it to be close by in order to get the most out of its capabilities. Then again, who wants to pay for separate cellular service for a watch? Thankfully, these fitness programs have made smartwatches a useful product as opposed to a solution in search of a problem.

These are just three types of gadgets out of a parade of products that have either hit the market or are on the cusp of getting newer model for the public.

While human lives have changed for the better thanks to the handheld devices everyone carries around with them, you have to remember they still can’t do everything. And, because of that, there’s still an expansive market for other devices to work in conjunction with them.

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