Making Your Life Easier with Gizmo & Gadgets

After using a smartphone for an extended amount of time, it’s hard to picture any other gadget that’s as handy. After all, smartphones do seem like they can do just about anything, don’t they? As handy as they are, however, smartphones can’t do everything on their own. Yes, they can tell you how tall Steve Martin is or let you play a classic Final Fantasy game for hours on end while sitting on a bus. However, when combined with other fancy gizmos out there, these devices become even more helpful. Here are a number of fancy…

Basics of VoIP And Its Benefits

Want to expand your business or get a foreign phone number? Get a VoIP service but first, why not acquaint yourself with what VoIP service actually is and how you can benefit from it.

Easily Convert PDF Documents to Word with OCR Online

Investintech’s PDF OCR converter is one of the best online tools for converting both scanned and native PDF documents into fully editable MS Word files. Its simplicity means that it only takes three clicks to go from PDF to .docx and an added bonus is that there are no file size limitations.

Uber – Is The Ride Worth The Hype? [Review]

In need of a cab? You may want to call Uber. It's a revolutionised taxi service which is steadily launching in countries all over the world. But what if you have other taxi services in your city, should you then call Uber or one of them? Let's take a closer look at how Uber works & what it can offer you
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