Best International SIM Card Services to Cut High Roaming Charges

We are all aware that when we intend to travel abroad, the first thing that comes to mind is activating international roaming on your existing SIM card. What most people aren’t aware of, is the huge bill they get once they return home. Every call, text and data request is charged.

To fix this little but costly hiccup, we have built a list of great services that provide you international SIM card or global sim card that will work anywhere in the world for a reasonable fee.

Let’s look into these universal SIM cards service list…

Know Roaming

phone supporting eSIM

Offering Calls, Text and Data plans on over 200 countries, Know Roaming is a package deal if you are a frequent traveller.

Their Global SIM Card is ideal as once you land in another country, it automatically connects you to local network. Best part is their app which gives you insight into the usage, rates, balance and even support.

KnowRoaming’s Global SIM Sticker is a cooler way to get your begin your travelling experience! And as a bonus they send you a free SIM card as well. If you’re wondering how to apply a sticker on your own SIM, here’s a video showing the application process:

If you’ve got a phone supporting eSIM, then just add KnowRoaming data plans on your eSIM compatible phone. Once done, you’re good to access multiple networks without a SIM card!


international sim card

This international SIM card saves 85% on roaming charges while travelling worldwide. OneSimCard covers over 200 countries. Data is available in 165+ countries with 4G speeds in over 50 of those.

OneSIMCard includes both a European and U.S. number, with the option to add additional numbers in many countries.  If you are travelling only to Europe, OneSimCard offers a special Europe & More  with Direct Dial calling from 40 countries and special low calling rates to the United States and Canada. 

They offer some premium services such as global concierge services to help with language translation and road-side emergencies. If you happen to be an iPhone user with a locked phone or have phone supporting eSim card, you can get their eSim (instant download) for mobile data coverage. The OneSim VOIP app works with eSim for texts and calls. Delivery of these international SIM cards is free in some cases. Otherwise you simply pay a small amount to get them delivered. You can purchase these international SIM cards via BitCoin, CashU, Credit Cards and PayPal. You should know that OneSimCard has been rated excellent by PC Mag as well.



This international SIM card is ideal for any price conscious traveller. The GO-SIM Starter Pack for instance, lets you stay in touch for less. It’s the SIM card that doesn’t stop giving! Fit this international SIM card into your mobile phone and you can stay in touch in over 195 countries world wide, and you receive free calls in all major tourist destinations.

The international SIM card comes under four awesome packages that you can select based on your needs. Here are the delivery charges for international SIM users living abroad. The cost will vary depending on shipping location of course, but keep in mind that this card comes with $10 prepaid credit.  You can add more air time to your SIM by purchasing through your Credit Card. The SIM offers up-to 200% more credit on your data bundles but it remain active for 30 days only.

Woolworth’s Mobile

Woolworth’s Mobile Global Roaming allows you to roam in over 200 countries and save up to 90% on Global Roaming costs with $10 credit. With their international SIM card you can add your local landline number from over 60 countries, which means that if your friends and family are calling, they will be calling on your local number at a local rate hence, saving cost.

For your SMS services however, you will be charged but only 6c and all you have to do is log into your account and send text messages from your account and the money will be deducted from your credit balance. Keep in mind, in order for this service to work your phone device should be unlocked and less than 5 years old. Also note that this SIM does not work with the latest 4th generation iPad models but it is fully compatible with other iPad models.

The international shipping rates vary depending on which country, you are having your SIM delivered. Woolworth accepts payments via all PayPal and major credit cards.


Flexiroam is a package deal for travellers. They offer their services to more than 150 countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe South and North America combined.

They offer different data plans for specific countries but for global data plans; its pay-as-you-go only. You can pick from the gazillion choices of plans they offer. For dual SIM phones, X SIM is ideal. Their eSIM option is best for a phone supporting eSIM functionality, whereas, the X-Microchip is best for single SIM phones.

To order, simply place the SIM you want in cart and checkout using any Credit or Debit Card.


phone supporting eSIM card

KeepGo is an international SIM card service with a special focus on Data SIMs offering unique packages to over 120 countries.

Their pocket friendly data products include a Lifetime 4G LTE, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot and Smartwatch SIM card.

The Lifetime 4G LTE is essentially a universal SIM card that comes with a jacket. So if your phone supports Nano, Mini or Micro, this package is a safe bet, costing a little less than $50. All you need for it to stay active is refill it once a year.

The other two products; Wi-Fi Hotspot and Smartwatch SIM card are exactly as what the name suggests. The former is a hotspot device that allows 16 simultaneous connections. While the latter is a SIM card for the smartwatch which doesn’t require your phone to be around for 2G and 3G connectivity.


SIM card and eSIM

Surfroam, as the name suggests is only reserved for internet services. You get all the data you want while travelling provided you have an unlocked GSM device or a phone supporting eSIM. 

Surfroam is available in more over 200 countries, and each data plan is different depending on the country you buy from. For more details check their pricing page, but just an FYI… they charge per-megabyte rate, starting at 0.01€/MB  

You can get this SIM shipped for as little as 15-20€ (+ shipping) and get the same amount back in your account as a thank you!

Surfroam doesn’t offer any text or call services. If you have private messaging services like Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger already on your phone, then who needs that?

So that’s our list for some of the best International SIM card services. I will be adding more to this list once I come across some more decent produts. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments below if you have used any of these (or any other) international SIM cards.

If you want help on how to ship your SIM cards or any other item purchased in US or UK (that don’t send to your destination), check out some reliable parcel forwarding services. You can use thee for sending items to your homeland.

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