5 Best Malware Removal Tools


We all know the internet can be a dangerous place, and many of us use some form of security software… even if its Microsoft’s Security Essential & Windows defender. But, if we are all honest with ourselves, we never really pay that much attention to it, and we end up getting malware or spyware on our PCs and Macs (yes they too are prone to the more dangerous forms of phishing and hijacking as PCs). The good news is there are programs out there that can help you remove these malicious viruses, and to make your lives a little easier we have compiled a short list of some best malware removal tools.

What is Malware & How Malware Removal Tools Work

Malware is an infected file. It usually comes from email attachments, instant messages, downloading a file from internet, letting other add-ons be installed on your PC or you could simply contract it from a flash drive. They generally slow down your browsing by installing freaky search engines and toolbars or another indicator is that your PC will take really long to start up/wake up. The over all effect you get is that your PC has suddenly become sluggish and old in everything it does.Malware removal tools are softwares that scan for malicious files and processes on the system and then it removes them. The proper way to get rid of malware is to download a good malware removal tool and run it. After it has run and given you a green signal, you then have to restart your PC and in NO circumstance do a system restore, otherwise the infection will just come right back.Let’s take a look at some of the best malware removal tools

Malwarebytes – Free & Paid (PC only)

Malwarebytes is slightly different than some of the other malware removal tools you will see on this list. The biggest difference being that Malwarebytes isn’t meant to prevent malware, simply remove it. With that in mind, the free version of Malwarebytes should always run alongside another antivirus program or simply fork out $25 for the Premium version that runs faster & prevents malware as well. That being said, Malwarebytes is awesome because it is one of the most advanced malware removers out there. After being invented by a fourteen year old who corrupted his family computer,  Malwarebytes’ mission is to be constantly up-to-date on the latest malware practices so that it can easily remove them. That commitment to security is why Malwarebytes is a must have for anyone who wants to keep their computer safe.

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ – Free (PC only)

Ad-Aware is great because of how behind the scenes it is. It offers a pretty comprehensive package scanning your files, new programs, and even your emails. It does all of this without constant pop-ups or upgrade requests. The software also includes a scheduler so that users can regularly schedule scans without loading the software. For users looking for something simple and non-intrusive, Ad-Aware is certainly one of the best options in malware removal tools. TechVise also has a special promo for users interested in Getting 33% Off all products from Lavasoft – creators of Ad Aware.

Avast Antivirus – Free & Paid (Mac & PC)

Avast is one of the most popular options on this list of malware removals. It comes with the usual suite of antivirus options (such as a browser cleaner), but it has a few features that separate it from other antivirus programs. One such feature is remote assistance, which allows users to be assisted by someone else over the internet. It’s a great feature for people who don’t understand a lot about computers but need help removing malware. The premium version comes with a ton more features, including secure online banking and anti-hacker options, but if you are looking for a free anti-virus that packs a free malware removal tool as well, then this should be your preferred choice. Avast Antivirus provides both free and paid versions for Mac OS X as well.

ComboFix – Free (PC only)

ComboFix is the grandpa of all malware removal tools. Although its a freeware, ComboFix was created to scan PCs for known malwares, spyware and other freakoes out there lurking in internet corners. This tool is sort of scary – okay it can remove every infected file  but apart from that because its powerful enough to remove trojans also… so you need to be careful. You cannot use this tool unless a specialised or trained person is handling it. Once the tool has run and removed the uglies from your PC, remove this software as well. Do not leave the executable file on your PC. Sadly this piece of power is not for Windows 8 or 8.1.

Bitdefender – Paid (Mac and PC)

For those looking for the end all be all of protection, look no further than Bitdefender. Not only does it have heavy duty security measures, but Bitdefender Anti Virus has won best protection for the past three years. It has also been hailed for having the lowest impact on your computer’s performance. As with all anti virus software out there, you pay more for extra benefits, for instance anti virus does not include Parental Control and 2-Way Firewall, for that you need to get Bitdefender Internet Security and if you want to protect multiple devices, such as Mac, PC and Android then you are better off with Bitdefender Total Security that goes on to include Anti Theft measures and secure file storage as well. In a nutshell, for those looking to make their computer (whether its a PC or a Mac) into a fortress against malware, Bitdefender may be worth that cost.

That’s all for our list on the best malware removers. Just remember, when it comes to malware… routine scans and check-ups are always the best defense. Any other awesome malware removal out there? Let us know in the comments!

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Very Nice Article.
You must had listed Stubborn trojan killer too.


MalwareFox is nice too.


Downloaded & Used the free version of Malwarebytes to get rid of suspected malware on my computer. Highly recommend it.


Love MB!

I use it almost exclusively but like to add Mackeeper http://no-adware.com/blog/what-is-mackeeper/ for my Macbook pro as its a bit more specific to Apple.

Thanks Tech Vise!