Best Graphic Designing Services for a Professional Look

Graphic Designing is supposed to be hard, but what if adding glamour to your images wasn’t anymore, or giving an image a professional look as easy as A-B-C, would you still hire a designer for simple things?

Even if graphic design is not your main gig, everyone needs it once in a while. In fact it is good to have a great tool at hand, knowing it is ready and waiting if you need it. You do not want to hire someone just to create an infographic or retouch your CV, you can do that yourself if you have the right tool and a little bit of free time.

In this article, we will present you with some great graphic designing services that can serve different purposes. Most of them have few things in common – ease of use, intuitive design and lots of free stuff. It is best for you to give them a try, and then decide which one to use or invest in. Read the article carefully; you will find at least some of them worth a try, guaranteed.


Canva is an online graphic designing platform that is simple to use, yet powerful. Canva allows users to create professional looking designs by simply dragging and dropping. This is an uncomplicated, user-friendly platform that has a vast database of over a million pictures, fonts, and graphics. Canva is a very flexible platform, suitable for beginners as well as businesses; it will allow you to create some beautiful looking designs. Beginners will especially like it since it allows even people who are not that skilled to transform their ideas into reality by creating fantastic looking designs, all thanks to its intuitive drag and drop editor.

A cool thing about Canva is that encourages communication between users, sort of like a design social network. That way you can find interesting, like-minded people and share ideas. Canva has a free plan, so consider trying it, you have nothing to lose, and will probably like it. For a full review, you can read why we love it so much.


Snappa is another great graphic designing editor. In it, you can create art for your social media, blogs, YouTube channels, and other marketing purposes. To use it, you do not need a design background, the interface is straightforward, and you can find tips and video tutorials everywhere. A cool thing about Snappa is that everything is royalty-free, and you can use the art you find here for other purposes too. That makes Snappa a budget-friendly solution, and that is why this software is very liked by people who are just starting up. Snappa has three plans, one free and two premium plans. The main limitation of their free plan is the number of downloads per month – only five – which makes it a good option just for trying out the software.


DesignBold is almost close to Canva. The interface is minimalist, which is cool, especially if you are not exactly sure what you want to create, and don’t like to be bombarded with too many options. DesignBold offers templates that you can build upon, or you can start a new project from scratch, by just choosing the project type, for example, a postcard. You can choose from a number of layouts, or upload your own art. The number of templates, designs, and art, as well as some advanced sharing options, depends on the plan you choose, but even the most expensive DesignBold plan is quite affordable when compared to other services. There is also a 30 day trial period in which you can see the full offerings of this graphic designing editor.


Stencil is a tool for creating and sharing fantastic looking designs on your social media and blogs. It is directly intended to make your posts more clickable, likable and tweetable than before. Besides the database of millions of images and fonts and hundreds of templates, it has more than 100k of quotes you can use – and we all know how popular those quote images are. This is a user-friendly software yet very robust, and it will benefit beginners and the pros, individuals and bigger businesses. We like that it has a Chrome extension and a Firefox Add-on allowing you to create images while browsing the web. The free plan will get you going, but it has limited capabilities. To unlock premium options, get one of the paid plans, they come with a 7-Day money back guarantee.


Another simple to use designing tool, PicMonkey will be a good option for any Instagrammer od blogger that want to avoid the overwhelming Photoshop. You can retouch and edit your photos, make collages, logos, and watermarks, beautiful yet simple, effortless. PicMonkey also has mobile apps, both for iOS and Android, which will allow you to edit and create on the go. Unfortunately, it does not have a free plan, only a seven day trial period, but it is still worth trying out.


Like the primary purpose of DesignEvo was to create logos, Piktochart is meant for creating infographics.

Infographics are the thing nowadays, everybody has them, and if you are looking to create one, but don’t know how to do it, Piktochart is the answer. This cloud-based tool will allow you to make some terrific looking infographics without any previous experience. Still, this is a complete tool, and even if you have a lot of experience as a designer, you will find it useful.

Piktochart already has a deep pool of pre-made graphics, images, maps, which you can use, and re-edit to meet your needs. You can create impressive-looking reports, slides, posters, anything you need for your website, blog or social media page. The free version will get you started, introducing you to the service, but if you want to unlock the full power of Piktochart, you will need a paid plan that will get you hundreds of templates, cloud storage, remove the company watermark and allow you to download and publish everything yourself.


As the names suggest, DesignWizard is almost magical – it is that simple to use. It is a perfect option for people who are not exactly sure where and how to start. You just click on the “Designs” button on the homepage and select one of the categories. After that, you will be presented with some popular templates, premade by the DesignWizard team. You choose one of those, and the editor will launch – there you can edit the template, add more images or text. After you are happy with your piece, you can download your new picture, or share it on social media. DesignWizard has a free package, but it will not get you far, as it only has the most basic features. To unleash the full power, you will have to reach for the wallet, and get their premium plans.


Visme is a designing platform, created with teams in mind. It will let you create complex designs, presentations, and infographics for your marketing needs. Visme has tons of templates for different projects and documents, and you will be able to create terrific-looking art for your online publications. A cool thing about Visme is that it does not charge extra, like many competitors, for better-looking templates and art that are you more likely to choose anyway. However, the key strength of Visme is in its analytics feature that gives you an insight of the popularity of your posts among visitors. You will see which of your posts were the most popular, time spent, number of unique users your site attracts and more. Visme has a free plan, but it is for individuals only, but it is a good point to start and see how the service works for you.

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