Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Everyone

Cloud Storage is a virtual area where you store or take a backup of your files. You can store pictures, documents, videos and much more.

Cloud storage was once a paid service, now, its free. Well, almost every service out there offers free storage in cloud. Here we are also going to be talking about the best cloud based storage services which are free, easy to use, work on Windows 10, have mobile apps, and are not limited to just sharing files.

We’re listing all the famous and best cloud based spaces for now. They all have free and paid versions, but as a general rule, if a cloud storage solution is giving only 2GB free space, its considered less. If you’re getting 5GB or over, its good. And, if you are getting free 10GB, then that’s actually great.

Let’s dive into the list of best cloud storage services.


We all know about Dropbox?

It offers a tiny 2GB free cloud storage space which can be expanded to 16GB free if you manage to link your social media to your Dropbox account and refer your friends to use the service.

Well, if you are looking to find some place you can easily sync and get an unlimited space, Dropbox is what you are looking for. It offers advanced features allowing you to recover older versions of files.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage seems to be a great option for those using Windows 10.

With free signup you get 5GB of secure space. The apps on iOS and Android make it super useful to sync between devices. And, if you’re looking to upgrade, it starts from $1.99/Month. Pretty cheap eh?


Mega offers 50GB of free cloud storage service. Brilliant, right?

It is end-to-end encrypted, the chat/audio/video messaging within a document collaboration is secure, and the iOS, Android and Windows Phone app all sync with the web version seamlessly.

If you’re looking to start the paid plan, Mega’s pricing begins from €4.99/Month.

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud is something no one actually gets it for themselves till they buy an Apple product and you get the free 5GB storage service automatically.

If however you are interested in getting it, simply signup and stay secure. The paid plan begin from $0.99/Month for 50GB.

The sync is simply amazing and the cross platform security and backup is quite flawless.


Box offers a whopping 10GB of free cloud storage at signup. We think its best and quite frankly, an ideal size to store data.

The service helps improve productivity by great leaps. Your files stay synced across all devices.

Apart from the cloud storage, they have several other products that work very well if you’re looking for a full feature rich solution of work and business.

Paid plans begin from $10/Month for individuals offering 100 GB cloud storage.


If you don’t want to rely on external servers to help you with your cloud storage, NextCloud is best. Even though this is not an online based cloud storage solution, it offers a free software that you can use to download any cloud storage service and use it on your own server.

Using a personal server is often faster as you also have the power to enable encryption to enhance the safety of your files. For those who don’t have any experience on servers, you can also use a NextCloud Box which has already been configured from the website.

The box will come with a storage hard drive that has 1TB storage which works with a Raspberry Pi board just to ensure the safety of your data. As stated earlier, the NextCloud is free of charge but the NextCloud Box goes for around $79.

Google Drive

Everyone know Google Drive. It needs no intro as its already famous because Google, Gmail and Android devices, all are linked with it. It is also a great choice for the G-suite and Google fans.

Signup with Google Drive is free and you get 15GB free storage straight away. The paid services ranges from $1.99 per month for 100GB cloud storage.

Backing up data on hardware is good, getting an external storage drive is better, but having stuff saved on cloud is a next level experience. So, if you’re still behind everyone and don’t have cloud storage, get yourself a viable solution today.

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