Need to Learn A New Skill? Has Your Fix [Review]


If I told you that at a small price, you could learn a lot of skills and without YouTube too, would you go for it?

Therefore we are bringing you a review on, which will show you what exactly is it that makes the website worth subscribing to.

How Teaches Relevant Skills Online provides dozens of tutorials on broad subjects, and you can learn applications that your profession might depend on, with just a few clicks. On you have access to software tutorials, for applications from the biggest names, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft or even Adobe. offers a rich library of training videos which you can use in your own time, as you see fit, to learn new software. The website can come in handy, especially when you’re in a hurry to learn a new skill that is mandatory for you.  If you need to learn Adobe Illustrator, for example, you can simply get yourself comfortable at your desktop or laptop, position a big cup of your favourite refreshment beverage and get your hands right into’ s tutorials. They are smart enough to offer apps for iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and Amazon devices that make it all the more easy to learn on the go.

For a tutorial library as big and vast as the one offered by (currently at 3,527 courses), which includes training videos for a variety of subjects such as web, photography, audio and video or even business, the subscription is fairly reasonable.’s Strong Points

There are a lot of things about the website and its teaching platform that offer a great educational experience, so we’ve put a few things aside a couple of points for you to get the general idea of how awesome is.

Strategic Teaching

The video tutorials are placed in a logical order, getting the information across to you strategically. They will teach you based on a system that dictates how the tutorial advances. They keep your current skill level in mind and use realistic examples to give you a better idea of what they mean.

Skilled Teachers

A fine point about the website is that those responsible for teaching you seem to know what they are talking about, and just give you the overall impression that they are skilled enough for you to trust them with taking you to the next level.

Subscription Variety puts multiple options at your disposal for subscribing to their website, including special programs for the educational and corporate branches. Also, you can choose between a regular subscription or a Premium subscription for their courses, most of which are also available on DVD. The difference between a regular subscription and a premium subscription is that the latter also grants you access to’s exercise files, which let you put your newly acquired skills to use.

Nicely Split Into Sections

A lesson on can get pretty long, in some cases reaching the 2-hour mark, but nicely divides the tutorial into short parts so you can focus on the bit that you are most interested in, especially if you are in a hurry and need a quick instructional video on something. Therefore, although you have the complete course, you don’t need to sit through all of it in one go.

Huge Library

Whether you’re looking to learn about audio and video, 3D and animation, or something else, you might just find what you’re looking for on, which aside from the mentioned topics also provides tutorials for design, web development and even business. In 2012, their website crossed the 1300 mark on available lessons for specified subjects. Today, it offers a large number of courses, 3,527, and has been acquired by LinkedIn.

No Need To Get Serious

Unlike many other subscriber-based websites, does not force you into a long-term subscribership. You can pay for a single month, then part ways if you consider there’s nothing more on their website that might be of use to you. Although that is not usually the case, most first-time subscribers make their way back to their website after the first month.

Play The Tutorials From Anywhere

The tutorials on can be accessed from multiple types of platforms, including Mac, PC and even mobile devices.

Final Word

You should know that while the library available at this very moment is pretty huge, it continues to grow, as is in continuous expansion. The number of tutorials continues to grow as the website diversifies the list of available subjects, such as information design, internet marketing and social media.

So if you are in need of acquiring a new skill, hop over to because it most likely has what you need.

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