Best Parental Control Apps & Routers To Monitor Your Child’s Devices & Online Activity

The digital age is truly an amazing time to live in, but it can also be a frightening one. With the amount of cyberbullying and adult content that exists on the web, keeping children safe on the internet is now one of the biggest priorities. For this we need some interferance of parental control apps to monitor online activity.

So, how do you really go about accessing child’s phone, their social networks and apply blockers, and not become overly invasive in looking into their online activity?

Lucky for you, TechVise has taken the time to compile a list of best parental control apps and routers that help keep your child’s location safe from cyberbullying and online predators. These parental control software services and routers range from monitoring specific apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, SMS, to geofencing, social media monitoring and adding screen time limits to unlimited number of devices by iOS like Apple iPads, iPhones, android devices, Chromebooks, Kindle Fire, and Microsoft devices.

All you have to do is download their apps from Play Store or Apple App Store and being monitoring online activities for inappropriate content.

One important thing to note, because these services are geared for parents of underage children (less than 18 years), they comply with strict privacy guidelines and adhere to data privacy and protection laws for the country they sell in.


Bark (iOS, Android, Amazon)

For the most comprehensive online monitoring experience, look no further than Bark. This is the end all, be all experience of parental controlling app for your kids’ online activity.

Bark is the perfect monitoring service of child’s activity if you want to protect your kids from adult content to live tracking, app blocking to cyberbullying, web filtering to geofencing and from setting time limits to keeping an eye on messaging.

While Bark monitors everything your child (or children) is doing on interent, social media websites etc, and displays it all in a simple overview. If there is suspicious activity, you can dig deeper and find specific details like SMS and social media interactions.

This is great because the overview gives you a simple check up, without giving too many details about exactly what your child is doing. However, it also records all of this information if you ever want to look into it.

How Bark Works & Helps

Bark will cost you $14/Month for the whole family or $99/Year. Bark Jr – a smaller plan with limited features, is available for $5/Month or $49/Year

If you think the app is not what you’re looking for, perhaps look at Bark Home, a small device that you can plug into your router to set up screen time management, web filters on smart TVs, gaming consoles, PCs and laptops.

Say hello to more familytime!

There is also a 7 day free trial when you signup for Bark via our link. Or use the following coupon at signup: 4NM2M62

Qustodio (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Kindle)

Qustodio offers all the basic and enhanced features one could ask for. The free parental control version limits a person to one device and just a few features. You can see the comparison on their site.

The paid version of Qustodio monitors social media activity, calls, SMS, apps, searches and internet browsing. It further keeps a tab on picture uploads, screen time usage and location tracking. Qustodio has managed to enhance their location tracking feature with geofencing capabilities. This gives alerts when your kids leave and enter saved locations.

Your child can even activate panic button for alerts and you as a parent are in full control of setting up time limits accessing records for 30 days. Qustodio is not just for family, but for schools and businesses as well.

Use code HOLIDAY10 for 10% Off on All Qustodio premium plans.

Signup on Qustodio and get great discounts!

Small Plan: Get 30% off by using the code Black30.
Medium Plan: Get 40% off by using the code Black40.
Large Plan: Get 50& off by using the code Black50.

These offers are valid till 28th November, 2021.

Mobicip (iOS, Android, Windows)

For those who a want simple parental control app to monitor children’s online activity, Mobicip is a great option. In essence, Mobicip is a software that allows you to monitor internet activity, set time limits, filter search settings, block apps, and even see app usage. These features are available on the premium edition, which starts at $47.88 a year.

Mobicip plans are based according to the number of devices they help protect. The small plan supports 5 devices, whereas the medium plan supports 10 and X-large 20 devices. All plans come with a 7 day free trial.

If you aren’t looking to pay, you can just as easily download the Mobicip app on your Android or Apple iOS device for the free version. This app is meant to replace the current web browser and has easily manageable blocking for inappropriate content, and filter settings. The best thing about this parental control app is the sheer simplicity of it.

NetGear Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router

NetGear Nighthaw is one of those great router devices that are aimed to be setup by parents. Hence, this one comes with a hassle free setup and where you need your child’s help with the setup.

