Funky iOS Stickers to Bring Colour to Your iMessages

In the past few years, a lot of people have grown interest in making use of stickers while sending out a funny message or passing across a piece of information to friends and families. Stickers are indeed one of the most popular features of iOS message app, they are entirely different from the usual images, and they can be used as part of an iMessage thread.

Unlike the regular images, stickers can be placed on other photos or affixed to messages that have been sent in the past. Some stickers on the message app store are free while others require that you pay a token to download.

Get iOS Stickers On Your Message App

Stickers are now available in the App Store, to access them follow these steps

  1. Open a conversation in the Messages App.
  2. Click on the “A” shaped icon
  3. Select the icon that looks like four dots in the lower left-hand corner of the screen
  4. Tap the blue plus sign that says Store.
  5. In the Message App Store, browse & download stickers to use in your iMessages.
  6. If the stickers have a price, you may have to buy it to use, if not, simply download to use.

Best iOS Stickers

Although there are a lot of stickers on the iOS Message App, here is a comprehensive list of the best stickers you can choose from.

Buzz Bees – Free

Buzz Bees stickers are beautiful collections of stickers that display your emotions at any point in time. You can use these fantastic stickers to let your friends know when you are happy, sleepy, cool or sad. Buzz Bees are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, they can also be downloaded free at no cost.

Om Nom Stickers – Free

Produced by ZeptoLab UK Limited, Om Nom Stickers are the most expressive and adorable stickers for Messages. You can quickly place them on bubbles, images, and even other stickers to let your buddies know how sweet you feel. They can be downloaded free at no cost and are gif enabled.

StickieNotes – Paid

StickieNotes are the most useful and handy ways to communicate in real life to your iMessages. It helps you save time and get your message across clearly and often humorously with useful messages like “What Time?”, “Stop By My Office,” and “Hey Big Fella!” The collection includes over 100 useful StickieNotes, fun colors, themes and messages.

Monsters Inc. – Paid

Disney Stickers are perfect for people who want to add a little boo to their iMessages and transform their chat thread with this Monsters, Inc. The collection includes animated sticker pack with favorite characters like Sulley, Mike, and of course, Boo.

Inside Out – Paid

You can use the Inside Out stickers to add all kinds of emotions inside your head to your iMessages. The sticker pack features emotions such as Anger, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, and Joy! You can also use these stickers to express yourself in new ways.

Retro Emoji – Paid

Retro Emoji is a text-based emoticon that is quite complicated. They are perfect for redditors who can find something to love, these emoji have maintained their popularity on the platform for a long while.

Pizza Friend – Paid

This is a beautiful slice of pizza with all human emotions. It is indeed a charming cartoon character that contains a lot of emotions for you to choose from. The sticker is also perfect for pestering friends who believe that chicken can’t be fries.

Iconfactory Emoji Pro – Free

Produced by Iconfactory which is the most prolific producers of sticker packs, Iconfactory Emoji Pro Sticker Bundle is an excellent collection of stickers that includes some RPG-themed icons, a few dozen poop emoji, and a bunch of great retro gaming pixel art. They are perfect for people who want to troll their friends when they are angry.

Sms Rage Faces – Free

The SMS Rage Face sticker is perfect for people who are trying to keep the meme culture as part of their everyday discourse. There are hundreds of this sticker available on the message app, so you don’t have to be bored with a particular emotion.

Take Heart Calligraphy – Free

Take Heart Calligraphy is perfect for a boy who wants to impress his girlfriend. They are collections of text-based stickers which are appealing and resolves around handwritten messages.

Pusheen Animated Stickers – Paid

The Pusheen animated stickers are made up of adorable fat grey cat that doesn’t resemble a potato at all. They’re super cute and you can use them in almost any conversation! The only downside is the number of stickers available on iOS are limited even though its a paid sticker app.

Pun Pals Sticker Pack – Paid

The Pun Pals is a collection of sticker that is based on food puns. They include stickers like “that’s my jam,” “nacho problem” and “butter late than never!” Not only are there ridiculously silly food jokes but many of the stickers in this pack have tiny little adorable faces.

Pokémon Pixel Art – Paid

The Pokemon Go craze sticker comes with excellent art design which is a perfect accessory for people who are fans of the Pokémon Go craze game. In keeping up with the art theme, the pack includes only illustrations of Pokemon from Red, Blue and Yellow.

Stamp Pack – Paid

The Stamp Pack is an excellent collection of an impressive catalogue of common phrases and reactions. The sticker is perfect for people who love phrases and reactions. They look great on photos and screenshots, so keep that in mind next time you need to react to a funny photo from a friend.

There are thousands of stickers available on App Store for iMessages but these are clearly some of the many that we love. However, the one you chose to download will largely depend on your area of interest and what you love best.

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