Best Apps & Devices To Monitor Your Kids Online Activity


The digital age is truly an amazing time to live in, but it can also be a frightening one. With the amount of cyber bullies and predators that exist on the web, keeping your children safe on the internet is no doubt one of your first priorities. But it can be a difficult thing to monitor your kids online activity without being overly invasive.

Lucky for you, TechVise has taken the time to compile a list of great apps and devices that will help you keep your kids safe online.



Mobicip – $39.99/yr (Android, Windows, and iOS)

1 Mobicip – $39.99/yr (Android, Windows, and iOS)

For those who a want simple way to monitor online activity, Mobicip is a great option. In essence, Mobicip is a software that allows you to monitor activity, filter search settings, block content, and even view app use. These features are available on the premium edition, which is only $39.99 a year. If you aren’t looking to pay that, you can just as easily download the Mobicip app on your Android or iOS device for free. This app is meant to replace the current web browser and has easily manageable content block and filter settings. The best thing about this app is the sheer simplicity of it.

Mobicip Safe Browser iOS AppDownload Google Play



Nischint (Android and iOS)

2 Nischint (Android and iOS)

Nischint is a great app if you are looking to monitor not just your kids’ online activities but literally everything they do on their cell phones. It has web browser monitors, as well as ways to show who your kids talk to on social media. Nischint also shows parents what kind of apps their kids are downloading on their phones. For those who are interested in their child’s safety in general, there are also SMS and phone logs, as well as geolocation options. As of right now, there are four plans, that you can take your pick from.

Nischint Kids Montoring App iOS  Nischint Kids Montoring Android App



Watchover (iOS)

3 Watchover (iOS)

This one is an iOS exclusive, but it’s awesome safety measures certainly deserve a spot on this list. Basically, once you download Watchover’s configuration software on your PC or Mac, as well as the app on your iPhone, users will be able to monitor any and all activity on that device. Watchover takes screenshots every minute and stores them for 48 hours so that they can be viewed at a later time. It also compiles all of your kids’ computer’s data in a report to show what programs were used and for how long. The best part is you can view everything right from your phone. There is no reason to get on the other computer. $4.99 is well worth the simplicity of this app.

Watchover Kids iOS App



uKnowKids (Android, iOS, and PC)

4 uKnowKids (Android, iOS, and PC)

For the most comprehensive online monitoring experience, look no further than uKnowKids. This is the end all, be all experience of monitoring your kids’ online activity. uKnowKids is the perfect software/app service if you want to protect your kids while also giving them their privacy. In essence, uKnowKids will monitor everything your child (or children) is doing, and display it all in a simple overview. If there is suspicious activity, you can dig deeper and find specific details like texts and social media interactions. This is great because the overview gives you a simple check up, without giving too many details about exactly what your child is doing. But, it also records all of this information if you ever want to look into it. For the parent concerned about safety and privacy, uKnowKids is a great option.  In terms of pricing, there is a monthly option of $5.75 for one child or $6.50 for up to four children. They also have a 14 day free trial if you want to test out their service first.

UKnow Kids Filtering iOS App  Download Google Play


NetGear Parental Control Router

5 NetGear Parental Control Router

This one is new and one of those great router devices that is aimed to be setup by parents. So really this one comes with a hassle free setup and where you won’t have to call in your own kid to help with the setup. So what does this do? NetGear is a powerful router which is compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa – that will control your home network using voice commands. Of course, the great add-on of Circle Smart Parental Controls limits daily internet time for websites, apps, and more, further than this, it creates a filter, limits usage, controls pausing the broadcast time and schedules bedtime for kids as well.


That’s our list for now. All of these apps & devices are great because they give parents the peace of mind that their child is safe online, but most of them also offer the freedom that so many children desire. So choose according to your budget, requirement and number of devices. Keep in mind that the trade off between a monitoring app and a filtering / parental control device is that the app monitors activity on the device itself regardless of the network it is connected to while the internet filtering device can only monitor and keep your kids safe when they are in your home, where the router is. Once they’re using another network, they are out of any monitoring range.

Do you know of any other great online monitoring tools or phone monitoring apps? Let us know in the comments!

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I would like to see another updated list of the best apps. I used few with free trial so far and either are complicated or don’t seem to work perfectly. The last one that I used is Surfie app and its pretty good and easy to use. and i have… Read more »


Thank you for the feedback, can you just reply back with maybe 1 line about each app/device you used. Would really help

Alice Su
Alice Su

It’s really important to watch kids


Hi, What about Chrome incognito mode image tab? It’s a complete bypass of most parental controls. Which routers enforce safe search something like option 3 in this link? BUC has changed name to Kibosh. Blocksi and Kibosh both enforce safe search. But I haven’t found an explicit from either… Read more »


Hi Jonathan, thanks for the update on the name. To understand how incognito mode works, take a look here: In a nutshell, it only works on the host browser itself i.e. not saving any browsing patterns, cookies etc. And just in the instance that If you visit a malware… Read more »


I contacted customer support for both Kibosh (formerly BUC) and Blocksi. They both definitively enforce safe search mode even during incognito and in private modes. A third option I found is pcWRT. If you are tech savvy, but don’t want to setup your own separate DNS server, another approach is… Read more »