Sono’s Affordable and Portable Speaker, Dubbed Roam

Recently Sono introduced a new speaker in their line, The Dubbed Roam. It is affordable along with many other features.

The Dubbed Roam is compatible with Sono’s device through the companion App while using WiFi or Bluetooth.

The Dubbed Roam is only 6.61 inches tall and weighs only 0.95 pounds. The device is a cylindrical design. The portability is on the front and center, water proof with an IP67 rating.

All the control buttons are touch and at the bottom of the device. Interesting features include that it is automatic in auto tuning. Would adjust according to the place Roam is in. Other than it has Smart Assistance and Sound swap that can connect to other Bluetooth speakers too.

Dubbed Roam has a 10 hour long back charging with a QI wireless charger at the bottom. Place your orders soon as it will start delivering from the 20th of April 2021.

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