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Fax machines are out of fashion but still very much in use by companies and businesses across the globe. Settled businesses use proper fax machines to send their documents instantly… for small business, however, it a very expensive option. Luckily for us, we are in the age of the internet where mailbox addresses, phones and faxes can all be taken care of via online solutions.

So, how helpful are these online fax services? Are they worth the investment? What does one get out of these online fax services and how easy is it to send a fax without a fax machine?

How Online Fax Services Work

Online fax services have tonnes of benefits; there is almost always a trial period so you can test them out. Once you sign up with these online fax services, there is no installation of hardware and software equipment required; the service lets you pick a local number to send and receive faxes. Sometimes these online fax services allow integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook. As you choose the right plan for yourself, you get added benefits such as online customer services and smart device integration. However, all such services allow you to send a fax without a fax machine! So there are no hardware requirements, only simple software to configure.

Here are some of the best online fax services that TechVise found for you:

RingCentral – Free Trial & Paid

ringcentral online fax serviceRingCentral is extremely accessible and delivers a bunch of cloud communication solutions. It is also considered a leader in internet fax. RingCentral is easily integrated with Microsoft Windows. This means you will see their icon in your Microsoft Outlook, Word, etc. You only need to click that fax button to get your document converted to a fax and sent to any fax machine with a number. Simple right? Their lowest package starts at $9.99/Month & there is a 30-day free trial option for which you will need to submit your credit card details. You can check their plans and pricing to get a suitable solution for your business need but know that since RingCentral deals with cloud communications so naturally all their solutions have some integration or another with Google Drive, DropBox, Box and Outlook, making everything easier and accessible. Currently, RingCentral offers online fax numbers for USA, Canada, UK and Singapore.


GotFreeFax – Free

For those who just don’t want to spend any money (like me), this is the one to keep an eye on. The free service has limited capability of course but you can send two faxes per day, but they can only be three pages long apiece. If that’s all you need, then this is perfect online fax service for you to get you started. There are some premium features you can pay for, such as buying more pages for faxes. You also don’t need a fax number to use the service. For those looking for something basic and straightforward, GotFreeFax is as basic and simple as it gets for online fax services.


PamFax – Free Trial & Paid

pamfax online fax servicePamFax is an excellent online fax service just because of its versatility. It offers a few different memberships that can fit anyone’s needs perfectly. The free membership is the one we’ll talk about here, though. Every new account gets three free pages – so that’s always a good sign, no credit card info required at signup. Unlike many other online fax services, PamFax also won’t force you to watch ads just because you have a free account. The faxes also only cost 10 cents per page, which isn’t too bad of a price. The only real drawback to PamFax’s free account is that it doesn’t provide you with a fax number. You can get one though if you pay $7 a month for the pro membership. Another huge benefit of PamFax is its availability on Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.


MyFax – Free Trial & Paid

myfaxMyFax is one of the most popular online fax services that people just love. To start off, there is a 30 day trial period which includes local or toll-free fax number, no setup fee and no requirement for any software or hardware. All faxes are sent via email or directly from Microsoft Office. There also aren’t any real restrictions on what number you can send the fax to, at least in the US. MyFax also archives your faxes for up to a year, just in case you need to access it. MyFax also has options available for Blackberry, iOS, and Android. MyFax accepts credit cards for payments.


MetroFax – Free Trial & Paid

MetroFax is a great online fax providing service for businesses. They give 30 days of a free trial period which includes 500 pages of faxes along with other great features. You can send and receive faxes to some 160 countries, it’s always ready and never out of paper, it’s secure and private and comes with apps for iPhone and Android. There is no setup fee and the lowest subscription, about $8, comes with 500 pages a month, same as the trial period, but you can take a look at the pricing for other packages also. MetroFax will also let you port-in your fax number if you already have one, as well as assign up to 5 emails to the same fax number. They accept almost all credit cards for payments.


Nextiva – Paid Only

Nextiva fax serviceThis online fax service is offered to people in US, so you better have a US address to sign up with them. They offer a 30-day trial after which their plans begin at a much lower rate of $4.95/Month (prepaid annual plan), and they not only offer online fax service but cater to those who have a proper fax machine as well. All that’s required is an adapter which comes for $150, and then you can start using your current fax machine to send paper fax messages. Nextiva also supports most file types like image files, PDFs, Microsoft Office files and text documents as well. You can send or receive faxes via PC, email, tablet or mobile devices just make sure you have an internet connection and have a US address otherwise they don’t have a solution for people who live outside US. Payment via Credit card only.


eFax – Free Trial & Paid

efax online fax serviceeFax has a 30-day free trial but a bit too expensive for our taste. But it is packed with some features that others don’t offer such as eFax allows electronic signatures and sharing heavy files of up to 1 GB size. You also get a lifetime storage of your faxes along with mobile apps for iOS and Android. Paid via credit card, eFax gives two paid plans and one limited free plan which doesn’t allow outbound faxes.


To conclude… if you want to know my thoughts; the eFax free service should be used for receiving faxes and GotFreeFaxes should be used for sending faxes. However, a complete a great solution is offered by MetroFax.

Whether you are a business owner or just a private user, these are all excellent online fax services that you can look. And, hopefully, this list will help you find the one that’s best suited for you. Need a US phone number? Check out our guide on getting a US phone number.

Are there any you would recommend? What online fax services do you use? Let us know in the comments!



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