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For most people, traveling to various places around the world is one of the best recreations, but that is when you have a safe and stress-free trip. From international to domestic to family or corporate trips, traveling is enjoyable and relaxing only when you have a hassle-free trip. Naturally traveling comes with its fun but this also comes with its risks. These risks can be severe and can arise without any prior notice. Imagine you are traveling to a different city and you are urgently in need of medical attention? Or suppose you happen to lose your bag during a journey.

Here are some benefits of a travel insurance company

Benefits of a Travel Insurance Services

There are several benefits of securing an online travel insurance service because it covers the following:

  • Covers trip cancellation Expenses: Suppose you are unable to make your flights or planned accommodation as a result of circumstances beyond your control such as injury, technical issues or natural disasters. In such a situation, your domestic travel agency will reimburse the cost of the trip which is non-refundable.
  • Family Emergency/Travelling Companion: Travel Insurance covers your unexpected travel expenses if a family member you are traveling with dies or is hospitalized. Similarly, your traveling companion may not be able to continue the journey with you due to unforeseen circumstances; travel expenses will be reimbursed by the travel insurance.
  • Accidental Medical Expenses: Sometimes, getting to a new place can cause some illnesses to the body, be it mild illness or injury, travel insurance plan can help you in meeting the expenses incurred in getting medical attention.
  • Permanent Disability: If while on a journey you had an accident in which any of the limbs were disabled, a disability payment will be offered at least for 12 months after returning home.
  • Replacement of Credit card fraud: If your credit card is stolen or lost during your journey, travel insurance covers the payment for the replacement.
  • Compensation for Lost baggage or Delayed baggage: If your luggage is stolen or delayed more than 12 hours, travel insurance plan will take into account the expenses spent for personal use while waiting for your luggage.
  • Rental Vehicle Excess: If the car you hired for the journey is stolen or has an accident during the journey, travel insurance covers the rental vehicle excess.
  • Loss of Income: If as a result of an accident you are unable to resume back to work, a travel insurance plan pays loss of income benefit for a set period.
  • Disruption of Journey: If a flight you booked for is delayed for more than six hours, any unforeseen accommodation and feeding you might need to pay for will be reimbursed.


Even though online travel insurance service provides you with financial protection, there are some services it does not cover at all. Such instances are self-inflicted injury, pre-existing illnesses, HIV AIDS and suicide attempts…etc.

What determines an excellent online travel insurance service? It is important to stay protected therefore the following are some factors to consider while choosing an online travel insurance service:

  • Duration: Travel insurance service varies based on your duration and travel type. For instance, planning a trip of 7 days to a far country will cost lesser than traveling there for two weeks. The higher the duration, the higher the premium.
  • Service and Claims History: An insurance service which does not come to your aid when you most need it is of no use. Therefore, check if they provide emergency assistance all round the clock and confirm the services using the emergency assistance services or toll-free help lines before you sign up for it.
  • Cover size: Decide the sum assured based on your destination and the cost of treatment in such country. Traveling to the US will require a higher cover while Thailand will require a smaller cover.
  • Age and Health: Online travel insurance does not cover pre-existing illnesses, especially those that come with age.
  • Help and Support Options: A good online travel insurance service must have trained personnel who are readily available to provide information as to when needed.
  • Comparison: Different online travel insurance services come with different prices and features. Therefore, comparing different services will help you in deciding which you believe will best work for you.


To help you in deciding the best service on your next trip, we have compiled a list of the best online travel services in the world. Some of the factors considered while selecting these are the customer reviews and feedback, endorsement, customer service, awards, discount offered amongst others.

Seven Corners

Seven Corners is one of the most experienced travel / medical insurance companies in the world. It is a licensed Third Party Administrator as required in some jurisdictions of the United States and they provide extensive  services for travelers within and outside the USA.

