Great Tracking Apps for Kids and Family [Updated]

A while ago we wrote an article on some of the best apps on how to monitor your kids’ online activity. Well, now we are going to focus a little more on keeping your family safe in the physical world. Yes, recent studies show that crime and violence are declining, but the world is a scary place and technology has finally given us the means to make sure our families are safe. So why not use said technology and keep an eye on family & friends by means of tracking apps?

There are two ways to track; via apps and via devices. For now, we are only going to talk about some great tracking apps. These are easy-to-use and most will help you track phone location for free.

Zenly (Free)

By far the best free phone tracking app here, Zenly app is a real-time locator app available on both iOS and Android. Zenly brings all the benefits of location sharing such as live GPS locations, messaging, stealth mode to devices in an easy-to-use way. The app also shows you how much battery is left on your family/friend’s phone, which is great to understand why the other party is not replying to texts or calls. The privacy settings are fairly simple; you can choose to either hide yourself completely, show the city or the precise location.

Although Zenly runs in the background by far it is the ‘lightest’ of all location sharing apps I’ve ever come across. Once again, this is a free location tracking app and anyone with iOS or Android can use it.

Kidgy (Free & Paid)

“developed by digital parents”, the Kidgy app is a great tracking app for kids. It allows parents to check on their children remotely and set up no-go areas on the virtual map. Thus, assure their physical safety. There’s a panic button which when clicked by a child, immediately informs the parent about the kid’s exact whereabouts. This is also a very reliable child monitoring app which literally translates the whole online activity to a parent. Parents can view websites and social media. They can prevent a child from online risks (like cyberbullying, child sexting etc.)

Available on both, iOS and Android devices, the family tracker is free of charge. Panic Button, task manager, GPS tracking and geo-fencing features are all included in the free version of the app. To monitor calls, text messages, apps, contacts as well as manage online activity; parents need to upgrade which starts from $9.99/month. It’s a good bargain because the child’s safety is above all.

Mama Bear (Free & Paid Plans)

Mama Bear is a great tracking app for teenage kids and their parents. The app allows parents’ to monitor their kids’ location, as well as receive updates and messages from their kids. The app also allows users to monitor social media, as well as monitor their teen’s driving habits. You can set the app to alert you when your teen begins to speed or even if they are texting while driving. For the parents who have to know everything about their child and what they’re doing, this is a good one to have. This app is free but added features such as “no ads” and “prior week of daily location” is only available on paid plans.

Mama bear family tracking app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Family Tracker (Paid)

Family Tracker is certainly one of the oldest apps on this list, but it is still popular because it is effective. This family tracking app functions just like the others, but whereas other apps on this list focus on in-app messaging, Family Tracker pushes information through as notifications. This makes it a much more streamlined process, and it is a more effective way to get important updates about your family members and where they are. The app has features like stealth ping, web service, geofencing, global access, history log and location grabbing.

Family tracker requires a one-time payment of $3.99 or $5.99 depending on device type. Pro features require a subscription of $1.99/mo or $19.99/yr. There is a free version available for iOS devices only but the duration is limited to 2 weeks only.

Family tracker is available for iOS and Android.


Karavan is a fairly new real-time group map app that’s available for iOS only. With Karavan, you can easily create secure groups with just a password or invitation. Once you make a group on Karavan, you can see everyone in your group on the map in real-time. You can drop pins for the entire group to see, easily get directions to pins or other users through Google Maps or Apple Maps at the tap of a button. What sets Karavan apart from other location apps, is how it puts the user back in control of their privacy. You can easily change who can see your location by joining a different group. If you don’t want to share your location with anyone for the moment, simply swipe the app closed.

You can download Karavan family tracker directly from app store

Life 360 (Free & Paid Plan)

Life 360 is another family tracking app that is available on iOS, Android and Microsoft devices. Like, Zenly, this family tracker doesn’t just track your location, but, it also has private messaging within the app so that friends and family members can communicate in one place. Users can break up individuals into different circles, whose locations can be tracked and managed at any time. One of the more interesting features is the auto alert function. The app notifies when individuals reach and leave certain locations automatically.

The app has a simple interface and is neat enough for your locating needs. There are few more features but those are for premium subscribers only, such as locate stolen or lost phones, looking up non-smartphones, roadside assistance and 24/7 advisor etc. Premium services are limited to USA and start from $4.99/Month with a 30-day free trial. If you don’t want to pay for this app then too it’s a good choice but some features get restrictive.

As you can see, tracking kids and family members is a pretty simple process, and modern technology such as these family tracking apps have made it easier than ever to make sure that they are safe. The best part of it all is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do it! Do let us know if there are more apps that you have used and are satisfied with.

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