Data Recovery Softwares for Macs & PCs

Companies generate massive amounts of data on a daily basis. Losing this data can have catastrophic ramifications, especially for businesses that do not have a data recovery plan in place.

Backing up data is the first step that a company should take to protect its files. However, backup servers do fail, and human errors are all too familiar. Fortunately, a hard drive recovery is possible for files that have been deleted.

What Does Data Recovery Software Do?

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Today’s data recovery software is developed to scour for missing data and recover them. This software can detect and bring back audio and video files, documents, and photographs to their initial forms. They can recover data from flash drives, SD cards, smartphones, other portable storage, and even from traditional spinning hard drives. They might also be able to save data from a CD or DVD you previously can’t access. However, data recovery software can’t get back files that you’ve already deleted from a solid-state drive (SSD).

All data recovery software offer to restore or recover deleted or lost files. Some can even construct a disk image or clone of the drive so that you can improve data from the clone and not directly from the disk. It’s a useful feature when the disk is physically failing and might continually fail if the recovery software keeps accessing it.

Available Data Recovery Softwares

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS is one of the most accessible recovery software to use with its three-step recovery procedure. Searching for recoverable files is merely a matter of picking a file or folder and waiting a few seconds while the software scans the system. Users can then browse through the recovered data via a user-friendly interface that’s similar to Windows Explorer. There’s also a Deep Scan option, but it’s very slow. The free version of the software can only recover about 500MB worth of data. Bonus feature: if you share about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your social media profile like Facebook or Twitter (and Google+ if its still around) you get an additional 1.5GB for free.

EaseUS works on external and internal hard drives, memory cards, and USB flash drives and can recover 1000s of file types. With 30 day money back guarantee, you can even buy the pro version.

Pandora Recovery

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One of the most reliable recovery software around, Pandora boasts features like the capacity to undelete FAT and NTFS-formatted files. It can also recover archived, compressed, encrypted, and hidden files. It has a user-friendly interface with an Explorer-inspired window and a Wizard to make your recovery task easier. Once installed, it can recover data from hard drives and memory cards, or any device that can be linked to a Windows computer. The software utilizes three recovery methods – browse, search, and surface scan. The last process does a more in-depth search and takes longer. But it allows for data to be recovered even from already formatted drives.

PC Inspector File Recovery

The software sets itself apart by its ability to recover files from lost partitions, even if the file system or boot sector has been deleted or sustained damage. This is crucial, as it makes it possible to recover data yet if the drive can’t be seen in Windows. However, the software’s interface and the terminology can be confusing and daunting, particularly for new users. The workflow also takes time to get used to.


One of the best recovery software is Piriform’s Recuva. It comes with an attractive and high-quality interface, a standard scan and a deep scan. Users can get back data like audio files, compressed files, documents, emails, and pictures that were previously thought of as lost. Recuva also has a magnificent built-in wizard feature that guides you through the steps of recovering your documents. It’s user-friendly, and one just has to plug-in relevant information, like the area to scan, type of scan, data type, etc. Recuva’s free version is enough for hard drive recovery, but its paid version offers features like advanced file recovery, automatic updates, virtual hard drive support, and premium support.

Stellar Data Recovery

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Another easy to use recovery software. Stellar Data Recovery can recover files from various storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, and smartphones. Stellar Data also lives up to its name with its stellar process. The user just downloads the installer, initiate scanning, and the software will start recovering deleted or missing documents. A preview of the recovered files will be shown so that the user can check before initializing final recovery process.


TestDisk is a formidable tool for recovering data from lost files and partitions. The program has no graphical interface, which can be challenging for some. But it’s command line tool is easy enough to navigate, especially as there’s a help system that will guide the user. More importantly, it supports various systems.

Undelete 360

As the name suggests, this software lets the user undelete files. Undelete 360 has some Microsoft Office-like vibe with its color scheme and ribbon-style toolbar. The program can recover a wide range of records and can be used on devices like digital cameras, smartphones, memory cards, and USBs. Undelete 360 also comes with data-wiping features and allows for the user to preview documents before recovery.

Wise Data Recovery

The software might have a first look, but it can get the job done, and fast. It has a simple and clean looking interface where users can quickly launch the program and choose the drive to be scanned. The scanning process is surprisingly quick and shows all recoverable data. The software also allows for a keyword search, so the user doesn’t have to go through many files.


You have two options when you lose files – look into data recovery services or use a data recovery software. The former is quite expensive, although most data labs won’t charge anything if they weren’t able to retrieve your data. Meanwhile, you’re spoiled for choice with the latter as there is a lot of recovery software available today, each one has its pros and cons. If you decide to go with recovery software, make sure you do your research and check every feature before making a decision.

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  1. It’s a formidable list none the less. You have included powerful recovery tools. But im just concerned about their capabilities, don’t they have any limit since you say that most of them are free while other fail when recovering certain type of files? Because the one I’m using is Acethinker Disk Recovery, it doesn’t fail with other type of files. it is really simple to use as a matter of fact. Hope this information helps.

  2. The data recovery software is used to recover the data from the computer, mobile, SD card etc. The data recovery software not only recover the software, this software also provides the data security. We can use this software for free.

  3. Trust me, one of the biggest headaches surrounding data recovery is using software itself. But with PhoneRescue, the restore is pretty straight forward and simple. However, for certain data type it fails and more so, it cost $49.99 for personal use, that’s bit costly.

    What is best alternative which is free of cost and can do quick restore for few items deleted?


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