Their services are second to none, and they are widely known to provide their customers with the interactive features they need to have a safe trip.  They offer a wide range of services which include: comprehensive world health insurance, access to thousands of International doctors and hospitals, support during trip, a multi-lingual customer care service which is available 24/7 amongst others. They are known to deliver quality services and they have a 4 star rating in Trustpilot. Seven Corners assists those that are studying or teaching abroad with a Student Travel Insurance. This provides medical coverage with a small daily fee. The company offers specialized benefits for you and your dependents including maternity coverage options as well.

Leadway Assurance Company

LEADWAY, as it is popularly called, covers medical, financial and other losses incurred while traveling outside the country. It covers all travelers for business purposes holidays in the occurrence of accident, sickness or loss of property. It is a full package which covers travelers up to the age of 70-85 years with a full customer care support which is available 24/7.


This is a European online travel insurance company with its headquarter at Munich, Germany. They offer different plans for people traveling for leisure or business, and they have also helped over 34 million people in the previous year plan for unpredictable.

Their single trip plan is ideal for families and individuals traveling domestically or abroad who may incur any number of unforeseen inconveniences.Also, Allianz Global Assistance has a provision for rental car damage protector which provides primary coverage for loss or damage to cars with 24-hour emergency support.

Visitors Coverage

Visitors Coverage Insurance Company offers a travel solution to all travelers coming to USA. Their services cover travelers everyone with pre-existing health conditions, individual and family, international travelers, travelers with green cards and immigrants, business travelers and students as well.

Their products include USA visitor’s insurance, J1 visa insurance, travel insurance for seniors, Europe travel insurance, green card insurance, trip insurance, group travel insurance and many others.

First Allied Travel Insurance

First Allied Travel Insurance is the world’s first online travel insurance for regions and countries with high risks and they also cover kidnap and ransom.

The first allied travel insurance policy offers quality covers for Accidental Death, Disablement and Dismemberment, Medical Expenses, Medical Evacuation , Repatriation as well as incidents of war and terrorism. The company has over 40years of experience in international insurance and is the leading provider of travel insurance for high-risk worldwide.


Roamright is a US based top-rated travel insurance company that offers comprehensive, global trip, multi=trip and single trip travel insurance plans for businesses, groups and individuals travelling for business or leisure, adventure or educational purpose.

The company offers an extensive plan ranging from Elite, preffered and Essential plans which covers standard benefits like, baggage protection, trip cancellation, medical coverage, one child-free coverage under 18 traveller.

The company also provides a 24/7 life customer assistance service fir both long term and short distance travellers. The company is a top rated online insurance company which has been rated with 4 stars on Trust pilots.


Aviva Travel Insurance Company is based in the United Kingdom with over 33 million customers across 16 countries. The firm is known as the 6th largest insurance provider of travel insurance services in the United Kingdom.

Aviva travel insurance policy covers the following; emergency medical expenses up to £10 million while on a trip, repatriation, cancellations up to £5,000 when you choose to abandon your trip, pre-paid excursions up to £250, emergency travel documents up to £750, cash and bank notes up to £400 and delayed baggage up to £150.

However, the policy does not cover the following; out-of-date travel documents, specific leisure activities that aren’t organized by a licensed operator and missed connections where you’ve not left enough time for travel, e.g. transfers between airports


Travelex offers a wide range of travel insurance plans extensively through tour operators, travel agencies, on the internet and at airports. Travelex has plans that cover varieties of choices from basic trips to luxury vacations. Three of Travelex’s top travel plans are the Travel Basic Plan, Travel Select Plan and the Travel Max plan, aside these three, they offer Flight Insecure Plus pan as well.

These plans offer protection for trip cancellation, domestic and international travel,  individual and family travel among others.

Finally, remember that as you journey through the different countries in the world, it is very important that you look for a travel insurance firm that would take care of you and your families when uncertainties occur.

Have you used a travel insurance plan before? How was your experience? Hit the comments and let us know about companies your trust.

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