Galaxy Buds Pro vs. Airpods Pro: Just Another Comparison

In the realm of premium earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Airpods Pro 2 stand out as formidable contenders. 

You can call them Galaxy buds pro and Apple Airpods pro… the point is we are talking here about the latest ones; 2nd generation or 3rd generation we will clarify later below.

After nearly two months of daily use (read scarce), I find it imperative to finally chomp down on these two words, keeping in mind i’m primarily living in the iOS ecosystem.

I do know someone who is a fan of Nothing. Yep, Nothing Phone 2 and very soon we may do a comparison between one of these and Nothing Buds.

Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds

Galaxy buds pro vs airpods pro original

Alright, let’s dive into the world of software with Apple device and Samsung earbuds – it’s like choosing between two different flavors of ice cream. 

Now, these earbuds are like little tech buddies, and the software they run on plays a big part in the whole experience. But here’s the catch – each pair is like a loyal sidekick tied to its own operating system.

So, Apple’s AirPods Pro 3rd generation (or even second generation) are like the cool kids in the iOS gang. There is a very slight difference between the Airpods pro 3 and Airpods pro 2. But a massive gap between airpods vs airpods pro

They play nice with Apple iPhone and iPad pro, and all the magic happens in the iOS Settings app. It’s like the control center for these buds. You can tweak settings, get those fancy firmware updates, and dive into premium features like spatial audio, Find My AirPods, or chat with hey Siri hands-free. 

It’s all there in the iOS Settings app, where you can even decide what happens when you tap those force sensors on the ear stems.

Now, shifting gears to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro, we will cover Buds2. We are not talking about Galaxy Buds FE, or Galaxy Buds Live or even Galaxy Buds2 Pro Minions. 

For the sake of mentioning, Google Pixel Buds Pro or Pixel Buds A-Series are also not a part of this ‘another comparison’, but maybe we’ll tackle these later.

Ok, back to Galaxy Buds Pro.

They take a different route with their software game, using the Galaxy Wearable app, which is like their own little playground for Android users. 

Here, you can dance with firmware updates, switch between noise canceling and ambient sound mode, and even take the ear tip fit test. But, here’s the kicker – this app is an Android exclusive. So, if you’re rocking an iPhone, you’re missing out on this tech fiesta.

Now, when it comes to EQ – you know, tuning the sound to your liking – the latest version of Apple keeps it hands-free with Adaptive EQ. It’s like having a personal DJ. 

Samsung, on the other hand, brings a bit more flavor with EQ presets in the Galaxy Wearable app. You can’t cook up your own recipe, but hey, at least you get some choices.

In a nutshell, it’s like choosing between two clubs – Apple’s got its exclusive hangout in the iOS Settings app, while Samsung’s party is rocking in the Android-friendly Galaxy Wearable app. It’s all about where you feel at home. So, whether you’re team Apple or team Samsung, just remember, it’s the software that adds that extra spice to your earbud journey. Cheers to tech adventures! 🎉✨


The Buds 2 Pro are like scoring a front-row ticket to a concert without breaking the bank. At just $199 from Samsung, they’re practically a steal, especially when the Airpods Pro 2nd generation are playing hard to get at a hefty $400 from third-party sellers. 

It’s like choosing between a gourmet meal and a four-course feast – the Buds 2 Pro are the smart budget pick.

And we are not even talking about the discounts they go on when its Cyber monday or Black Friday. Heck it could be Christmas, New Year of Valentine’s Day – Galaxy buds pro are the clear win.

Build Quality and Design

Now, when it comes to looks, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are the sleek trendsetters. They’ve got this stunning matte finish and snug fit that’s like slipping into your favorite pair of sneakers. 

On the other hand, the Apple Airpods Pro 2, well, they’re a bit like the dependable old shoes you’ve had forever – solid, but nothing to turn heads. 

It’s a style showdown, and the Buds 2 Pro take the crown.

Battery Life

Alright, let’s chat about battery life – a crucial detail when it comes to picking your tech sidekick. 

We’ve got the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) throwing punches with the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. Who’s got the juice to keep you grooving?

Now, the AirPods pro come out swinging with some battery upgrades. Picture this – at a steady beat of 75dB(SPL), these bad boys wil give you a cool 6 hours and 21 minutes of listening time on a solo charge. 

But wait, there’s more! The charging case is like a secret energy stash, giving you four extra rounds – that’s over 30 hours in total. Plus, it’s got this MagSafe case magic going on, meaning it can cozy up to a MagSafe charger, regular wireless charging, or even the classic wired charging with a Lightning connection.

Do we need to talk about what is MagSafe battery pack? I hope not. 

Now, shift your focus to the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. They’re not trailing too far behind. Rocking a single charge, they keep the party going for 5 hours and 9 minutes with Active Noise Cancellation doing its thing. The Buds 2 case brings in an extra 15 hours of listening time, totaling just over 20 hours. 

