Cloud Based Apps That Can Improve Your Business

Businesses require solutions that allow them to service their clients optimally, which in turn improves their bottom line. In the digital age, those solutions come in the form powerful technology. Cloud based apps are among these solutions.

The fact that these apps can provide businesses with the ability to quickly adapt to their ever-changing, ever-evolving market means that a business can streamline processes and provide better data sharing among employees, among other things.

Here are just some of the key areas that cloud based apps can help companies with:

Expense Tracking

Businesses – regardless of size – need to be able to track where their money goes. Expensify is an app that integrates web and mobile access points, allowing users to upload receipts and other expense documents.

Expensify makes this happen using their SmartScan technology which scans a receipt and automatically encodes the expense, which is then logged for approval. It also has the capability for integration with travel apps and any corporate credit card.

It also provides easy-to-understand guides for its users, regardless of product levels, but businesses will want to take on the Team Policy, which starts at USD 5 per user per month, in order to maximize its functions.

Social Media Management

Most businesses – particularly the ones that thrive on retail or engagement – want a significant social media presence. Buffer helps make that happen. This app is a social media management tool similar to HootSuite and Tweetdeck.

It is capable of scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Buffer also gives more customization options for posting dates and times, aside from the default settings already included.

It’s free and provides users with a dashboard that lets them create content, along with analytics so that users can see how well posts have done previously against current posts. It is a cost inhibitive way to get a brand out there.

An Alternative to Buffer is CoSchedule which is a little on the expensive side however, combines social media with team collaboration & task management

Content Generation and On-the-Go Storage

GSuite is Google’s suite of applications packaged for businesses. GSuite turns mobile devices and computers into virtual, collaborative workspaces. Team members of a company can seamlessly view or edit items in Google Drive in real-time, for example.

It differs from Google Apps in that users on GSuite have access to QuickOffice, allowing for storing, viewing, and editing of Microsoft Office files.

Vault allows GSuite users to retain e-mail data and chat logs, coupled with its two-factor authentication process, providing a company with an additional layer of data security. At USD 10 per user per month for the business version, GSuite provides unlimited storage and archiving, making it perfect for storing all the necessary data that a team needs.

Team Communications

Discord is a free cloud app that usually targets gamers as its primary demographic. However, owing to its focus on being able to handle crisp audio and video without the over-consumption of system resources, it can be an effective tool for team communications.

The application itself has a simple setup, and users can integrate add-ons they might require with easy instructions available from its developers. Users can also set up multiple servers as needed by the business, all clearly marked to ensure that they’re communicating in the right channel.

Note Taking

Evernote for business allows a team to organize ideas, track projects, and ensure that everyone’s on the same exact page. Users of the business suite can also restore notes that may have previously been removed, preventing any loss of viable ideas.

The app is versatile in that it allows users to search documents across every platform, alongside being able to record audio. It is a great way to sort and store projects, ideas or even random thoughts that may warrant revisiting later.

It is also handy in making sure that business contacts are remembered. Users can scan business cards and find information that allows them to connect with new associates on LinkedIn. Evernote’s business suite is well worth the USD 12 per user per month cost.


Is it Worth the Cost?

When it comes to locating apps to help improve a business, there are going to be times when improvement requires some spending. These five cases warrant looking into because they are a mix of both affordable assets and powerful technology.

Ultimately, the cost of these cloud apps is outweighed by the overall potential for growth. A business that takes its productivity and connectivity seriously should consider these apps.

Author Bio

Oliver Threlfall is the CEO of TechLoc, a provider of innovative assets and workforce management technology for businesses. TechLoc asset tracking and business systems now has three international offices in the US, Canada and Australia and continues to roll out all over the globe. A biology major at Deakin University and a born entrepreneur, Oliver also founded Steamatic Australia, a leading cleaning and restoration firm servicing Australian businesses and families.

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    By using cloud-based phone systems Making or receiving calls from all around the world at really affordable cost. This can save huge expenses especially if you need to make international calls often.

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  3. It’s crazy how many tasks can be done via the cloud. I work with Blue Fox Group, and we also make use of Buffer for social media management, we schedule posts ahead of time and it has been extremely useful to us.


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