Reliable Online Meeting Services for Business

With more and more people working remotely, and with a growing number of multinational companies, people need video conferencing service which are reliable for online meetings.

While Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and even Google Hangout works just fine for family, these apps are not suitable for online business meetings on basis of quality service.

For online business meetings you need something more capable, robust, and fully integrated with various business services and not just be about video conference.

In this article, we will discuss different online meeting services and the key factors that you should look for before investing in one.

Choosing Video Conferencing Service

There are several factors you should consider when choosing an online business meeting service

  • Features: Some of the features every virtual meeting platform should have are video conferencing (of course!) screen and file sharing, VoIP, dial-in numbers, text chat, whiteboard, but also administrative capabilities that let you control the call. More advanced services also have automatic transcription, reminders and call scheduling. Few even have webinar capabilities which you can use for training your team members.
  • Price – Every business meeting service will have a free trial, this is essential because you absolutely have to test out the features they offer. All plans should come with money back guarantee or a no-hassle cancellation. Consider going for a service which offers two of more payment methods and not rely on PayPal alone.
  • Integrations – Almost every business meeting service comes with a plethora of integrations with financial services, collaboration tools, productivity apps and even training tools. So make sure the one you invest in has the most useful integrations for your business.
  • Ease of Use – We all want a fantastic online meeting solution. Hence it is imperative that you find something simple to use. One of the most important features is one-click join because signing up is a pain. Also, you want your video conferencing service to be easily accessible from all devices like iOS, Android, Web and even Linux too. Make sure it supports all popular desktop browsers as well.
  • Dialling In – Some video conferencing services allow allow people to join meetings by simply dialling a number from their phone. This is a good feature to have. It cuts down on downloading software and signup as well.

Online Meeting Services


Currently, Zoom is the most popular online meeting service when it comes to features and reliability. It offers everything that you could want and above all, is simple to use, even for non-registered users.

You just need to send your Zoom link with a call request, and the person will click on it, downloading the Zoom file. After the call is finished, everything gets deleted, so no bloatware on computers.

The service works fast, and the interface is clean, simple to understand. Zoom has a clear, HD picture, and works exceptionally well even on slower connections. It has screen sharing capabilities, plus you can record your meetings on all plans, and store them for later. Also, all calls are encrypted, making them safe.

As for the plans, Zoom has four tiers. The basic plan will cost you nothing and is ideal for one-on-one meeting (unlimited), or those that last up to 40 minutes. They accept PayPal and credit card payments, but you can also call them and ask about paying by check, wire transfers or ACH.


ClickMeeting is primarily oriented towards webinars, so if you are looking to host one, this platform is best. Of course, it works as great for online business meetings too.

It has a robust interface that lets you customise the webinar/meeting type. You can set timelines, create multi-user accounts, add your own branding, and host all that across all your devices. Once you organise everything, people can join in a single click. You can share everything live on Facebook and YouTube, which is useful for webinars.

ClickMeeting lets you share screens, send files, and has an excellent presentation and whiteboard tool, which is useful in meetings. You can also have polls and surveys which is a great way to see how your team feels about a topic.

You can try the service for 30-day, which is a neat option to test all it offers. As for the payment methods, they accept PayPal and all major credit cards.


This virtual meeting platform lets you host online business meetings in one-click, whether from desktop or mobile devices. While everything depends on a good internet connection, the service needs a tiny software downloaded to get the meeting going. There are VoIP and toll-based call options available as well.

GoToMeeting lets you chat with your team members even outside the call, which is a great way to answer to any forgotten questions. But this instant messaging is available for people who are not a part of your company too and is a great way to attract new customers.

GoToMeeting has a good set of integrations like Chrome, Outlook, Slack, HipChat, allowing you to host one-click meetings on any of those. You can create and share custom links with your team members.

Smart Assistant is an essential part of this program. It automatically transcribes everything, so you don’t have to take notes, which is huge. Later, you can search through the conversation, finding the exact spot you need. Transcriptions are easily shareable later, and available on mobile devices too.

GoToMeeting offer a 14-day free trial, which is kind of stiff. As for the payment methods, they accept all major credit cards but if you have over 40 users then there are plenty of other payment option which the sales team offers separately


If you are looking for something that offers a lightweight but quality experience, Join.Me is probably for you. This online meeting service simplifies the experience showing you what you need to see. That doesn’t mean it lacks features, no, they are all there, but you won’t feel overwhelmed with all of them at once.

Join.Me has some cool features like floating video bubbles, that are an awesome-looking way to see each other while screen sharing. The call quality is top of the line, and you can use local conference numbers so people can join from their phones. You also have a convenient whiteboard which you can use to display your thoughts in real-time. has a decent free option for individuals which stays free, and the 14-day free trial applies to paid plans only. They accept payments via all major credit cards only.


TeamViewer can be used for regular conferencing, but it has some very interesting and unique features that set it apart from the competition.  Sure, you can use it for calling and conferencing, and it works quite useful for these purposes in mind. But, it shines as a remote access app.

While remote access is often used for friends and family members who are not that tech-savvy and need help with their PC, this can have tremendous business benefits too. It is a great way to access your powerful desktop PC while you are on a business trip, carrying only your laptop. It also allows you to control PCs via mobile devices, another enormously useful feature.

What’s brilliant is that TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use. But, if you want the complete solution, you will have to pay. TeamViewer accepts credit cards, PayPal, and also check and wire transfer payments.

All the online meeting services we’ve listed in this article are great options so review all of them, and decide for yourself which one works for you best. Rest assured that each one of them is a great choice, and you won’t make a mistake, no matter which one you pick.

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