It’s like having a solid backup dancer to keep the vibe alive.

Both these earbuds are sprinters in the fast-charging game. Pop them in the case for just 5 minutes, and bam! You’ve got an extra hour of playback time. It’s like a quick power nap for your earbuds.

So, it boils down to this – the AirPods Pro with their extended battery life and fancy MagSafe moves, or the Galaxy Buds 2 holding their own with a solid performance. 


Let’s talk about compatibility, shall we? 

The Buds 2 Pro are like the social butterflies of the earbud world. They’ll groove with your iOS, Android, and even Windows devices, no drama. 

Now, the Airpods Pro, they’re VIPs in the Apple party but get a bit awkward outside. 

So, if you’re mingling with different gadgets, the Buds 2 Pro are your cool, versatile pals. Another win for Samsung.

Music Quality

Picture this – you’re in your own little music bubble, and the Buds 2 Pro are cranking up the volume. They sound powerful, clear, and just downright awesome. 

The Airpods Pro try to keep up, but the Buds 2 Pro are the real rockstars in this category. 

It’s like having a concert in your ears, and the Buds 2 Pro are stealing the show.

Ambient Mode

Alright, mate, let’s dive into the ambient mode – the Airpods Pro are like wizards in the magical land of not-wearing-anything. It’s like you’re in a music video, living the dream. 

Now, the Buds 2 Pro can pull some tricks too, but the Airpods Pro are the true magicians here, creating a vibe that’s almost surreal.

Noise Cancellation (Overall)

Now, for the peace seekers, the Airpods Pro are like superheroes, shutting down the world with a swish of their cape. It’s like a movie scene where everything goes silent. But, here’s the twist – some folks prefer the Buds 2 Pro. 

Why? Because their noise cancellation feels more like a natural hush, not the eerie silence of a haunted house. Both do the job, but it’s like choosing between a thriller and a cozy mystery.

Active Noise Cancellation

Let’s break it down – the Buds 2 Pro win in the active noise cancellation game. In your car or on a noisy train, they’re like your personal noise-busters, especially against engine hums. 

But, hold on, the Airpods Pro handle voices and sudden noises like the cool kids on the block. It’s a bit of a trade-off, but if you’re on the move, the Buds 2 Pro have your back.


Alright, when it comes to playing nice with others, it’s a tie. The Buds stick with Samsung, and the Airpods stick with Apple. 

Both unwilling to make peace with other. 

It’s like choosing your team – Samsung or Apple. No winners here, just your personal MVP.


Now, for the button pushers and touch tappers, the Airpods Pro have this nifty stem that’s like a magic wand for your ears. It’s easy, it’s intuitive, it’s like poetry in motion. 

Meanwhile, the Buds 2 Pro, well, you might accidentally nudge them when you’re tweaking settings. It’s like choosing between a graceful dance and a clumsy shuffle.

But very honestly speaking, they both suck at it. You are better off making adjustments via your Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch… heck all this will work easily with any Amazfit device too… otherwise you’re just looking like a monkey scratching one ear after the other.


Last stop – comfort town. 

The Airpods Pro are like a snug hug, just right for any workout or daily grind. The Buds 2 Pro, they’re not far behind. Both are like comfy sneakers for your ears, never causing a ruckus during your daily adventures.

But here’s we’ll say that both have come a long way from where they started… well A series was decent from the start but Apple Airpod 2nd generation were simply bad, popping out at the slightlest shoulder nudge. The new airpods that came after it, calling themselves 3rd gen airpods, were similar, complete and utter failure.

Galaxy Buds Pro vs. Airpods Pro: Verdict

In the end, it’s like picking between two great movies. 

If you are wondering are Airpods waterproof? They I cannot really say, I am not going to test them out! End of this discussion.

The Airpods Pro are the all-around blockbuster, but here’s the twist – the Buds 2 Pro are the sleeper hit. 

They’re cheaper, pack a punch, and for iOS users, they’re like getting a backstage pass to the pros without breaking the bank. Just watch out – losing them in iOS is like misplacing your keys – a bit of a headache. 

But hey, for the price, it might just be a bump in the road. So, there you have it, folks – the Buds 2 Pro, your budget-friendly audio buddies that are stealing the spotlight. Cheers to good tunes and great bargains!

Sure, you can use both pairs on either platform, but it’s like deciding between two flavors – each one has its sweet spot. If you’re all about that Apple ecosystem, the AirPods 3rd generation are your tech anthem, available on Apple Store, with their shiny Apple Support, and Apple card monthly installments and cashback.

But if you’re team Android, especially Samsung, the Galaxy Buds Pro are your groove. So, it’s not just about the earbuds; it’s about where you want your tech journey to lead. 

Cheers to making the right move on the dance floor of earbud choices!

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