Whatsapp Spam Message Creates Unwanted Panic, Updated

UPDATE 2014: It seems that every six months another message similar to the blue icon comes around. It is still a hoax people. Please don't fall for it and create unwanted panic with your near and dear ones.  Did you get up this morning or slept last night fearing the Vinegar sounding CEO of Whatsapp is going to charge you for free services? Were you one of those who received a long detailed message that sounded like this: Hello everyone, it seems that all the warnings were real, the use of WhatsApp cost money from summer…

iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 Which to Buy?

Edit Post Here I am with a much-delayed comparison between the rival smartphones. Now because I know no one likes to read the same boring blab about iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, so here is the ugly truth - this review is not meant for everyone, It is for those who have not yet decided which one to get. November stats show that the most popular smartphone in the UK is the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has proven itself again and kept the top position for half a year. The iPhone 5 is sadly resting on its laurels. But this has happened
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