So how is NetGear’s device different from others? NetGear is a powerful router which is compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa – that will control your home network using voice commands.

NetGear Nighthawk is compatible with Circle Smart Parental Controls for $4.99/M. Now what is Circle? Good question, see our next item for details on Circle!

Circle Home Plus

With Circle, parents can set limits such as: daily internet time limits for websites, apps, and more. Furthermore, it creates a web filter, limits usage, controls pausing the broadcast time and schedules bedtime for kids as well.

Circle is considered to be the best parental control app and router device to monitor online activities. The product has the widest range of controling specific apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube and many more!

The app for Circle is available on iOS and Android devices while the router piece comes with the subscription.

You can also get Circle Home Plus directly for $129. Use our special link to get $20 off your purchase.

Circle is also available now as a standalone app subscription for $99/yr.

Gryphon Advanced Security and Parental Control Mesh WiFi Router

Another popular parental control device is from Gryphon. Besides the usual hardware and features available on advanced security devices, Gryphon has built-in dedicated parental control feaures. Content filtering, browsing history, view times, screen time, safe search, safe YouTube viewing are some of the features that are available via their smartphone app. You can also suspend internet access with it.

If you want to use Gryphon outside of the home network, then you can get the additional HomeBound Service for $4.99/mo. The first 3 months are free and you can use it for upto 5 devices.

Parental Control App Conclusion

That’s our list for now. All of these apps & devices are great because they give parents the peace of mind that their child is safe online. Most of them also offer the freedom that so many children desire. So choose according to your budget, requirement and number of devices.

Keep in mind that the trade off between a monitoring app and a filtering / parental control device is that the app monitors children’s internet activity on the device itself regardless of the network it is connected to. Whereas an internet filtering device can only monitor and protect your kids when they are in your home. If they’re using another network, they are out of any monitoring range.

Do you know of any other great parental control app or router for monitoring real-time activity? Let us know in the comments below.

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Zahra Habib
Zahra Habib
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  1. The settings are exclusive to Microsoft devices and will not cover other devices or device types your family uses.

    • Which settings or app are you talking about? We’ve mostly covered apps and physical devices that work across multiple devices

  2. Monitoring kids’ activities on the internet are necessary in this digital era. Every parent use monitoring software & any other monitoring devices to monitor their kids’ activities on the internet.

  3. I am an educator and my school system uses GoGuardian for school accounts. Are there any apps or programs like GoGuardian for home/parent use? I cannot sit and watch my child throughout the day he’s on the computer at home to monitor what’s going on…I do have other parental responsibilities. What can you recommend I can use that gives me remote monitoring access for PC’s and tablets (just like GoGuardian)?

  4. I would like to see another updated list of the best apps. I used few with free trial so far and either are complicated or don’t seem to work perfectly. The last one that I used is Surfie app and its pretty good and easy to use.
    and i have to agree with Alice Su that is really important to watch kids

    • Thank you for the feedback, can you just reply back with maybe 1 line about each app/device you used. Would really help

  5. Hi,
    What about Chrome incognito mode image tab? It’s a complete bypass of most parental controls. Which routers enforce safe search something like option 3 in this link?

    BUC has changed name to Kibosh. Blocksi and Kibosh both enforce safe search. But I haven’t found an explicit from either that they work with incognito mode.

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for the update on the name. To understand how incognito mode works, take a look here:

      In a nutshell, it only works on the host browser itself i.e. not saving any browsing patterns, cookies etc. And just in the instance that If you visit a malware riddled site, your anti-malware or antivirus software will block that site/software from infecting your computer regardless of what mode you’re in; Any hardware enabled at the edge of your network or software working independent of your browser will continue to do its work.

    • I contacted customer support for both Kibosh (formerly BUC) and Blocksi. They both definitively enforce safe search mode even during incognito and in private modes. A third option I found is pcWRT.

      If you are tech savvy, but don’t want to setup your own separate DNS server, another approach is to buy a router that supports or comes with dd-wrt, and use the hosts file settings on the router.

      I hope someday that an option to enable forcesafesearch on routers becomes standard.



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