PhotoMath: Solving Math Sums


PhotoMath is a very interesting app in theory. Yes, it would be great to get help on your math homework from your smartphone. Yes, it would be convenient if that app could assist you through a simple picture of the problem. And yes, it would be beneficial for said app to give step by step instructions on how to solve the problem. These are all things PhotoMath does, at least in theory.

However, while the app looks great and, in a sense, functions perfectly well, there are some major flaws that must be addressed before it can be considered a quality app.


PhotoMath – The Good

PhotoMath really does have a straightforward set-up. Its free for everyone.

It takes on a more minimalist design so that it may better focus on the functionality of the app, which is great. I like the fact that the app isn’t tacked on with needless bells and whistles.

Taking pictures of math problems was also very easy. The app does not actually require you to snap the picture. Once a math problem is presented in the given field, the app automatically scans it and give you the solution/steps to solve it. It takes out a rather tedious step and further streamlines the already streamlined process.

It can further solve graphs and visual mathematical problems. If the child or parent (or even a teacher) need to understand how a certain sum needs solving, there is easy to understand tutorial within the app which is pretty basic and works like a classroom chalk board and teacher setting.

If you’re not a tutorial person then there is also the step-by-step explanations how the sums were solved.

Best part, its available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.


PhotoMath – The Bad

While PhotoMath is the greatest app out there for math problems… the only set back is that children will use their brain less and the app more.

With that being said, the app is apparently great. So this bit… is a real tragedy… :/



As of right now, PhotoMath is a great solution for everyone including parents and teachers (apart from students).

The app excels at solving equations, graphs, sucky algebra, decimal stuff, the usual bits like fractions and arithmetic and some advance stuff like trigonometry, logarithms as well.

The app could make students complacent, which will stifle creativity and ingenuity.  Not that any teacher worth their merit would really allow students to use their phones during math class, but its an overall a great breakthrough… would have helped me a lot in my time!


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I’d say Photomath is at least better then any other apps in the market.


Very nice and informative article here Caleb! I agree that As of right now, PhotoMath isn’t usable, at least in a practical sense. Yes, it is kind of fun to play with, but it is not reliable for helping solve math problems in a practical setting such as school. PhotoMath… Read more »

Michela Smith
Michela Smith

Its meant to solve things on paper. The fact it does what it does is great, but not everything is perfect

Michela Smith
Michela Smith

It excels in more than simple math. I use it in algebra.


I like photomath, especially version 2.0 – it does a decent problem on simple Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 equations, and simplifying expressions. However there are a lot of problems for which the solution is provided, but not the steps (for example factoring). There are other systems around (without photo… Read more »