How To Find Your Android Phone Without A PC

We all lose our phones, but some of us lose our phones more than others. In fact, many of us have lost our phones without having any idea where to find them. If you entirely lost your phone a few years ago, that usually meant you would have to shell out money to buy a new one. Well, not in this day and age. If you lose your iPhone today, you can use Find My iPhone to easily  locate it. But, what about Android devices? How do you track those? Well, there is a simple way to find your Android without a PC, and it is called Android Device Manager.

What Is Android Device Manager?

Find your android without PCAndroid device manager is an app designed and maintained by Google that allows users to track their Android devices. You simply associate a phone with their account and they will be able to track its location at any time. You can also change the PIN on your lock screen as well as wipe all data from the device. It is the premier app to use for tracking your Android device.

“That’s great!” you’re probably thinking, “but how does it find your Android without a PC?”

Well, the answer is simple. While you can use the service to find your Android through a web browser, you can also track the device through a friend’s Android phone. Just follow these simple steps:

Step One: Associate Android With Account

Before you even lose your Android, you should make sure it is registered to your Gmail account. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to find your Android without a PC. Luckily it’s a simple thing to do. Simply download Android Device Manager on your phone and log into it with a Gmail account. That phone will automatically sync to the Gmail account and it can be tracked from anywhere. You’ll also want to make sure you give the app Administrator abilities so that you can wipe the phone if you can’t find it.

Step Two: Log-in Using A Friend’s Android

This should seem pretty obvious at this point. The only thing you have to do is log in to Android Device Manager using another Android and you will instantly be able to track active devices (i.e. devices that are currently synced with your gmail account). From there, you have a couple of options based on your need. If you have lost your phone in a specific area, you can make your phone ring for five minutes so that you can track it down. You can also change the lock or wipe the device if you can’t find at all.


That’s all you need to do to find your Android without a PC. Android Device Manager is a great app because of its simplicity, so you shouldn’t have any trouble following the steps above. There are other ways to track your phone as well, such as through the Google Maps history. There are also a variety of other tracking apps available on the Google Play store. Whatever your tracking needs are, though, it is pretty simple to find your Android without a PC.

Download Android Device Manager here:

google play

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