Improve Your Writing with these Editing and Proofing Apps

Editing and proofing is the backbone of awesome writing.

Most freelance writers enter the business with little practical writing experience, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful from day one. In today’s online world, numerous applications help writers assess their skills, pinpoint problem areas, and improve their game.

How? Software & Tools!

We’ll be talking about writing services and editing and proofing services as well.

Writing Services


Clearscope is a very intuitive and incredibly easy-to-use SEO writer. The interface helps with keyword report and relavent writing to what people are looking for. The software helps to understand what to write about, how to write it, and deliver the results. We think the price is a bit high, but teh WordPress plugin is super friendly and we loved the tool!


INKforAll is another fantastic software which uses AI to help you write SEO content. A cheaper solution than Clearscope, INKforAll has several tools you can use other than the optimising solution. Grammarly too is embeded in its code and helps you with your UK and US standard English.

Editing and Proofing services!

We’ve all heard of Grammarly, ProWriting Aid and Ginger Online. But there are several more out there, and the few mentioned in this article are all designed to do just that – so think of this article as an extension to all the pro services out there.


Are you looking to create concise, correct, and well-written essays and papers? GradeProof analyses the text for grammatical errors, word choice, syntax, and sentence structure. Drafts can be stored in the cloud or delivered via email. It provides superior spell checking, word count tallying and plagiarism detection to ensure better grades and avoid issues with copied content.

The free plan can get you started but the Pro plan is the real deal if you’re all about editing and proofing your piece.


Writer uses AI to intelligently streamline the whole editing and proofing experience not just with your brand but your entire team can be on the same page.

The customisation Writer offers is far superiour than the others mentioned on this list. With their extensions for Chrome, Google Docs, Word and of course their own Web version.

Writer helps you to simplify language for more precise writing and then further suggests sentence breaks to improve readability.

The best bit? When checking for plagiarism, you can actually include URLs that you don’t want your writing to be checked against. This is one cool feature which we’ve yet to see in other writing assistant tools.

Just begin the 14-day trial and start improving your emails, copywriting, marketing gigs and other write-ups.


WhiteSmoke does just what the name implies. It is a powerful real-time assistant with a simple, practical interface. Create audio notes and snippets that can be inserted into the text later. Listen back to the text as the app reads it audibly. The app is compatible with the most popular word processing programs and document formats. It also features real-time spelling and grammar checking, making it easy to spot and fix problems instantly.

iA Writer

The key advantage of iA Writer is its simple interface and ease of use. This minimalist approach makes it easy to concentrate on the task of writing while spotting and fixing problems on the fly. The grammar, spelling, and syntax checker ensures a more collegiate feel to the text. Documents are saved locally or to cloud storage via any number of cloud services.

After the Deadline

This powerful grammar checker is available as both an online app, and as a plugin that can be used within many word processing and other writing applications.

This is a web-based editing and proofing app is compatible with all common mobile platforms. Just copy and paste or use the built-in word processor to write and check the text for errors in real time. After the Deadline users can also upload entire documents at once and see a full analysis within seconds with just a tap of the “Check Writing” button.

Online Correction

Online Correction is another practical online grammar and punctuation checker with a simple, straightforward UI. It identifies errors in spelling, grammar, and sentence structure and allows for quick, easy edits from within the app. It also has an auto correct feature that fixes problems as you write and dialectical algorithms to ensure proper messaging to the appropriate audience of a piece.

Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a favorite online spell checker with students and freelance writers who are concerned about delivering 100% unique and optimised content. The app is entirely free to use and works off a simple web-based interface that is compatible with all mobile platforms. Use it to check all the basics – grammar, spelling, etc. – and check for plagiarism all in one place.

Using the above tools will help you gain an edge over competing bloggers and, over time, secure better-paying projects with higher-profile clients. We hope you will have a look at each of these editing and proofing services & apps.

Find the one that suits you best and go for it. Just make sure to give their trial period a go and then invest.

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